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    how long does bath and body works semi annual sale last


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    Bath & Body Works Semi

    Our summer Semi-Annual Sale for 2022 is finally here! From now until it’s over, shop some of our best deals and hottest steals to get your best haul of all.


    2022 Semi-Annual Sale

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    If you’re looking for the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, you’ve come to the right page. After Christmas, plus once in the summer, you can get select items at a steal. Yep — the rubber duckies are back, our shelves are loaded, our website is stocked and everything’s ready to go. Explore amazing deals, haul-worthy finds and surprises around every turn. Trust us: You don’t want to miss this fantastic event.


    Permission to go overboard: granted. This is one of the only times you can score amazing savings on select items — all while supplies last. Better grab ‘em fast while they last! Psst: You may want to take a few days off to haul everything in stores and online.


    Products are always coming and going, so make sure to get your haul on early and often. With new deals and specials throughout Sale, these goodies fly off shelves and sell out online pretty fast. Check our top offers page for everything new, incredible and at a discount. Plus, sign up for emails (and texts, too!) to get the latest deals, news on fragrances and more sent straight to your inbox (and phone!) all year.


    Deals are important, but to us, the health of our customers and associates is #1. For more, check out our Safe Shopping page.

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    Bath & Body Works Semi

    Get the details on the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, including when it is, what's on sale (yes, candles!) and how to max out your savings.

    When’s the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale?

    BEAUTY · June 11, 2022 · By Shannon Dwyer

    The June 2022 Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is HERE! And it’s live until July 11 (started June 11), so you’ve got a full month to shop. Just note certain things may sell out.

    Highlights include:

    3-Wick Candles for as low as $11.95 (usually $24.50).

    Select hand soaps for 50% off.

    Body lotions for as low as $4.95.

    Wallflower fragrance refills as low as $3.50.


    Many of the scents discounted during the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale are seasonal summery scents, but you’ll find plenty of year-round-friendly scents, too.

    What is the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale?

    Twice a year, Bath & Body Works has its popular semi-annual sale—one starts right after Christmas, and the second kicks off during the summer months. During the sales, you can stock up and save up to 75% on select items, including wallflowers, hand soaps, aromatherapy, body lotions and 3-wick candles.

    The winter Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale starts right after Christmas and runs until mid-January every year (through Jan. 17 at 5:59 a.m. ET in 2022). That gives shoppers almost a month to snag deals (while they last, of course).

    Past highlights include:

    50% of select 3-wick candles.

    Select Wallflowers fragrance refills for $3.50.

    50% off select hand soaps.

    Select five-packs of hand sanitizers for $4.

    Up to 50% off select body creams.

    Below are some need-to-know details on the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. You can also jump down to tips for maxing out your savings during the event. Get ready to pamper yourself!


    When Is the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Happening?

    Summer sale: In 2022, the summer semi-annual sale ran June 11 to July 11. In 2021, the summer semi-annual sale ran June 14 to July 12. In 2020, Bath & Body Works started the Semi-Annual Sale in-store only on Monday, June 8, with online deals launching on June 14. So, each year, you can expect the semi-annual sale in June. So get ready!

    Winter sale: The winter semi-annual sale started right after Christmas. Last year, Bath & Body Works launched the sale in-store and online on Dec. 26, and ran it through Jan. 18, so shop now!

    So when is the NEXT Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale? Almost certainly in June 2022. To tide yourself over in the meantime, check out other top Bath & Body Works sales to shop all year.

    What Can You Expect in This Sale?

    The sale happens both in-store and online. In the past, the sale has been in-store-only. But COVID-19 changed that, and the sale runs online as well. Shoppers can expect new deals and specials every day, but because these goodies fly off shelves and sell out online pretty fast, don’t wait! Plus, selection may vary between stores and online.

    You can still get up to 75% off your most-coveted products for a limited time. On top of these additional great sale prices, you can apply Bath & Body Works coupons to save additional dollars and stock up until the next sale.

    P.S. Be sure to sign up for emails to get the best deals sent straight to your inbox.

    Here’s What We Want to Shop in the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

    Note that price and product selection may vary as items inevitably sell out. However, this is what we are hoping to add to our bags this year.


    Pastel Skies Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

    $3.87 (usually $15.50)

    Online only. BUY NOW


    Endless Weekend Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

    Mix-and-match: five for $25 (usually $7.50 each).



    Teakwood Deodorizing Body Spray

    Mix & Match: Buy three, get one free



    Eucalyptus Spearmint Shampoo

    Buy three, get one free



    Eucalyptus Rain Wallflowers Fragrance Refill

    $3.50  (usually $7.50)


    Source : www.retailmenot.com

    When's the Next Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale?

    The best Bath & Body Works sale of the year is coming up, and you will not want to miss the opportunity to stock up on your favorites.

    When's the Next Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale?

    The best Bath & Body Works sale of the year is coming up, and you will not want to miss the opportunity to stock up on your favorites.

    By Alexandra Kelly June 8, 2022


    Twice a year, Bath & Body Works runs its popular Semiannual Sale, stocked with deep discounts on everything from hand soaps and lotions to scented three-wick candles. While Bath & Body Works is one of the stores that’ll give you a free gift on your birthday, if you’re a true fan of the brand, you can’t possibly wait until your birthday each year for a great discount. Read on to find out the details of Bath and Body Works Semiannual Sale and discover the deals you should be shopping for right now.

    When Is the Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale?

    The Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale will most likely begin on June 13, 2022. The Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale typically happens twice a year, once in the middle of the summer and again right after Christmas.

    How Long Is the Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale?

    You can expect this year’s summer sale to last about four weeks, running until mid-July 2022. In 2021, the summer sale started on June 14 and lasted until July 12.

    What Are the Best Deals During the Bath & Body Works Semiannual Sale?

    While the best semiannual sales deals won’t be announced until the sale starts, past sales have included up to 75% off certain items. Maximize your savings with Bath & Body Works coupons where applicable. You can get Bath & Body Works coupons mailed to you directly. All you have to do is fill out the "Mailing Address Update" form online and watch the coupons arrive in your mailbox. If you would rather have those coupon codes go to your email inbox, sign up for Bath & Body Works' email list.

    Check out some of the incredible deals you can shop right now (while supplies last, of course!):

    Mix and Match Hand Soaps: Stock up on your favorite hand soap fragrances with this steal of a deal: 6 for $27 or 4 for $20. Snag seasonal favorites like Boardwalk Vanilla Cone, Beach Bliss, and Firecracker Fizz, or go for more year-round scents like Spring Lily, Kitchen Lemon, and Almond Blossom.Seasonal Wallflowers Fragrance Refills: Wallflowers fans are in luck with this deal. For those who don’t know, Wallflowers are fragrance plug-ins that complement your home decor while providing a long-lasting scent (up to 30 days!). You can score select fragrances for just $3.95 for a limited time (refills normally cost $7.50). Choose from seasonal scents like Summer Melody, Pink Pineapple Sunrise, and Red, White, and Blue Cake.Mix and Match Body Care: Mix and match select body care products like lotions, washes, and cleansing bars with a buy three, get one free deal. The lowest-priced item will be your freebie, and you can choose from products like Sea Salt and Lavender Shower Gel, Rainbow Waves Body Lotion, and Pineapple Lime Eucalyptus Essential Oil Mist.Mix and Match Single-Wick Candles: Mix and match two select single-wick candles for $22 $20 with this sweet deal. Choose from fun seasonal scents like Blue Raspberry Snow Cone and Coconut Colada.Hand Sanitizer 5-Packs:Carrying hand sanitizer is second nature while living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and Bath and Body Works makes it easier with $8 hand sanitizer 5-packs (with some select fragrances going for a mere $4). Pop a Watermelon Lemonade or Turquoise Waters in your car, purse, and desk and never be without a way to effectively sanitize your hands.

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