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    guinness world records just certified the highest tea party, which was held last may at what location?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get guinness world records just certified the highest tea party, which was held last may at what location? from EN Bilgi.

    Highest tea party

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    Highest tea party


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    6496 METRES METRE(S)



    When 05 MAY 2021

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    The highest tea party is 6496 metres and was achieved by Hughes' Highest Tea Party Team in Mount Everest Camp 2, Nepal, on 5 May 2021.

    "Every child grows up browsing the GWR book and wishing one day to be a part of its incredible history and being a part of this inspiring community. I know I definitely was such a child. But it was during the pandemic when the world stopped and the mountains I climbed internationally no longer were available to adventure up and on that I had the time to ponder deeper meanings for what draw me to the mountains. One of the most important reasons is the community. And so after a year apart from one another, I wanted to find a record that would celebrate a return to not just the mountains but a reunion of this mountain family. In so many ways the record became a celebration of persevering through the pandemic and emerging with a greater sense of purpose and appreciation for all that was taken.

    Andrew had climbed above 20,000 feet a few times before and had been on Everest in 2019 before falling in ill on his summit attempt. "I knew I could make the altitude if my body and the mountain was willing. So thankful they both were.Tea on the mountain and in Nepal is more than the warmth within each cup but a means which we come together and connect at the lodges along the trek into Everest Base Camp and while on the mountain. The warmth in hand also gives opportunity to warm ones heart and lift ones spirit no matter the conditions outside and which you are facing. It also is an exceptional way remain hydrated avoid hypothermia on a practical level. I chose teas as well that would reduce stress and boost immune systems for my fellow climbers - something so important for the mountain. So to host a tea party felt like something meant for the mountains and especially the mountain of all mountains in Everest."

    A lot of research was undertaken into what key components mush be included for a tea party and then determining which had the durability to survive flying around the world, being transported by yak to base camp, then carried on my back through the Khumbu Icefalls all the way up to Camp 2 on Everest.

    "Thankfully the training to hold the tea party was already combined in my own training to seek the summit of Everest which I did on the same rotation that we held the record attempt. It was extremely challenging. Climbing and training for Everest was years in the making and with the limited availability to train as I normally would during 2020 and into 2021 it was even more difficult. Knowing I would most likely have to climb and carry everything for my record to 21,500 feet at Camp 2 only meant more weight in order to make this record possible.

    As the team prepared for the record a massive storm hit Camp 2. Huge snowfalls began to come down so Andrew made everyone get in their summit suits which they would wear for their summit attempts. "With cold hands I carried everything out to a flat spot in the middle of our tents where a fresh blanket of snow laid. Setting the table with everything as the snow coated everything. However, the joy for a small mental break from the summit days ahead of us to simply celebrate with one another, sip tea, and indulge on treats largely absent from our diet on the mountain made the snow storm just an added unforgettable element to entire record attempt."

    Girl Scout cookies were a favourite snack of the attempt. "I brought all the way from Seattle but had ordered from Girl Scout Troop 6000 which has been tailor-made to benefit and contribute to the girls in New York's shelter system."

    "The record would mean so much to me because it would mean so much to all who took part in it. The greatest things in life are often those shared. The record will forever immortalize an unforgettable moment and experience in my life and hopefully inspire others to seek their own dreams and perhaps set a record while doing."

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    Source : www.guinnessworldrecords.com

    Mount Everest climbers hold world's highest tea party

    High tea took on a whole new meaning for Andrew Hughes and his climbing crew back on May 5, 2021, when the group held a tea party at 21,312 feet above sea level at Mount Everest's Camp 2 in Nepal, setting a new Guinness World Record. The record was officially recognize by Guinness this month.

    Climbers hold world's highest tea party on Mount Everest

    Claire Colbert, CNN • Updated 14th March 2022

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    (CNN) — High tea took on a whole new meaning for Andrew Hughes and his climbing crew.

    The group of adventurers held a tea party at 21,312 feet above sea level at Mount Everest's Camp 2 in Nepal last year, setting a new `Guinness World Record -- which was officially recognized by Guinness this month -- for the highest tea party ever held.

    Hughes, a self-described high-endurance athlete from Seattle, Washington, said he first had the idea for the tea party early in the pandemic when Covid-19 travel restrictions and shutdowns meant expeditions were not possible. He said the isolation made him realize he missed the community more than the summits.

    "The greatest things in life are often those shared," Hughes said, adding he hopes the feat -- held on May 5, 2021 -- will "inspire others to seek their own dreams, no matter the heights."

    According to a news release, Hughes' "highest of high tea parties ... exceeded the previous mark by thousands of feet in altitude and was full of complexities, including carrying supplies through the treacherous Khumbu Icefalls."

    One of those added complexities was a huge snowfall brought on by a massive storm the day of the planned tea party; another issue was coordinating the logistics of hauling the extra supplies, including Girl Scout cookies that Hughes brought from from Seattle, up Mount Everest.

    The supplies had to withstand flying across the world, being transported to base camp strapped to a yak, and then carried in backpacks traversing the unforgiving terrain, which included frozen waterfalls, to Camp 2 -- without the cookies turning to crumbs, the release said.

    In the end, the extra effort was worth it. "The record will forever immortalize an unforgettable moment and experience in my life," according to Hughes, who went on the reach the summit of Everest about two weeks later after a failed attempt in 2019.

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    India hosts world's largest tea party

    More than 32,000 people sipped their way into a new world record as India hosted the world's largest tea party in Indore.



    India hosts world's largest tea party

    By Reuters Staff

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - More than 32,000 people sipped their way into a new world record as India hosted the world’s largest tea party in Indore.

    People gather for a tea party at a stadium in Indore in this handout photograph dated February 24, 2008. More than 32,000 people sipped their way into a new world record as India hosted the world's largest tea party in Indore. REUTERS/Handout

    “From an industrialist to the man on the street, a cup of tea is a major bonding factor in India,” said Sanjay Mani, general manager of the Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, which helped arrange the event.

    Living up to its reputation of a nation fond of its tea, thousands of tea drinkers queued outside the Nehru Stadium in Indore over the weekend for the record-breaking feat.

    An adjudicator from Guinness World Records kept an eye on proceedings.

    “We wanted to break and double a record held by Japan and thereby set a target of 30,000 tea drinkers sitting down at the same time sipping their mugs of steaming tea,” Mani said.

    Nearly 1,000 volunteers served tea to 32,681 participants while an electronic counting machine kept track of the total number of people taking part in the event.

    Japan’s Nishio city entered the Guinness World Records in 2006 by hosting the largest simultaneous tea party where 14,718 people took part.

    The event, a fundraiser for development of Indore, was adjudicated by Francesca D’Asdia, who handed out a certificate to the organisers recognising their attempt as a new world record, Mani said.

    “It was unbelievable,” said Rupali Dutta, Director Marketing of the Tea Board of India. “The gallery was full, people sat with their mugs waiting for the event to start, the atmosphere was quite festive.”

    The Tea Board was the co-sponsor for the event along with Hindustan Unilever Ltd, which makes consumer goods.

    Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

    Source : www.reuters.com

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