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    how much money has kate bush made from stranger things


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    How much is Kate Bush making from "Running Up That Hill"? — Quartz

    Netflix's "Stranger Things" has given new life to her 1985 hit—and is minting money for the British singer-songwriter now.


    How much is Kate Bush making from “Running Up That Hill”?


    The cast of Stranger Things.

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    By Scott Nover

    Emerging tech reporter

    Published June 27, 2022

    Since it was featured in the fourth season of the Netflix show Stranger Things, Kate Bush’s 1985 single “Running Up That Hill” has jumped up the Billboard charts and into 1.8 million short videos on TikTok.

    The song, which underscored a dramatic scene featuring Sadie Sink’s character outrunning this season’s sci-fi enemy, has “given a whole new lease of life by the young fans who love the show,” Bush noted on her website.

    Beyond the newfound popularity for the English singer and songwriter, Bush also is making a lot of money.

    How many people are listening to Kate Bush?

    Over the course of the song’s history, “Running up That Hill” has been streamed 465 million times globally and 147 million times in the US, according to Luminate (formerly Nielsen Soundscan), which collects data for the Billboard charts.

    The song “has seen a 16,867% streaming increase, which led to it becoming the most audio streamed song, both within the US and globally earlier this month,” said Rob Jonas, the CEO of Luminate.

    In October 2020, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” reappeared on the Billboard charts after being used in a popular TikTok video of a man skateboarding, holding a bottle of cranberry juice, and singing the song. But “Dreams” only peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, while “Running Up That Hill” made it to number 4. Bush’s song now sits at number 5. It also briefly took the top spot on the Billboard Global 200 music chart.

    Luminate’s Jonas estimates that Bush has made $2.3 million in streaming royalties between May 27, when the fourth season of Stranger Things debuted, and June 23. According to estimates, Bush made $1 million just from streaming between June 16 and 23.

    Kate Bush owns her masters

    Unlike many artists, Kate Bush owns the entire recording copyright to the original recordings of her music. She owns these masters through an independent record label of her own called Noble & Brite. Only the distribution for “Running Up That Hill” is done by a third party, Warner Music Group, leading the website Music Business Worldwide to estimate she’s bringing in more than 80% of her music revenues and calling her the “world’s biggest independent artist right now.”

    Bush will also make money on physical and digital sales of her music. And because she’s the only songwriter listed on the single, she’ll receive all of the radio airplay revenue, too—plus whatever money Netflix paid her for song rights in Stranger Things.

    The final two episodes of the series’ fourth season will come out on July 1, which is certain to both renew interest in the show and give “Running Up That Hill” another bump in the charts.

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    Kate Bush Net Worth 2022

    For some pop stars, the ongoing deluge of streaming series, feature shows and movies can represent a new opportunity to improve their cash flow without doing any heavy lifting. That’s definitely been the case for former British pop star Kate Bush, who has seen an avalanche of interest in her work after one of her

    Kate Bush Net Worth 2022 – How Rich is the Singer After Stranger Things?

    By Bob McCulloughJune 26, 2022

    For some pop stars, the ongoing deluge of streaming series, feature shows and movies can represent a new opportunity to improve their cash flow without doing any heavy lifting.

    That’s definitely been the case for former British pop star Kate Bush, who has seen an avalanche of interest in her work after one of her songs became an anthem of sorts for the Netflix series, “Stranger Things.”

    It’s definitely one of the stranger things to happen to Bush in her long and illustrious career. It happens to represent an excellent opportunity to review her journey.

    The Stranger Thing Factor

    The song in question is “Running Up That Hill,” of course, and if you’re familiar with “Stranger Things” you probably already know that it’s been selected as the theme song for the latest season.

    The rights to the song didn’t come cheap, either. Bush is believed to be making about £225,000 per week, a number that’s based in part on the song getting about a million streams a day on Spotify.

    Bush seems as astonished as the rest of us when it comes to the song’s success. She described it as “shocking” in a BBC interview she recently did, adding that “The whole world’s gone mad,” which seems a fitting assessment on any number of levels.

    Money, Awards and Net Worth

    Kate Bush didn’t really need the cash, of course. She first hit the pop charts back in 1980, and was careful with her money, so it’s not exactly like she’s been doing street corner serenades with her hat out.

    Her list of hits is impressive and then some. It was “Wuthering Heights” that hit the heights back in the day, but she’s had a regular stream of hits in subsequent decades as well, with the most recent being “50 Words for Snow” back in 2011.

    Her best known singles include “The Man with the Child in His Eyes” and “King of the Mountain, and any slippage that may have occurred during the last few years has been negated by her “Stranger Things” update.

    Naturally, all of this has come with a steady stream of awards, too. Those include three Grammys as well as a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire add-on back in 2013.

    She’s been feted as the British Female Solo Artist, too, so it’s safe to say that her trophy case is bulging with more hardware than any one person can properly handle.

    As of 2022, Kate Bush has a net worth of $60 million. Unfortunately she is longer writing new music. That may be a disappointment to her legion of fans, but Kate Bush has certainly earned the right to take it easy after her astonishing musical career.

    Personal Life

    Kate Bush was a one-woman rumor mill back during her youth, but of course she’s settled down considerably since then.

    She and her husband, Dave McIntosh, have one child together, and while Bush doesn’t really do interviews any more, she’s made it clear that she’s a “Stranger Things” fan, so there’s one retirement hobby we can definitely add to her list.

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    Bob McCullough is an experienced author, journalist and freelance writer. As a journalist he's worked for the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, the LA Times, and Publishers Weekly.


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    Netflix and nostalgia sees Kate Bush earning about R3.1m per week from Stranger Things revival

    The song was paired with a visually appealing thrilling scene, which sparked the global trend.

    Netflix and nostalgia sees Kate Bush earning about R3.1m per week from Stranger Things revival

    Joe Keery as Steve Harrington, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield, Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler, and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in STRANGER THINGS.

    Published Jun 23, 2022

    Written by Ashley Lechman SHARE

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    0:00 / 6:22 BeyondWords

    The music industry has seen a few ‘stranger things’ take place over the years and these past few weeks have seen it again, as a popular artist from the ‘70s had cash flowing again after her song began to trend from one of Netflix’s popular TV series.

    The streaming giant’s hit series ‘Stranger Things’, featured the song ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush in the fourth episode of the latest season.

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    The song was paired with a visually appealing scene, which sparked the global trend.

    The song’s popularity was further spurred as it trended on TikTok, which led to radio airplay as well as thousands of streams on services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

    Bush wrote, produced, and owns 100% of the licensing rights to ‘Running Up That Hill’.

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    The song is now distributed by Warner Music Group, her own company, Noble & Brite, owns its recording rights, meaning she gets every cent the song’s streams rack up.

    This led to a massive payday for the artist.

    On Spotify alone, the song has drawn 137 million new streams in the three weeks since the ‘Stranger Things’ episode’s release.

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    Since Spotify reportedly paid artists $0.0033 to $0.0054 per stream in 2021, that makes an average of around $200 000 (about R3.1 million) going to Bush per week during the song’s 2022 revival.

    Taking radio play and all other streaming platforms, Amazon, Apple Music and YouTube, to name a few, she could be making between $36 (R575) –$392 (R6 261) in royalties per play, to add to her speculative net worth value of more $60 million (R958 million).

    The global recorded music market grew by 18.5% in 2021, driven by growth in paid subscription streaming, according to IFPI, the organisation that represents the industry.

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    Figures in IFPI’s ‘Global Music Report’, released in March, show total revenues for 2021 were $25.9 billion.

    Paid subscription streaming revenues increased by 21.9% to $12.3 billion.

    There were 523 million users of paid subscription accounts at the end of 2021.

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    Total streaming (including both paid subscription and advertising-supported) grew by 24.3% to reach $16.9 billion, or 65% of total global recorded music revenues.

    Growth was also supported by gains in other areas, including physical formats (+16.1%) and performance rights (+4.0%).

    According to the Spotify Top 50 South Africa chart, the song currently sits in the 12th position with 14 109 streams, and at 41 on the Apple Music chart for South Africa.

    According to theconversation.com, streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify make money from subscription fees and advertising. They make deals with record labels to get access to songs.

    Platforms keep about 30% of the revenue from streaming, 15% goes to what’s known as a music publisher – who represent songwriters – while the record label gets 55%.

    The label then pays a percentage of this to the artists – after they’ve paid back the label’s investment in them.

    Bush compares ‘Stranger Things’ obsession to ‘Harry Potter’ movies

    The 63-year-old pop star has said she chose not to listen back to her old music and rarely has to revisit her back catalogue to provide edits if her music is used on other formats.

    Speaking to Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ this week, she said: “I never listen to my old stuff. But then you know, when things like this come along, I’m normally involved in something like, you know, maybe doing an edit or revisiting the track for some kind of other reason, I’m working on it. So yeah, I hadn’t heard it for a really long time."

    The 1985 hit has topped the charts in the US, UK and beyond, 37 years after it was released.

    And while the ‘Wuthering Heights’ hitmaker had anticipated "some attention“, she didn’t expect the astronomical surge in streams that sent the song flying up global charts.

    She said: “Well it’s just extraordinary. I mean, you know, it’s such a great series, I thought that the track would get some attention. But I just never imagined that it would be anything like this. It’s so exciting. But it’s quite shocking really, isn’t it? I mean, the whole world’s gone mad.”

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