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    how much does it cost to travel to puebla in 2022? puebla guide goingwheel.com


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    Cheap Flights to Puebla (PBC) 2022 ✈️ From US$291

    Find cheap flights to Puebla (PBC) on comfortable and safe airlines. Compare prices of airfares and tickets now for the best deals on Trip.com! Save your money with discount and promotions.


    Flights to Puebla

    Entry into Mexico

    Low Entry Requirements

    Updated on 12:40,Feb 23,2022 UTC+8

    Quarantine Not required Vaccinations Not required COVID-19 Testing Not required Trip.com > Flights > Flights to Mexico > Flights to Puebla

    Flights to Puebla

    Crossed out prices are calculated based on the average price of the corresponding route on Trip.com.

    FAQs about Flights to Puebla

    What are some travel guidelines for Puebla during the COVID19 pandemic?

    Entry restrictions and flight schedule changes and cancellations are frequently updated and subject to change. If you plan to travel to Puebla, please obtain the most updated information from the airline you plan to book your travels with. You can also refer to COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions for more information.

    Which airlines offer free date changes for flights to this city during the COVID19 pandemic?

    There are no airlines with flights to this city that provide this service. Please use this information as a reference only and confirm with the airline prior to booking.

    What is the average flight ticket price from United States to Puebla?

    The average ticket price to Puebla is US$101. Please use this price as a reference only.

    How long is the flight to Puebla?

    Approx. 3 hours 34 minutes to fly from Tijuana to Puebla.

    How to get cheap flights to Puebla?

    You can book cheaper flights in the following ways:

    Search for tickets to a city or airport near Puebla.

    Look up different airlines that have flights to Puebla.

    Browse different departure dates from the same month.

    Filter for different departure times from the same day.

    Check for discount information on various social media sites.

    Explore deals and discounts on airline websites.

    What is the most popular month to visit Puebla?

    Understanding peak and off travel seasons to Puebla can help you arrange your travel plans accordingly. The most popular month to visit Puebla is July. The average price of flight tickets to Puebla in July is US$101.

    When are the cheapest flights to Puebla?

    Flight tickets to Puebla are the cheapest in July compared to other months, the average price is US$101.

    Which popular airlines have flights to Puebla?

    Popular airlines with flights to Puebla: Volaris, Vivaaerobus, and Vivaaerobus.

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    Source : goingwheel.com

    How much does a trip to Puebla cost? Daily, 3

    Tips for estimating cost of travel to Puebla. ✅ Budget for food, transportation, accommodation, restaurants, attractions, flight, alcohol and more.

    Puebla prices guide. How much does a trip to Puebla cost? The estimated travel expenses for food, public transport, attractions entrance and accommodation.

    Prices in Puebla What to do and see Travel information and tips Hotels in Puebla Mountains and peaks near Puebla Puebla - Whisky prices comparison Puebla - Rum prices comparison Puebla - Vodka prices comparison

    Currency in Puebla is Mexican Peso

    If you are travelling alone to Puebla, depending on your expectations, you will pay for an overnight stay from 14 USD (277 MXN) for a hostel to 115 USD (2,300 MXN) for a luxury hotel.

    Duration 1-day trip Nomad style 14 USD

    Budget travel 18 USD

    Mid-range 25 USD

    Luxury Travel 115 USD

    3-day trip Nomad style 41 USD

    Budget travel 53 USD

    Mid-range 75 USD

    Luxury Travel 346 USD

    Week-long trip Nomad style 96 USD

    Budget travel 124 USD

    Mid-range 174 USD

    Luxury Travel 808 USD

    The other daily costs you have to pay when travelling to Puebla are:

    Food 6.00 USD (121 MXN)

    Meals in restaurants 5.40 USD (110 MXN)

    Bottled water 0.84 USD (17 MXN)

    Local transportation 1.60 USD (32 MXN)

    Entrance tickets 11 USD (233 MXN)

    Alcoholic beverages 3.20 USD (65 MXN)


    Food, fresh fruits and meals in restaurants in Puebla

    Nomad style 6.80 USD /17 USD /41 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Budget travel 11 USD /28 USD /68 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Mid-range 18 USD /46 USD /109 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Luxury Travel 40 USD /100 USD /239 USD

    day /weekend /week Bottled water

    Nomad style 0.50 USD /1.30 USD /3.00 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Budget travel 0.84 USD /2.10 USD /5.00 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Mid-range 1.00 USD /2.50 USD /6.00 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Luxury Travel 1.80 USD /4.40 USD /11 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Local transportation in Puebla

    Nomad style 1.30 USD /3.20 USD /7.60 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Budget travel 1.60 USD /3.90 USD /9.50 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Mid-range 2.50 USD /6.30 USD /15 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Luxury Travel 9.50 USD /24 USD /57 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Entrance tickets and guide services in Puebla

    Nomad style 9.20 USD /23 USD /55 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Budget travel 11 USD /29 USD /69 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Mid-range 18 USD /46 USD /110 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Luxury Travel 69 USD /172 USD /413 USD

    day /weekend /week Alcoholic beverages

    Nomad style 1.90 USD /4.80 USD /12 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Budget travel 3.20 USD /8.10 USD /19 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Mid-range 6.40 USD /16 USD /39 USD

    day /weekend /week

    Luxury Travel 35 USD /89 USD /213 USD

    day /weekend /week

    As you can see - a stay for a few days in Puebla can cost 110 USD (2,200 MXN) or 568 USD (11,000 MXN), depending on whether you are a frugal tourist or you are planning to spend a luxurious holiday in Puebla.

    How much Mexican Peso should I have for one week in Puebla?

    If you want to spend a week in Puebla the cost of your stay will be:

    257 USD (5,200 MXN) - a cheap stay for 7 days in Puebla

    308 USD (6,200 MXN) - a budget travel for 7 days in Puebla

    408 USD (8,200 MXN) for a one week of comfortable stay in Puebla

    1,300 USD (26,000 MXN) for a week of luxury holidays in Puebla

    How much money do I need per day to stay in Puebla?

    If you are travelling alone to Puebla, 37 USD a day should be enough. If you choose a hotel for your stay in Puebla, the price will rise to 44 USD. A couple will have to pay around 79 USD for one day in Puebla. A family with two children should have 130 USD for one day stay in Puebla.

    How to visit Puebla on a low budget? How to travel Puebla cheaply? How to save money while travelling in Puebla?

    In order not to exceed reasonable expenses during a trip to Puebla, which we estimate at 44 USD (890 MXN) for a one day, you must comply with the following rules:

    Choose to stay in a hostel (14 USD (277 MXN)) or in a cheap hotel (18 USD (360 MXN)).

    Use public transport. The price for a one-way ticket is 0.39 USD (8.00 MXN) and for a monthly pass 25 USD (500 MXN).

    Make your own breakfast and own dinner. Daily shopping cost in the shop is around 6.00 USD (121 MXN) in Puebla.

    Choose restaurants outside the city centre and close to tourist attractions. Meal in a cheap restaurant cost around 5.40 USD (110 MXN) in Puebla. McMeal at McDonalds (or equivalent meal in other fastfood restaurant) costs approximately 6.90 USD (140 MXN).

    Car-related costs are mainly fuel, road tolls and parking fees. Of course, the price depends on the purpose of the journey and energy efficiency of a vehicle.

    In Puebla, you will pay for the fuel accordingly:

    Petrol price in Puebla is around: 1.10 USD (23 MXN)

    Diesel fuel price in Puebla is around: 1.10 USD (22 MXN)

    The fuel price in Puebla is 23.60 times higher than average price in United States.

    In Puebla, it is worth to consider use public transport. One-way ticket price is around 0.39 USD (8.00 MXN). For comparison, taxi fare for 1km in Puebla is around 0.99 USD (20 MXN), and starting price 1.90 USD (38 MXN).

    Source : hikersbay.com

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