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    henrich siemens, 38, of seminole county, texas


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    Henrich Siemens: Seminole man involved in West Texas crash

    Henrich Siemens was the adult passenger in the truck that slammed into a van in Texas, killing six golfers and a coach from a New Mexico university.


    Henrich Siemens: Seminole man involved in West Texas crash

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    Henrich Siemens was the adult passenger in the truck that slammed into a van in Texas, killing six golfers and a coach from a New Mexico university.

    Some sites gave his name as Heinrich Siemens. Altogether, nine people died in the crash, including Siemens, 38, of Seminole, Texas, and a 13-year-old boy. Daily Mail identified the teen as Ricky Siemens.

    Daily Mail reports that Siemens and the boy were father-and-son. Siemens was part of the Mennonite community and was a father of five.

    According to officials with the National Transportation Safety Board, speaking in a news conference, the 13-year-old boy was driving the truck.

    There is a fundraiser to help the victims and their families.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    1. The 13-Year-Old Boy ‘Loved Dirt Bikes, Anything Mechanical’

    Tributes flowed for the college students and their coach. However, family members also expressed loss over Siemens and his son.

    Tina Riemer wrote on Facebook that the “sweet 13 year old boy who lost his life in this accident was my nephew. He was great friends with my son. He loved dirt bikes, working anything mechanical. His knowledge for a 13 year old was impressive when it came to working on diesel trucks and cars. He was super smart in that area. He was hard working and a good big brother. A wonderful friend and cousin to my son.”

    Agatha Siemens posted a photo collage and other tributes on Facebook. Online records show she was married to Siemens, who is also called Henry Siemens. She changed her relationship status to widowed.

    “My condolences to you & your family 🙏🙏. Prayers Mama ❣️” a woman wrote on her comment thread.

    According to his LinkedIn page, Henry Siemens worked in construction.

    Confusing matters, there is another Henrich Siemens, who is 31, with ties to Seminole, who is married to a woman named Aganetha; Daily Mail reports that they are family friends and not related.

    Heavy has written Texas authorities to determine whether the name of the Siemens who died is spelled Henrich or Heinrich; authorities initially gave it out as Henrich. Henry Siemens also wrote on Facebook that he is a farmer.

    2. The Governor’s Office Says Nine People Died in the March 2022 Wreck

    Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement on the fatal vehicle crash near Andrews in West Texas.

    The statement says that the crash “killed nine people and critically injured two others…Among the victims were members and a coach of the University of the Southwest men’s and women’s golf teams who were visiting Texas from New Mexico for a tournament.”

    The Texas Department of Public Safety released these names of the victims who died, according to NBC News:

    University of the Southwest students:

    19-year-old Mauricio Sanchez of Mexico.

    19-year-old Travis Garcia of Pleasanton.

    22-year-old Jackson Zinn of Westminster, Colo.

    21-year-old Karissa Raines of Fort Stockton.

    18-year-old Laci Stone of Nocona.

    18-year-old Tiago Sousa of Portugal.

    Their coach, 26-year-old Tyler James.

    Two people survived the crash but are in critical condition, according to NBC News. They are: Dayton Price, 19, of Mississauga Ontario, Canada and Hayden Underhill, 20, of Amherstview, Ontario, Canada. Heavy has reached out to the Texas Department of Public Safety for additional details.

    Stone’s mother, Chelsi, posted a tribute on Facebook. It read,

    I’m about to post something that no parent should ever have to post. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy. Last night Laci’s golf team was involved in a crash leaving a golf tournament. Our sweet Laci didn’t make it. We are still waiting for a lot of details but as of right now that’s all I have. That our Laci is gone! She has been an absolute ray of sunshine during this short time on earth. Haydan, Johnathan, Kaygan and I are absolutely devastated. We will never be the same after this and we just don’t understand how this happened to our amazing, beautiful, smart, joyful girl. But I do know that she had a relationship with God that everyone could see and I will always hold that near to my heart.

    Right before we took Laci back to college she begged me to get a matching tattoo with her. I almost chickened out because I’m a baby but I went through with it. She of course is so strong that she didn’t even move. I’m so forever grateful that God gave me the courage to go through with it and always have this memory with her. We will appreciate every prayer we can get and we love you all. If you know laci at all you know she is probably having the biggest karaoke party she can and singing Whitney at the top of her lungs. 💔

    6 other USW golfers also lost their lives during this awful accident and their coach. I know at least one of Lacis best friends lost his life next to her. Please pray for these families as well.

    3. Siemens’ House Recently Burned Down

    GoFundMeGoFundMe for Henry Siemens

    Source : thehiu.com

    A 13

    By Ray Sanchez, Steve Almasy, Rosa Flores, CNN (CNN) -- A 13-year-old boy drove the pickup truck involved in a fiery head-on collision in Texas that killed nine people, including six University of the So

    A 13-year-old was behind the wheel in Texas crash that killed 9 people and left two University of the Southwest golfers critically injured

    By: CNN

    Posted: Mar 17, 2022 3:29 PM CDT

    Updated: Mar 17, 2022 7:50 PM CDT


    A makeshift memorial for the crash was set up at the Rockwind Community Links in Hobbs, New Mexico, on March 16.

    By Ray Sanchez, Steve Almasy, Rosa Flores, CNN

    (CNN) -- A 13-year-old boy drove the pickup truck involved in a fiery head-on collision in Texas that killed nine people, including six University of the Southwest golfers and their coach, a National Transportation Safety Board official said Thursday.

    Preliminary information indicates the left front tire of the pickup was a spare that failed, causing the vehicle to pull hard to the left into oncoming traffic of a two-lane roadway, NTSB Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg said.

    Investigators were able to identify the remains of the driver by his size, Landsberg said. Both vehicles were probably moving close to the posted speed limit of 75 mph, he said.

    In Texas, a minor can begin the classroom part of a driver education course at 14 but must be at least 15 to apply for a learner license, according to the public safety department website.

    Henrich Siemens, 38, of Seminole, Texas, was in the truck with the boy, authorities said. He was among the nine people killed in the Tuesday evening crash.

    Two survivors of the crash, both students, are still hospitalized.

    The students are recovering and making steady progress, University of the Southwest Provost Ryan Tipton said Thursday.

    "One of the students is eating chicken soup," Tipton told reporters. "I spoke with the parents and they are there with them and they are recovering every day. It's a game of inches and every hour leads to them one step closer to another day... There is no indication as to how long it's going to take but they are both stable and recovering and every day making more and more progress."

    According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), a Dodge 2500 pickup drove into the approaching lane of a highway just outside Andrews, Texas, and hit a Ford Transit van carrying members of the New Mexico university's men's and women's golf teams.

    DPS Sgt. Steven Blanco said "the Dodge pickup drove into the northbound lane and struck the Ford passenger van head on."

    Six students and a coach in the van were killed as were the driver of the pickup and a passenger. Two other golfers were initially in critical condition at University Medical Center of Lubbock, Texas, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    The NTSB dispatched a 12-member team to investigate.

    "It was very clearly a high speed, head on collision between two heavy vehicles," Landsberg told reporters.

    Landsberg said in it's unclear why the full-sized spare blew out before the crash.

    "On the highways 100 people (are killed) a day," he said. "Every two days we are killing the equivalent of a Boeing 737 crashing. Now just think about that. That's what's putting this into perspective. And it's long overdue that we start to do something about it."

    On Thursday, at least six people were killed in a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 57 in Missouri, the Mississippi County Coroner told CNN.

    Emergency responders heading to the crash were told by a dispatcher there were two vehicles on fire with people trapped inside, according to recordings on Broadcastify.com, which monitors radio traffic among many emergency departments.

    One of the first responders to arrive said: "All units, I've got wrecked units on both sides of the highway, fully involved vehicles. I'm still trying to get up on scene and see what we have."

    Members of the men's and women's golf teams at the University of Southwest were traveling back to their Hobbs, New Mexico, campus from a tournament in Midland, Texas, school officials said.

    The remainder of the two-day tournament, hosted by Midland College, was canceled. There were 11 schools in the competition, which included both men's and women's teams, Midland College Athletic Director Forrest Allen said.

    The weather in the area of the crash was clear with no fog, CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers said. There were no freezing temperatures, and the wind was light at around 5 to 8 mph.

    'Crushed and broken but strong'

    As investigators worked to determine what caused the deadly collision, the University of the Southwest is dealing with the emotional toll on its community.

    "Our institution is crushed and broken but strong," Paula Smith, the university's vice president for financial services, said Thursday.

    Many students at the small Christian university -- with an enrollment of about 1,100 students, including about 300 on campus -- will be returning from spring break over the weekend, and the school is planning a memorial assembly for next week, according to Tipton, the provost.

    "These aren't the kind of things that you ever even dream of happening. And they shouldn't happen," he said.

    Tipton said officials have said they may never know what caused the pickup truck to veer into the van's path.

    Source : www.cbs58.com

    NTSB: 13

    The University of the Southwest students, including one from Portugal and one from Mexico, and the coach were returning from a golf tournament.

    NTSB: 13-year-old drove pickup in Texas crash that killed 9

    Golf balls adorn a makeshift memorial at the Rockwind Community Links, Wednesday, March 16, 2022, in Hobbs, New Mexico. The memorial was for student golfers and the coach of University of the Southwest killed in a crash in Texas.(AP Photo/John Locher)

    By The Associated Press

    Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 8:18 PM UTC|Updated: 10 hours ago

    HOBBS, N.M. (AP) — A 13-year-old was driving the pickup truck that struck a van in West Texas in a fiery collision that killed nine people, including six members of a college golf team and their coach, a National Transportation Safety Board official said Thursday.

    The child and a man traveling in the truck also died.

    The truck’s left front tire, which was a spare tire, also blew out before impact, said NTSB Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg.

    Although it was unclear how fast the two vehicles were traveling, “this was clearly a high-speed collision,” Landsberg said. He added investigators hoped to retrieve enough information from the vehicle’s recorders to better understand what happened.

    One must be 14 in Texas to start taking classroom courses for a learner’s license and 15 to receive that provisional license to drive with an instructor or licensed adult in the vehicle. Department of Public Safety Sgt. Victor Taylor said a 13-year-old driving would be breaking the law.

    The pickup truck crossed into the opposite lane on a darkened, two-lane highway before colliding head-on with a van, killing the boy, a man traveling with him, six New Mexico college students and a golf coach.

    It’s not uncommon for people in rural parts of the U.S. to learn to drive when they’re young. But the news that a 13-year-old was behind the wheel in the Texas crash put a renewed focus on the practice.

    The University of the Southwest students, including one from Portugal and one from Mexico, and the coach were returning from a golf tournament when the vehicles collided Tuesday night. Two Canadian students were hospitalized in critical condition.

    The NTSB sent an investigative team to the crash site in Texas’ Andrews County, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of the New Mexico state line. While the area is rural, its roads can often be busy with traffic related to agriculture and oil and gas development.

    University of the Southwest spokeswoman Maria Duarte declined to comment on the NTSB’s announcement about the young driver, citing the ongoing investigation.

    The golf teams were traveling in a 2017 Ford Transit van that was towing a box trailer when it collided with the truck, and both vehicles burst into flames, according to NTSB spokesman Eric Weiss.

    He said the vehicles crashed on a two-lane asphalt highway where the speed limit is 75 mph (120 kph), though investigators have not yet determined how fast either vehicle was traveling.


    The Texas Department of Public Safety identified the deceased as: Golf coach Tyler James, 26, of Hobbs, New Mexico; and players Mauricio Sanchez, 19, of Mexico; Travis Garcia, 19, of Pleasanton, Texas; Jackson Zinn, 22, of Westminster, Colorado; Karisa Raines, 21, of Fort Stockton, Texas; Laci Stone, 18, of Nocona, Texas; and Tiago Sousa, 18, of Portugal.

    Also killed were Henrich Siemens, 38, of Seminole County, Texas, and the unidentified 13-year-old boy who were in the 2007 Dodge 2500 pickup.

    Critically injured aboard the van were Canadian students Dayton Price, 19, of Mississauga, Ontario, and Hayden Underhill, 20, of Amherstview, Ontario. Both were taken by helicopter to the University Medical Center in Lubbock, about 110 miles (180 kilometers) to the northeast.

    “They are both stable and recovering and every day making more and more progress,” University of the Southwest Provost Ryan Tipton said Thursday of the two injured students.


    “One of the students is eating chicken soup,” said Tipton, calling their recovery “a game of inches.”

    A promising golfer from Texas was among the nine killed in a deadly car accident in New Mexico. (Source: KOSA/KUSA/PASTOR RICK LONG/CNN)

    Tipton said University President Quint Thurman visited the students’ parents at the hospital, illustrating the close community at the college with only about 350 on-campus students.

    Underhill’s brother Drew said their parents, Ken and Wendy, flew to Texas.


    “Hockey was a big part of life for a while, but his true passion is golf,” Drew Underhill said.

    On Thursday evening, about 150 people turned out to remember Zinn at Texas Roadhouse, a Hobbs restaurant where he worked and met his girlfriend of five months.

    “We met here exactly at this table,” said Maddy Russell, 20, of Hobbs. “He was my heart.”

    The mourners released around 100 blue and orange balloons into the cold, whipping wind of eastern New Mexico, and they soon disappeared into the horizon.


    The Mexican Federation of Golf posted an online note of condolence to the loved ones of Sanchez.

    Sousa was from Portugal’s southern coast, where he graduated from high school last summer before heading to college in the U.S., said Renata Afonso, head of the Escola Secundária de Loulé.

    Source : www.wcax.com

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