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    gary chambers, a senate candidate from louisiana, appeared in a campaign ad doing what?


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    Dem U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers on his viral campaign ad featuring cannabis smoking

    The Supreme Court affirmed that a woman has the right to decide what she does with her body 49 years this Saturday. Yet, Roe vs. Wade might not survive to see its 50th anniversary, because of the conservative wing of the court which seems ready -- even eager -- to overturn precedent and undermine a woman's constitutionally enshrined rights. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. In addition, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana Gary Chambers joins The ReidOut on his viral campaign ad depicting him smoking cannabis as a statement about the need for criminal justice reform.

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    Republicans run scared from GOP's agenda

    Republicans, having dashed Biden's agenda, find themselves having to come up with one

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    NYPD officer killed, another in critical condition after Harlem…

    One New York City police officer was killed and another was fighting for his life after a gunman opened fire on them in a Harlem apartment Friday, officials said.

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    NYPD officer killed, another seriously wounded in shooting

    An NYPD officer is dead and another is facing life-threatening injuries following a shooting in Harlem.

    FBI special agent calls Texas hostage situation 'hate crime and an act…

    An FBI special agent on Friday denounced the Texas synagogue hostage situation, calling it a "hate crime and an act of terrorism.""This was both a hate crime and an act of terrorism," Matt DeSarno, special agent in charge of the FBI's Dallas field office, said during a news briefing, The Associated Press reported.DeSarno said that the incident "was committed by a terrorist espousing an anti-Semitic worldview" and had "intentionally targeted" a...

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    Thelma Sutcliffe, the oldest woman in America, died at the age of 115 years and 108 days on Monday, just eight months after taking the title of America's oldest living person.

    1 Dead, 2 Injured After Gunman Opens Fire at Luxury Mexican Resort

    Police responded to reports of shots fired at the Hotel Xcaret on Friday afternoon, after a confrontation between hotel guests

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-car crash in Los Angeles…

    LAPD said four cars were involved in the crash in the Brentwood neighborhood and that one person had minor injuries.

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    NYPD officer fatally shot, another wounded while responding to domestic…

    NEW YORK — An NYPD officer was fatally shot Friday and his partner was wounded after they responded to a tense domestic violence call at an apartment where a gunman who fired on police was also killed, officials said. The officers, responding to a 911 call at about 6:30 p.m., quickly found themselves in a dangerous situation involving a mother and her son fighting in an apartment on West 135th ...

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    Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines primarily designed to prevent…

    The CDC director did tell CNN that vaccines can't prevent transmission, but that doesn't mean they offer no protection at all.

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    Guests on Sunday talk shows: Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) on ABC's 'This…

    Sunday talk show guests January 23: Chris Coons on "This Week"; "Face the Nation"; "Meet the Press"; "Fox News Sunday"; "State of the Union"; "60 Minutes"

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    How Putin's obsession with NATO has led to the brink of war in Ukraine

    In response to the rising threat of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine, NATO forces in the region have begun mobilizing. Spain announced Thursday that two of its warships were en route to the Black Sea, the body of water that borders southern Ukraine, to partake in military exercises originally planned for later this year. Spain may also send fighter jets to Bulgaria, where the Dutch government is sending F-35s, while, according to military...

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    It’s a gold rush for lobbying firms with Biden ties

    Shops that employed former aides to the current president saw massive increases in clients and fees in 2021.


    FBI: Gabby Petito's Boyfriend Admitted to Killing Her in Notebook

    Laundrie admitted to killing Petito, his girlfriend, in a notebook discovered near his body in a Florida swamp, the FBI announced

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    The travails of a Mexican gray wolf named Mr. Goodbar show the grave threat posed by the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

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    Igor Fruman, a former Rudy Giuliani ally who became a key figure in former President Donald Trump's first impeachment, has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison for helping funnel a Russian oligarch's money into U.S. elections. The post Igor Fruman, Figure from Trump’s First Impeachment, Gets a Year and a Day in Prison for Plot to Funnel Russian’s Money first appeared on Law & Crime.

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    A dispute over masking at a Massachusetts Dunkin’ ended with flying hot coffee, an arrest and charges of assault, battery and disorderly conduct, according to

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    Video: Tonga Eruption Causes Oil Spill, Damaged Beaches in Peru

    Peruvian President Pedro Castillo declared an environmental emergency after an oil spill from high waves caused by the Tonga volcanic eruption contaminated several beaches. Photo: Martin Mejia/Associated Press

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    A federal judge blocked enforcement of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal workers, leaning on last week’s Supreme Court decision over the vaccine requirement for private companies.

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    Texas court blocks Biden's vaccine mandate for federal workers

    Trump-appointed judge cites personality liberty and called Biden's mandate "a bridge too far"

    Why a Three-Dose Vaccine for Young Kids Might Actually Work Out

    We still don’t know when exactly the shots are coming, but there’s reason to hope that vaccine makers’ current plans are on the right track.

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    The number of human-made existential risks has ballooned, but the most pressing one is the original: nuclear war.

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    The January 6 Capitol riot by Trump supporters began after Donald Trump falsely claimed he won the 2020 election over President Joe Biden.

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    Long-lost slave ship and fake riot towns spotlight race at Sundance

    From its last known slave ship to heavy police militarization in the Civil Rights era, the United States' deeply troubled history with racism is highlighted by several Sundance festival films this week. - 'Dark' - Debuting a day earlier at Sundance was "Riotsville, USA", in which Sierra Pettengill unearthed footage of fake model towns used by police and military in the 1960s to practice suppressing civil rights protests.

    Monkeys on the loose in Pennsylvania following highway crash

    Monkeys were on the loose Friday night in rural Pennsylvania after they escaped after a crash involving the vehicle carrying the primates, authorities said.

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    One of Saturn's smallest moons wasn't a candidate for alien life. But if Mimas has an ocean, it could point to a new class of "stealth" water worlds.

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    PHOENIX (AP) — U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is growing increasingly isolated from some of her party’s most influential officials and donors after playing a key role in scuttling voting rights legislation that many Democrats consider essential to preserving democracy. Sinema faces a vote of disapproval and possible censure from leaders of the Arizona Democratic Party on Saturday, a symbolic condemnation for the woman who just three years ago brought...

    Yemen rebel attack on UAE throws challenge to the region

    A fatal drone and missile strike raises questions about the war and security across the Middle East.

    Police shot in Harlem: NYPD officer killed, another wounded responding to domestic…

    One New York police officer is dead and another is in critical condition and in surgery after a shooting incident in Harlem, a law enforcement official told CNN.

    NASA captures violent flash from sun's mini eruption

    Check out this beautiful image of our very own star's minor tantrum.

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    "This is why middle class and lower Americans are not having kids, we simply cannot afford them," one commenter wrote.

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    Charlamagne Annihilates Biden, Sinema and Manchin on voting rights

    Charlamagne tha God said President Joe Biden, Democratic centrist Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are to blame for the 'death of democracy'.

    Dem U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers on his viral campaign ad featuring cannabis smoking

    Source : www.msn.com

    Louisiana Senate candidate goes viral for smoking marijuana in campaign ad

    Democrat Gary Chambers Jr smokes blunt in video in effort to ‘destigmatize’ use and raise awareness about racial justice

    A US Senate candidate from Louisiana has shared a campaign video in which he smokes marijuana in an effort to “destigmatize” its use and raise awareness about racial justice.

    Gary Chambers Jr, a 37-year-old Democrat and social justice advocate from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is shown seated outdoors in a chair, taking puffs from a blunt.

    “My first campaign ad, ‘37 Seconds.’ #JustLikeMe,” Chambers tweeted on Tuesday in a caption for the ad, which has spread widely on social media. In it, he recites arrest statistics of Black Americans and marijuana possession.

    “Every 37 seconds, someone is arrested for possession of marijuana. Since 2010, police have arrested an estimated 7.3 million Americans for violating marijuana laws,” Chambers says, to the sound effect of a ticking clock. “Black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana laws than white people.”

    He adds: “States waste $3.7bn enforcing marijuana laws every year. Most of the people police are arresting aren’t dealers, but rather people with small amounts of pot, just like me.”

    Writing about the campaign video, Chambers said:

    “I hope this ad works not only to destigmatize the use of marijuana, but also forces a new conversation that creates the pathway to legalize this beneficial drug, and forgive those who were arrested due to outdated ideology.”

    In a statement to CNN, he elaborated that it was “long past due that politicians stop pretending to be better or different than the people they represent”, adding: “Some parts of the country are fighting opioid addictions and creating millionaires and better schools from the marijuana industry. Others are creating felonies and destroyed families. I can’t stand for that.’”

    According to Chambers’ campaign, the ad was shot over the weekend in New Orleans, a city that just recently passed a law to decriminalize marijuana possession. The city council also added a blanket pardon for marijuana possession convictions dating back to 2010, which the council members said would apply to about 10,000 old cases.

    Last June, the Louisiana governor, John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, signed a bill into law that reduces the penalty for possessing small amounts of marijuana, and at the beginning of this month lawmakers legalized the “smokable” form of medical marijuana under certain conditions.

    Chambers is seeking to challenge Republican senator John Kennedy, a staunch conservative and Donald Trump ally, in November’s all-party primary.

    Louisiana Senate candidate goes viral for smoking marijuana in campaign ad

    Source : www.theguardian.com

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