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    get how do i pack my electronics packing guide for travel? goingwheel.com from EN Bilgi.

    The ultimate electronics packing list for full

    We've refined the perfect electronics packing list for a family gap year and round the world trip! Your electronics list for longterm travel.

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    The perfect electronics packing list for full-time travel


    UPDATED ON MARCH 21, 2022

    Choosing electronics and a phone or camera for long-term travel can be a daunting/overwhelming decision to make.  Add to that the fact you are embarking on full-time family travel and you have a serious dilemma on your hands… Is there really such a thing as a ready-made electronics packing list for family travel?

    Much Most of travel these days is researched and booked online. So to one extent, yes; you do need electronics for travel. And you need to know your way around sites and apps sufficiently to confirm visas and flight bookings. But what do you actually need to carry every day in your backpack for long-term travel?

    As we finalise our plans to set off this year on our third family gap year we reckon we’ve got our electronics packing list pretty well refined.  It’s evolved and adapted as we’ve travelled and it fits our needs.

    (So much so that in compiling this list I realise how ludicrous it is to admit how much we are in fact carrying!).  Obviously even getting to the stage of preparing a list of electronics to pack has bypassed from need to include many extras…  But despite this rather embarrassing realisation I’m going to continue and confess it all share we have found most useful.

    So in the hope of giving you confidence in making decisions for cameras and accessories to carry – here’s our (entire!) electronics packing list for a round the world trip with kids.

    In the camera bag

    Manfrotto Camera Holster Bag

    After the camera, this is obviously the most important part of what’s in my camera bag… The bag itself.  Because I don’t carry extra lenses (one is plenty when juggling kids and bags and busy streets of Asia) the small holster bag is perfect for my camera.  It’s compact and keeps the camera safely stored without taking up tooooo much room in my day pack.

    Sony Alpha 7iii E-Mount Camera

    A lightweight, full-frame mirrorless camera… I absolutely love it.  When we left for our first family gap year I took my DSLR (a Canon 760D) which was great as I’d had it for ages, was comfortable driving it and because it wasn’t brand new I wasn’t super-duper worried about it.  It was a big decision to make the switch to mirrorless but wow; it’s a beautiful camera to use.

    Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens for Sony E

    This is a great flexible wide-angle lens to carry.  I love the wide angle of this lens and the large aperture.  Appearance and weight-wise its also a great choice for travel as it isn’t super heavy and is less bulky than rival Sony lenses of this wide-angle range.

    Camera accessories

    But wait; there’s more! These are other camera accessories we use as part of our electronics kit for full-time travel…

    B+W 67mm UV MRC-Nano Lens Filter: I’ve not experimented much with different filters but find a clear B+W UV filter much more serves a purpose of protection for my lens.  I have a not-so-great but ended-well story from Egypt where Harry dropped my camera and lens (not from high at all) but hard enough that it shattered the lens filter.  It’s much easier to replace a filter than to swallow the reality of replacing a lens.Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone: This is an awesome mini microphone with a “Dead Cat” fake-fur wind shield that does a brilliant job of keeping wind noise out for videos and vlogs. (This is a new addition to our camera bag since moving to the Cook Islands but so far has proved worth carrying in our electronics kit!).Brand-less Camera Strap: Not a necessity but one more way (attempt) to look ever so slightly a little bit less like a glitzy rich travel photographer and therefore less of a target.  (Not 100% sure if this really deflects such attempts but it’s worth a shot, right?).  Plus I always love the colour splash.Memory Cards: We use Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards in the camera, drone and GoPro.  From experience with backing up and converting and shifting files from memory cards to storage and/or Bluetooth it’s not worth being cheap when it comes to memory cards.  For extra safety and protection of our cards we use a waterproof SD card carrying case.

    We haven’t forgotten about screen-time boundaries, guys!

    Waterproof and action photography 

    This is Gavin’s domain and he does an awesome job videoing and capturing action moments that aren’t suitable for carrying my main camera. (Plus see below as to why I need to separate that this is the waterproof and action camera so that he doesn’t use mine for THAT!)…

    We find the GoPro so easy to carry and great for the kids to use.  It’s obviously much more discrete for videoing than a larger camera – useful for quick or sneaky shots, easy time lapses or filming on the move.

    Source : awaywiththesteiners.com

    How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel

    How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel. I am traveling from Mexico to Spain with a layover in London and on my layover...

    Going Wheel > Travel > How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel


    How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel

    Posted by gwadmin June 11, 2022

    How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel


    Introduction Of How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel

    Travelling With A Personal Item

    You Can Carry The Rest Of Your Items

    Travel With This Type Of Luggage

    I Am Going To Travel With This Kind Of Triplets

    Who Want To Make Videos Of  Their Travel Memories

    Introduction Of How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel

    How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel. I am travelling from Mexico to Spain with a layover in London and on my layover London I will have another ticket so it is important that you take an adapter with you and that, of course, it also travels in your hand luggage I continue with the computer and its respective charger and it can and should also travel with you in your hand luggage.

    Travelling With A Personal Item

    Some of you are worried about little the length of this cable but there are usually no problems as long as it is the charger of the computer and the only thing you have to know is that at the moment of passing it security they even have to remove these cases because they are placed on the tray without anything else and just with our computer on many occasions.

    We want or need to carry an external hard drive and this is also allowed inside our hand luggage I continue with another topic that as travellers we are very interested in it and it has to do with everything related to photography and video equipment and well here I have some examples and it is that these cameras also again due to cost and security must go with you in your hand luggage even.

    If you are only travelling with a personal item they must go inside this some tell me that they want to take their case and in some cases well they can be larger and that well they are a little worried that they will not be accepted and if it would be accepted the issue is that it would be considered your item if I’m there.

    You Can Carry The Rest Of Your Items

    I put it in a case and hang it on myself it would already be my item with which no I recommend that you do that, but rather that your camera, already well protected in its case, be put inside a larger backpack where you can carry the rest of your items, and this is what I mean when you are going to travel only with a personal item.

    So that you always be with you but you will also need other things like your cell phone, money, computer, and they should also go with you, well packed in your item, which you already know can be a backpack, a handbag, or something like that in this type of camera or this also well, we have it easier because they are smaller and they must also go with us in our hand luggage memory cards. You Can Also Read France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022.

    There will not be any for them to travel with you and it is very normal to carry several because well, you know that they fill up I continue with other basic accessories in this topic and well there is the self and stick and stabilizers above all these cause doubt because well they bring battery and all that and they ask me if they pass as hand luggage but they must also go with you.

    Travel With This Type Of Luggage

    While on the subject of tic elves in most airports in the world they can go with you as hand luggage however there are some others a little more strict like the one in Singapore that can put a limit of centimetres so that it can pass as hand luggage so always check it and send it to the hold of the plane in case you are going to travel with this type of luggage.

    It can be a good alternative to avoid these problems, but for example, with this one, I travel constantly in Mexico and I have never had any problem when we talk about the topic of triples, well, it is that I had shown them on some other occasion, which is precisely what becomes on a tripod they do not have great stability but well it can be useful for something kind of tomás and this would be an alternative and again in Mexico.

    We would not have any pr The problem is that you can also see that it is not that long, but when we talk about larger triples such as this one, which is the one that usually accompanies the famous light rings or any other kind of tripod, there you have to be careful and that is that Normally in the security area, at least in Mexico.

    I Am Going To Travel With This Kind Of Triplets

    They are not going to tell you anything about it, but it is the airlines that when they see it outside your luggage on many occasions, due to their policies, they do not let you take it also, as I say, depending on the country, it can Whether it happens or not, so I would tell them not to take any risks when I am going to travel with this kind of triplets, I automatically document the suitcase and pay for it because.

    I know that it is the safest way to carry it and not have any problems, I know many people that let her pass the security area with these but when she boards the plane the airline tells her no and there is no time to go down to document and you end up missing the flight and only Due to this risk, I prefer to document it from the beginning and you can imagine.

    Source : goingwheel.com

    How to safely pack your electronics for a trip

    Whether you're flying to Barcelona or taking the train to Duluth, here's how to pack your laptop, tablet, and other gadgets safely.

    How to easily pack your electronics for travel


    PUBLISHED JUN 13, 2022


    Save time and hassle with these packing tips

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    pexels - no attribution required

    Packing is the necessary evil of traveling. It's important to bring everything you need, but deciding what's necessary or not is a challenge. You've also got to follow the different rules that apply for each method of transportation to smoothly pass through security. Most importantly, you'll need some games to pass those long hours at the plane terminal.

    This guide will help you decide exactly what you need to bring, and how to pack it whether you're making a short hop across the country for work, or traveling around the world for fun.

    Check the rules for your method of traveling

    If you're traveling via public transportation, look up its restrictions before you start packing. There's no point carefully packing and securing your devices if you can't bring them through security. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricts lithium-ion batteries, electronic cigarettes, and vaping devices in the plane's cargo hold. So if you attempt to check a bag with a power bank in, you'll be refused. If you're traveling internationally, double-check the travel restrictions in your destination country before you go. Many restrictions are universal, but it costs nothing to double-check and can save you an enormous amount of hassle.



    Only pack the essentials

    Packing the essentials is easy to do in theory, but much harder in practice. Think about your itinerary for the trip, and what you will or won't need. If your devices share the same charging method, then you'll only need to bring one or two charging cables. If you're not planning on working while you travel, you probably don't need your laptop. If you're planning on seeing the sights, you definitely don't want to leave your camera behind.

    However, there are some essentials for any trip. A portable power bank is a must bring, so you can keep your phone topped up wherever you are, as well as a spare charging cable or two. A universal adapter and surge protector are good things to keep in your luggage if you frequently travel to foreign countries.

    Pack your electronics in your carry-on

    You should always pack electronics in your carry-on or personal item. If you have a lot of electronics, an As mentioned above, the FAA prohibits lithium-ion batteries in the planes hold, so anything with one (which is most electronics nowadays) must be carried with you on the plane. If you haven't got a carry on yet, you'll want to get as small a bag as possible. Choose bags that have plenty of internal pockets and compartments, so you can organize your devices for easy access.

    Organizing your devices like this is also helpful when your bag is screened at security checks. This will always happen at airport terminals, but expect it for any sort of public transportation. Pack your devices, so they're instantly visible upon opening your bag; if you carry a lot of electronics, you'll want to spend a few bucks for a foldable duffle (preferrably in a bright color) that you can use until you get through TSA. Once you've made it to the gate, simply move your electronics to your carry-on bag, and hide the foldable duffle in a pocket. Make sure you roll up cables neatly, and tie them with a rubber band to avoid tangles.

    Keeping your electronics in your carry-on can also help prevent loss or theft. If you've always got it on hand, or within sight, it's far less likely to go missing.

    Secure your devices before you go

    Once you've decided what to bring, you'll need to check your devices are secure. Packing them inside your carry-on for visibility is a good start, but there are additional steps you can take to keep them secure. Double check all your devices are password protected. While your phone should already be secured, check your laptop, gaming devices, and anything that can store your personal information.

    Finding a way to track your electronics is also an excellent idea in case of loss or theft. You can either download tracking software, or attach a physical locater like a Tile. It's easy to lose a bag or device while traveling, and these tracking tools can pinpoint its location for recovery.

    Bring appropriate adapters

    This might seem obvious, but there are a few things to know if traveling to a different country. Not only will you need to bring an appropriate adapter, but you'll also have to factor in different voltages. If you bring an item with a higher or lower voltage requirement than your destination's standard, you can permanently damage the internal electronics. Most countries use a voltage which is twice that used in the US, so be aware of this if you're traveling to or from the US.

    To check the voltage information of your device, read the label located near the power supply. If this information isn't provided, check the device's support website. Devices that don't support different voltages will need a voltage converter. There are plenty of options, and most are designed specifically for travel.

    Pack your electronics with care

    Once you've decided on what you're bringing, you'll need to ensure it doesn't get damaged during transit. Keeping it in your carry-on is a good start, as that means your devices won't run the risk of being damaged by baggage handlers. However, there are a few more steps you can take to prevent any accidents.

    Source : www.androidpolice.com

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