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    how important is sex to a man in a relationship


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    How Important Is Sex for a Man

    Why do men care so much about sex? This is how men see that the relationship is alive and strong. This article explains the importance of sex for men.

    How Important is Sex for A Man

    By Sylvia Smith, Expert Blogger

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    Updated: 8 Dec, 2021

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    While most women let emotional connection take precedence over a physical connection, for men sex is one of the many ways he shows love.

    Men and sex

    Contrary to the popular belief that attributes men’s hunger for sex as selfish, men look at sex as a path to reach mutual satisfaction, render pleasure and thrill to their partner and improve as a lover.

    However, the straight and crisp answer to “how important is sex for a man” is that sex is one of the most crucial reasons why men want to be in a relationship in the first place.

    You might wonder why it is that men care so much about sex. Or why is sex so important to men? Women have wondered for years why this always proves to be one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

    Though sex matters to women at first, when they get comfortable in a relationship or when there are other things going on in the dynamic, then sex is often the first thing to go.

    In most cases, this will NEVER happen for a man, and there are deeper reasons for this than you might expect. There is a multitude of reasons why sex in a marriage is so important to men, and why it always will be.

    Men need to have sex in a relationship because it shows strength

    To understand the importance of sex in a marriage, you have to look at this from a male point of view, and that may be hard at times.

    Women need to be loved and cherished, and this is often through verbal signs of affection. Men, on the other hand, are very straightforward and almost primal in their needs.

    The importance of sex for men is different than a women’s as men need to have sex in a relationship because it shows strength and unity.

    Though sex may at times be just another chore for women, this will never be the case for men, men need sex. This is how men see that the relationship is alive and strong, and when that is missing he starts to panic.

    He needs sex to ensure that you are happy together and that you are both getting what you need out of the relationship with one another.

    Why is sex so important to men?

    Importance of sex for men lies in the fact that sex matters to men in any relationship, and now you can understand exactly why that is—understanding the importance of sex can really ensure that you keep this as a priority to show him that you love him and care about your relationship!

    Here’s why sex is important to men in a marriage

    Sex is the way men connect

    Relationships and sex are not mutually exclusive. If you want to know how men think about sex in a relationship, then think of it as the one thing that keeps you connected.

    Why is sex so important in a relationship?

    It really is that important to him and so when he sees that you are making sex in a relationship a priority, he will stay committed to you and know that you feel the same way about him. He needs this connection, for it’s less about just physical intimacy and more about staying strong as a couple in a way that he really understands and appreciates. This is why sex is so important to men.

    Sex is a way to stay close

    How important is sex to a healthy relationship?

    Even if you have a fight, you may use sex to reiterate that connection. In his mind, you are showing that you are close to one another when you are physical with one another.

    The importance of sex in marriage is paramount because it is a pathway to build an emotional intimacy too. This is your connection, this is your bond, and this is how you show that you love each other.

    The importance of sex in marriage cannot be undermined if you are looking at creating a lasting bond with your partner and enhance the happiness in your relationship.

    Sure words are nice, but this very physical act helps him to see that things are good that you understand the importance of sex for men and that you are happy with one another.

    When the sex is good and it’s present, then he can move forward knowing that he has a partner and that makes him happy. That should answer the question, “why is sex so important to men?”

    The importance of sex in a relationship to him means that there is a true bond present and it’s alive and kicking!

    Sex is a way to unite

    You as a woman may not understand it but if sex isn’t present then he’s immediately concerned and knows that something is wrong. It helps him to see that everything is really okay and that he can look at you as a partner in the long term.

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    Men Share How Important ‘Sex’ Is In A Relationship For Them

    Sustaining a relationship requires a lot more than just being in love. And one such thing is having sexual compatibility. A few men share just how important it is for being in a relationship.

    Home Relationships Relationship Advice

    Updated on Jul 28, 2021, 19:10 IST

    · 3 min read · 58 Shares

    We Asked 9 Men How Important ‘Sex’ Was To Stay In A Relationship & Here’s What They Said

    By Sadhika Sehgal

    Photo: © Colour Yellow Productions (Main Image)

    It’s a commonly believed notion that men are only ever interested in a relationship for the sex.

    Having been reduced to nothing but sex-crazed beings who are often accused of thinking with their d**ks instead of their brains, men have garnered an infamous reputation of valuing only what happens under the sheets.

    © Dharma Productions

    But because all it takes to dirty an entire pond are a few fish and a misunderstood perspective, we decided to seek the answer to the long-asked question ourselves - ‘how important is sex to stay in a relationship?’

    Here is what they had to say:

    1. “I think lack of physical chemistry in a relationship might eventually lead you to cheat, which is why I would say sex is as important as any other factor for a stable and sustaining relationship.” - Gavin.

    © Netflix

    2. “For me, it’s more about the intimacy than the act of sex. It matters more to me if I feel connected to my partner, as opposed to feeling so just in bed. So, overall, I’d say it plays a role, but it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me.” - Mehul.

    3. “Honestly, I’ve been there, done that, and I’ve come to a realization that sex is overrated. To me, it’s not at all important, because there is so much more to a relationship than just sex. There are things like understanding, communication, building a life together, these are what really matter, whereas sex is just another need that doesn’t have to be equated with trust issues. I feel love and lust are two completely different things and if there is love, the latter would never become a deal-breaker.” - Sowrav.

    © Dharma Productions

    4. “I think intimacy is extremely important in sustaining a relationship whereas sex, not too much. But I also believe that not having the right sexual chemistry may just create problems and distance between two people in the long run.” - Mansij.

    5. “Sex creates a bond between two people, that is more than just physical. It is emotional and to a level, spiritual. And when there is a lack of sexual chemistry, it keeps you from experiencing the relationship in its entirety. Which is I look at sex as more of a way to bond with your partner, than just the raw act.” - Raghav.

    © Eros International

    6. “When the relationship is fairly new, sex becomes one of the most important things to judge a partner on, because so early on in the relationship you don’t know much else. If the sex isn’t good, chances are most people wouldn’t want to go further to explore.” - Rishabh.

    7. “It kinda depends on the relationship, sometimes the only thing that binds together is sex but in some relationships even if you have a spell dry for a long time nothing changes the love is still there. I have had platonic relationships also and its sort of the best ones.” - Ishaan.

    © Dharma Productions

    8. “If it’s healthy sex coming from a place of wanting to please rather than being pleased and if both parties are doing it, then it also manifests into better emotional communication and understanding and makes it easier to be vulnerable.” - Hardik.

    9. “A relationship anyway invites a lot of stress and sex is supposed to be a release, a stress buster. Which makes it all the more special and important to have comfort in. Not to forget the post-sex cuddles which are just as important to forge a bond.” - Saurav.

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    6 Truths About Men and Sex

    When sex is love.

    Laurie J Watson PhD, LMFT, LPC

    Married and Still Doing It


    6 Truths About Men and Sex

    6 Truths About Men and Sex When sex is love.

    Posted August 12, 2017

    Reviewed by Lybi Ma Share Tweet Email


    Sex is a craving for men; yet, a negative occurrence like having a fight with their partner can spoil the feeling.

    The moment their partner gets turned on is often the moment men describe as most sexually satisfying.

    For men, sexual connection is often necessary to feel safe enough for emotional vulnerability.

    This post is in response to How Women Really Think About Sex By Laurie J Watson PhD, LMFT, LPC

    Source: Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

    Over my career as a sex therapist, I have had the opportunity to sit with thousands of men as they've discussed their sexual feelings, sex lives, and fantasies. Obviously, I don’t know what it feels like to be a man, but I have had the honor of listening to the male perspective on sexual relationships. And while every man is different, of course, there are some common themes:

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    1. Sex begins in the body.

    While women’s desire for sex may be prompted by their mind, memory, or emotional feelings of connection, for men desire is physical. Men have massive amounts of testosterone coursing through their bodies, pushing and driving them toward sexual expression. Erections spring at the slightest provocation in young men. And for an adult man, seeing his wife or partner coming out of the shower naked causes his body to react. It is hard to overestimate the way his body chemistry directs his mind’s psychology toward the sexual.

    2. For men, sex is a hunger.

    Yes, he wants to be full. But his craving for sex is like a craving for chocolates: Each sexual episode holds the exquisite possibility of a surprise-filled confection — maybe creamy smooth, or buttery rich, perhaps a little raw and bittersweet, or silky sweet. His mind is captivated by the thought of an opportunity to feel delighted and surprised. A day is hardly complete without dessert. Yet, the context of the relationship — for instance, a fight with his wife — can still spoil his appetite.

    3. Sex is energy.

    Sexuality infuses a man’s intimate relationships with potential and excitement. The hormonal energy gives him the drive and aggression to pursue his life’s purpose and work and to pursue his partner. He pushes through daily monotony, tantalized by the fantasy of a sexual reward at the end of a hard day.

    4. Sex is excitement.

    It’s life's most thrilling adventure. His body is a great pleasure machine that he’d like to enjoy at full throttle. Since orgasm is usually reliable and easy, a variety of sexual acts, positions, and rhythms seem to be a fantastic way to explore and elevate his gratification. Every flirtation, smile, innuendo, shapely figure, or sexual image, whether fantasized or real, is a hit on the male brain. His brainwaves spike with elation just at the hint of something or someone reminding him of sex.

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    5. Sex is the way he gives love.

    The moment his partner gets turned on is often the moment men describe as most sexually satisfying. It’s baffling to men when they are called selfish because of their preference for sexual connection. In their hearts, there is an expectation of mutual, exquisite bodily pleasure. He often concocts and fantasizes about how to make it better for her, begging for information about her erotic desires, just so he can improve as a lover.

    6. Sex is love.

    Sexual release makes men feel like they are finally home. After the world’s hurts and challenges, sex embodies love and care and provides soothing and support. While he may be accused of “only wanting sex,” most men want and feel a much more emotional connection than a simple bodily release. Making love literally creates a deep feeling of attachment to his partner and spurs relational generosity, faith, and optimism. Being desired by his partner can be the single most reassuring part of his relationship.


    The Fundamentals of Sex

    Find a sex therapist near me

    While most women may wish for an emotional connection before having a physical connection, for men sexual connection is often necessary to feel safe enough for emotional vulnerability. Ultimately, male sexual drive in a relationship is a gift — it’s another path toward love.

    Facebook image: Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

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    Source : www.psychologytoday.com

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