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    how long can you keep hard boiled eggs in the shell


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    How Long Hard

    Keeping hard-boiled eggs fresh is easy when you know how to store hard-boiled eggs right. Store hard-boiled eggs in the fridge to last longer or freeze hard-boiled eggs.

    How Long Hard-Boiled Eggs Will Last in the Fridge

    Hard-boiled eggs are a great snack between meals. Of course, you want to make sure you're prepping and preserving them correctly to reduce any chance of them going bad.

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    Keeping Hard-Boiled Eggs Fresh

    You want to start with a great hard-boiled egg from the get-go. The perfect egg has no green ring around the yolk and tends to have a creamy consistency in the middle. For maximum freshness, leave them in their shells until you are ready to eat or prepare. The shell will help to protect the egg from bacteria, and can help prevent them from absorbing odors from other foods in your refrigerator. A quick beginner’s tip is that hard-boiled eggs can be preserved up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

    If you are thinking about using your hard-boiled eggs in a recipe, the trick is to use old eggs. When they get older, they tend to lose moisture through their shell. Their pH changes, and that makes them stick less to their outer shell, making them easier to peel. If you buy your eggs a week or two before you decide to boil them and leave them to age, you’ll have the best results when peeling.

    Here’s another fun trick that will help you make the best of your hard-boiled egg experience. If you’re planning on eating your eggs as soon as you boil them, you can gently crack the outside shell. Though this may not work perfectly, it will definitely make peeling easier and help quicken the process.

    The Best Place to Store Hard-Boiled Eggs

    It is not safe to keep hard-boiled eggs at room temperature for long, and refrigeration is necessary if they will not be consumed within a few hours. If taking to a picnic or packing in a lunch, be sure to keep the eggs in a cool place. It doesn’t matter if they are peeled or unpeeled, but it would be helpful to put the eggs in a bag and label it in order of the day you boiled them to make sure you know when they will spoil. Always make sure to dispose of hard-boiled eggs once they have been left out for too long.

    Once they are cooked, they’ll last for about one week regardless of the storage method. The best way to store hard-boiled eggs is to keep them in a covered container, such as Glad Entrée Food Containers in the refrigerator. If the eggs have already been peeled, keep them moist by covering them on bottom and top with a damp paper towel before placing them in the container.

    Another storage option for hard-boiled eggs is to freeze them and keep the cooked yolks. If you freeze the entire egg, the whites will become tough and inedible. Storing the yolks will allow them to be used as a fun and tasty garnish on many different dishes.

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    How Long Do Hard

    If you're making deviled eggs, you may be wondering: How long do hard-boiled eggs last? Here's how to tell when they're bad or expired.

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    How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?

    Here's how to know when they're past their prime.

    By Teri Tsang Barrett

    Sep 21, 2021


    Considering how long a carton of eggs lasts in the fridge, you may be surprised to learn that hard-boiled eggs have a much shorter shelf life. So before you whip up a batch of Ree Drummond's herbed deviled eggs or her go-to spinach salad, you probably want to know: How long do hard-boiled eggs last? And what's the best way to store them?

    Here's the short answer: For fresh eggs, the official timeline is somewhere between three to five weeks (expiration date notwithstanding). If you're unsure of an egg's freshness before boiling, you can always try the float test. In hard-boiled eggs, you're looking at a life span of about 10 days. A few key moves will help those protein-packed powerhouses stay fresh for longer—read on for the scoop.



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    How should I store hard-boiled eggs?

    Store hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator with their shells on, if possible. The shell will keep them fresh for longer and helps prevent the eggs from absorbing any odors in the fridge. If the eggs have already been peeled, refrigerate them in a container or resealable plastic bag. That's especially true if you're wondering how long deviled eggs will last in the fridge.

    How can you tell if a hard-boiled egg has gone bad?

    A rotten egg can make you sick, so it's always best to err on the side of caution. If the egg is still in its shell, start by noticing if the egg looks chalky or slimy or otherwise "off" in any way that is unusual. Once the shell passes inspection, peel and remove it. A bad egg will give off an unpleasant odor—that's a tell-tale sign of a rotten egg. Sure, some eggs release a sulfurous smell once hard-boiled—a chemical reaction that occurs when eggs are over-cooked—but a rotten egg will have a distinctive smell.

    Can you eat hard-boiled eggs after 10 days?

    The truth? Possibly—but you'll need to use your better senses to tell if the egg is still safe to eat. That includes assessing the shell and whether the egg releases an odor. If the egg has no offensive properties, it's likely still fit for consumption. But in most cases, it's probably not worth the risk.

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    How Long Do Hard

    Hard-boiled eggs are a tasty, healthy snack, but they don't last forever. Though perishable, with proper storage, they can last longer than you might think.

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    Here's How Long Hard-Boiled Eggs Last Before Going Bad

    Sniff sniff. Before you crack it, read this.


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    While they're great any time of year, if hard-boiled eggs have a season, it's springtime. As Easter Sunday approaches and the annual egg decorating spree gets underway, many of us are boiling up big batches to decorate, and later to eat. (Here's How to Make Absolutely Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs Every Time if you need a refresher.)

    Before you go gobbling up your Easter table displays, however, you may want to get a reminder of how long hard-boiled eggs last either unrefrigerated or in the refrigerator. That way, no one has to spend April 17—or any other day of the year, for that matter—feeling ill over a bad egg.


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    How long do hard-boiled eggs last in the refrigerator?

    As with raw eggs, hard-boiled eggs last longest in the refrigerator. According to The American Egg Board, hard-boiled eggs still in their shell will remain tasty for about a week when properly stored (which means in a fridge that is no warmer than 40°F), but peeled eggs should be eaten the same day. The USDA, which is in charge of food safety, agrees. Neither site recommends freezing hard-boiled eggs, whether in the shell or not: While it won't cause sickness, it'll ruin the egg.

    How to store hard-boiled eggs in the fridge.

    You should let your hard-boiled eggs come to room temp (about 10-15 minutes) and then put them in the fridge. If you put too many in the fridge hot, and they don't have enough air to circulate around them, it could warm up nearby food the fridge, and lead to other things spoiling. Hard-boiled eggs can be stored in the same packaging you bought them in, as long as none of the eggs you bought were broken.

    How long do hard-boiled eggs last at room temperature?

    According to the USDA, unpreserved food, whether or not it's cooked, should never be left in what is called "the danger zone"—temperatures between 40 and 140°F for more than two hours. That's because that is the temperature range where dangerous bacteria grow the most quickly. And in fact, if it's over 90°F (say, at a backyard barbecue or summer picnic), easily spoiled items needed to be discarded after just one hour.

    So if you're trying to be food-safe, you may want to stick to hiding the candy-filled plastic eggs or use "blown" eggs for dying. If you insist on using a hard-boiled dozen for decorating hide them right before the hunt, and making them all very easy to find!


    What can you do with leftover hard-boiled eggs?

    Hard-boiled eggs make great healthy snacks or additions to lunch, and we'll never say no to a good-old egg-salad sandwich, but one of our favorite ways to use up all our Easter eggs is by making a giant platter of one (or more) of our deviled-egg recipes for Easter brunch!

    Can you store hard-boiled eggs in vinegar?

    If you've got far too many hard-boiled eggs to eat within a week (it happens!) and just can't stomach the thought of tossing them out, there's an easy solution: simply pickle them! Peeled hard-boiled eggs can be quick-pickled and will last three or four months in the fridge. They make a delicious snack!

    To quick-pickle hard boiled eggs, simply put the eggs in a heat-proof sealable glass jar (such as a wide-mouth mason jar), and add some dill, garlic, or both, if you like. Bring some white vinegar to a boil along with any other pickling spices or flavors you want: cloves, black pepper, salt or sugar. When the vinegar has just boiled, pour it over the eggs, seal the jar(s), let cool, and then store in the fridge. You're all set!

    How can you tell if a hard-boiled egg has gone bad?

    If you've ever discovered an Easter egg days (or more) later, then unfortunately, you know how easy it is to tell when they go bad. Even mildly rotten eggs will give off that sulfurous smell of, well, rotten eggs! This is because of a chemical reaction: Naturally occurring sulfur in egg whites breaks down to Hydrogen sulfide, which creates that terrible smell.

    But, frankly, if you're unsure whether an egg has been sitting out too long, just toss it — it's not worth the risk.

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