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    holding your foot over the brake pedal is called


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get holding your foot over the brake pedal is called from EN Bilgi.

    Cover Braking

    Covering the brake: Urban or city driving involves a variety of complex driving situations. Learn more about driving at DriversEd.com

    Covering the Brake

    Covering the Brake Welcome to our quick and easy driving information guide

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    In city driving, you should be prepared to stop or slow down suddenly. Cover braking provides a smooth transition from acceleration to braking and is effective for slowing in reduced stopping distances.

    The cover braking technique involves taking your right foot off the accelerator and holding it over the brake pedal. If you have to stop quickly, your foot is already above the brake pedal and is in the perfect position to press the brake. This method will improve your reaction time. So, whenever you identify a hazard, cover the brake to prepare for sudden stops or slowing. When covering the brake, be careful not to rest your foot on the brake pedal (also known as riding the brake). Riding the brake is not recommended; it will only confuse other drivers and add unnecessary wear to the brakes.

    Covering the brakes is recommended when:

    Passing parked cars, as they may pull out in front of you or swing open a door

    You see cars in front of you with their brake lights on

    Approaching a signal light in a busy intersection (look for traffic build up and flashing crosswalk lights as these indicate that the light is about to change)

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    Chapter 9, 10, and 11 Vocabulary Flashcards

    Start studying Chapter 9, 10, and 11 Vocabulary. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

    Chapter 9, 10, and 11 Vocabulary


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    Following another vehicle too closely.

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    Covering the Brake

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    Taking your foot off the accelerator and holding it over the brake pedal to be ready to break quickly.

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    Following another vehicle too closely.

    Covering the Brake

    Taking your foot off the accelerator and holding it over the brake pedal to be ready to break quickly.

    Riding the Brake

    Resting your foot on the brake pedal while driving.


    Passing the vehicle ahead of you.

    Rural Traffic

    Driving in the country or small towns that typically includes wide open spaces and less traffic.

    Advisory Speed Sign

    A speed limit sign set for special conditions.

    Median Strip

    The area of ground separating traffic moving in opposite directions.


    Turns in a roadway that bend sharply in the opposite direction.

    Pull-out Area

    Additional right lane on narrow mountain roadways for slower moving vehicles.

    Runaway Vehicle Ramp

    Place on mountain roads for vehicles to safely get out of traffic when their brakes are not effective.

    Urban Traffic

    Driving in a city area.

    Controlled-access Highway

    Highway that vehicles can enter and exit only at interchanges.

    Entrance Ramp

    Ramp leading on to an expressway.

    Acceleration Lane

    Lane that permits entering an expressway to accelerate to the speed of expressway traffic.

    Merging Area

    Stretch of roadway at the end of an acceleration lane on an expressway where vehicles join the flow of traffic.

    Common Speed

    Speed used by most drivers on an expressway.

    Wolf Packs

    Group of vehicles traveling together in a bunch on an expressway.

    Maximum Speed Limit

    The speed that you have to drive below.

    Minimum Speed Limit

    Speed limit to keep traffic moving safely by not allowing drivers to drive slower than a certain speed limit.

    Deceleration Lane

    Expressway lane used to slow your vehicle without blocking vehicles behind you.

    Exit Ramp

    Ramp leading off an expressway.

    Highway Hypnosis

    Drowsy or trancelike condition caused by concentration on the roadway ahead and the monotony of diving.


    Condition of unconsciously driving to fast as a result of driving for long periods at high speeds.


    Places on expressways where you have to stop and pay a fee to use the expressway.

    Dense Traffic

    When a lot of cars are close together on an expressway.


    Things that can keep you from focusing on driving.

    Space Cushion

    Open area around a vehicle consisting of adequate following distance between it and the ahead and behind, plus swerve paths to left and right.

    Following Distance

    The distance between you and the car in front of you.

    Blind Intersection

    Intersection where oncoming traffic is difficult to see.

    One-way Street

    A street where traffic can only move in one direction.


    Places where drivers can cross over or under as well as enter or leave the expressway.


    How much driving skill yo have from practicing.


    Working well with other drivers.


    When you join other traffic on an expressway.

    Safe Speeds

    Driving at speeds that are safe for the situation you are in.

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    11th Edition

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    John P. Zaniewski, Michael S Mamlouk

    366 explanations Digital Electronics 9th Edition William Kleitz 440 explanations Digital Electronics 9th Edition William Kleitz 440 explanations

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    holding your foot over the brake pedal is called?

    How to Fix a Brake Pedal that Sinks in Your Car (Brake Master) Holding your foot over the brake pedal is called covering the brake. Riding the brake might cause ...

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    Holding Your Foot Over The Brake Pedal Is Called?

    February 25, 2022 by Anirban

    How to Fix a Brake Pedal that Sinks in Your Car (Brake Master)

    Holding your foot over the brake pedal is called covering the brake. Riding the brake might cause the driver following you to assume that you are going to slow or stop.

    Is it Bad To Rest Your Foot On The Clutch Pedal?

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