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    facial laser and chemical peel treatments santa barbara


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    get facial laser and chemical peel treatments santa barbara from EN Bilgi.

    Chemical Peels Santa Barbara, CA

    Chemical peels unveil your skin's underlying healthy skin by exfoliating and removing the dead and damaged cells from your skin.

    Chemical Peels in Santa Barbara, CA

    Whether you want to address specific concerns with your skin or simply want to keep your skin looking its best, our chemical peels may be right for you. Dr. Keith Llewellyn offers chemical peels for men and women in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Solvang, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California.

    What Are Chemical Peels?

    Chemical peels can restore the smooth texture of the skin, enhance the skin’s radiance, and fade away fine lines by stimulating collagen production. The treatments are useful to clear or improve hyperpigmentation on the skin that results from years in the sun (photodamage), melasma and brown spots that are left behind from acne, or other inflammatory processes. Additionally, peels can be very useful to help clear acne blemishes.

    How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost?

    The cost of your chemical peel depends on which one is recommended for you. Aloe Dermatology will help you select the type of peel that is best for you during your consultation. Payment can be made by cash or major credit card. Please review our financing page for more information.

    What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

    Chemical peels unveil your skin’s underlying healthy and youthful-looking skin by exfoliating and removing the dead and damaged cells from the surface of your skin and by stimulating your skin to bring healthy new cells to the surface.

    What Should I Expect from Chemical Peels?

    Beta-Lift Peel by TxSystems is a formulation of beta hydroxyl acid. The Beta-Lift Peel is a superficial chemical peel that is very safe and effective for all skin types. The Beta-Lift Peel can, over a series of peels, improve the texture of your skin, improve fine lines, and even out skin discolorations. If you are troubled by oily, acne-prone skin and enlarged pores, this is the peel for you. The Beta-Lift Peel takes five minutes to apply and then you are out the door with rosy cheeks and no downtime.

    Vitalize Peel® by SkinMedica® is the ideal peel to help improve mild to moderate sun damage, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, other skin discolorations, fine lines, and minor acne and acne scarring. If you are looking to move beyond the basic chemical peel to a more advanced chemical peel, the Vitalize Peel® may be the chemical peel for you. Its special formulation with retinoic acid yields more exfoliation than other similar peels and, hence, better results. Little to no downtime is involved and the Vitalize Peel® is well-tolerated by patients. While some results can be seen with a single treatment, significant results can be seen after a series of four to six peels.

    Rejuvenize Peel™ by SkinMedica® is the strongest chemical peel available at Aloe Dermatology. Keith Llewellyn MD advises his patients to first try the Vitalize Peel® before having this chemical peel performed. The Rejuvenize Peel™ is an advanced formulation of multiple peeling agents combined with an anti-irritant and penetration enhancer. It is designed for patients with moderate to severe sun damage, melasma, other skin discolorations, and acne scarring. Noticeable improvement is seen after a single peel, but optimal results are seen after a series of four to six peels. This chemical peel is usually well-tolerated and associated moderate peeling for two to five days after the peel.

    Chemical Peels FAQs

    Can you see results after one peel?

    Results can be seen from one peel. Optimal results, however, are seen after a series of peels performed every 3-4 weeks.

    How long does it take for a chemical peel to start peeling?

    Peeling usually begins a few days after your chemical peel and resolves in 7 days for most patients. This may vary, though, depending on the strength of the peel used.

    Who are good candidates for a chemical peel?

    Patients who are concerned about poor skin texture, photodamage, sun spots and acne are good candidates for a chemical peel.

    Can the skin be over peeled?

    Some chemical peels are very strong and have more risk for side effects including hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and scarring.  We do not use those types of peels as we have several lasers that can more effectively and safely address concerns related to severely photodamaged skin.

    How should I prepare for a skin peel?

    Protect your skin from the sun and avoid getting a tan. A dark tan and high sun exposure prior to your peel can increase your risk of developing hyperpigmentation of the skin from the peel.

    Dull complexion, dry skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and many other concerns can be corrected with chemical peels. Aloe Dermatology offers chemical peels for men and women in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Solvang, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

    Chemical Peels Santa Barbara, CA

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    Chemical Peels in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa

    Last night's Skin Ap-Peel event at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara was packed! Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins shared his knowledge about how chemical peels work, the benefits of chemical peels and what types of chemical peels are offered at Evolutions. If you missed the event, you…

    Last night’s Skin Ap-Peel event at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara was packed! Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins shared his knowledge about how chemical peels work, the benefits of chemical peels and what types of chemical peels are offered at Evolutions. If you missed the event, you also missed the chance at winning a chemical peel and special offers that all attendees received. Insure that you won’t miss the next event by joining our email list (and you automatically get entered for a chance to win a free facial!).


    Do Chemical Peels Hurt?

    Chemical Peels Available at Evolutions

    Chemical Peels in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa

    Source : www.evolutionsmedicalspa.com

    Chemical Peels Santa Barbara

    Chemical peels are used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands through exfoliation. Schedule a consultation 805.318.3280 today!

    Deep Peel- For the rough and sun-damaged skin, phenol peel is the more preferred type of peels. It has a severe bleaching effect that may be a problem if you are only using it on a particular spot. You will be compelled to put a light make-up in order to match the skin color of your entire face.

    Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

    People suffering from the following condition may be a good candidate for treatment.

    What Are the Things That I Should Ask During Consultation?

    Aside from the physical examination and the analysis of medical history, the consultation is the proper time for you to ask certain questions. Furthermore, Dr. Sheffield will examine your medical history and evaluate your skin’s condition. You may ask the treatment approach that the doctor will use for your specific treatment. During the medical analysis, you should also ask if chemical peeling will expose you to more risk. This largely has to do with your skin type and thickness.

    How Do I Prepare for the Treatment?

    Before the treatment, Dr. Sheffield will put you in a pre-treatment process wherein you will be obliged to regularly apply gel, cream or lotion for a predetermined length of time. Some oral medication may also be necessary before the treatment. The resurfacing therapy can be conducted in the office environment.

    After treatment, it is highly recommended to avoid a direct exposure from the sun until the redness subsides. You should also put sunscreen for your aftercare.

    Specific Peels Offered By Our Office:

    A) What is the VI Chemical Peel?

    Gorgeous, glowing skin is one of the first things that people tend to notice about others. VI peels are administered by a physician and these treatments soften all of your fine lines, smooth rough textures and restore a more even tone to the skin. Thanks to the aging process, the skin can become rough and pigmented. Exposure to the elements only adds to the problem. The aging process is inevitable, but with the VI Peel, patients can see a difference in as little as one week. The VI Peel’s creators have over a decade of experience and have assisted a wide range of satisfied patients all over the world.

    How does the VI Peel Work?

    The first and second layer of skin is deliberately injured so that the skin’s natural wound healing process can be activated. Multiple skin layers flake off and new, pristine skin is revealed. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), lactic acid and Resorcinol are among the ingredient used. You will need to continue to use certain products once the treatment is finished so that the resurfacing process can be continued. Alpha hydroxy acids and Tretinoin (Retin-A) are among them.

    Who Should Receive a VI Peel?

    This product is designed to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines. The resurfacing process also allows for layers of uneven skin and pigmentation to be lifted away. Those who suffer from acne scars, mild photoaging, other pigmentation concerns, and melasma tend to benefit the most from a VI solution.

    Are Any Prior Preparations Necessary?

    If the patient has a past history of cold sores, then they will need to ask their practitioners to provide them with access to an anti-viral medication. This medication must be taken once the VI solution has taken place and repeated 12 hours later. Any anti-aging products that are already being used must be stopped for at least 48 hours before the VI solution takes place. This includes Tretinoin, Retin-A, alpha hydroxy acid, Retinol, and Glycolic acid.

    How much downtime is needed after the VI Chemical Peel?

    Most patients do not experience a high level of pain during the procedure. They will experience a tingling sensation to their skin but the pain level is negligible. It is crucial for patients to avoid any direct exposure to the sun and the elements of nature for at least one week after the VI solution has taken place. A patient’s face is going to look slightly red and dry for at least 48 to 72 hours after their VI solution has been applied.

    By the third or fourth day, you will start to notice that you have sheets of skin peeling off of your face. Bleeding, crusting and open sores do not take place. Every patient is given access to a post peel care kit. This kit comes with cleanser, sunscreen and hydrocortisone cream. By day eight (or day ten at the latest), patients notice that peeling has stopped. On day eight, makeup can be applied once more.

    B) SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective Peel

    Clearing Up Your Complexion with SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective Peel

    Uneven textures and skin discoloration are both a natural part of the aging process. Numerous factors contribute and sun exposure is one of the most important. Medical grade chemical peels are a wonderful way to reverse some of these common signs of aging. A SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel can only be administered at a physician’s office.

    How Do These SkinCeuticals Peels Work?

    Our Advanced Corrective peel provides the patient with a specialized, proprietary blend of various clinical grade acids that are designed to restore the skin’s radiance and maximize peeling.

    The SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel provides:

    The advantages that the SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel provides are immediate and long lasting, as long as patients are willing to maintain the proper post peel regimen. The SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel is also a top option for patients who suffer from regular acne breakouts. The treatment minimizes acne breakout frequency and helps to treat post-lesion discoloration caused by past breakouts.

    What’s the difference between a Laser Treatment and a Chemical Peel?

    A series of ingredients are used during a chemical skin in order to remove skin pigmentation and some of these ingredients are also used to prevent future pigmentation. With a laser treatment, the patient simply removes the pigmentation that they already have. That is why results are typically short-lived. A chemical peel removes pigmentation and allows for the prevention of future pigmentation. All ethnic backgrounds enjoy a higher level of safety with chemicals, including Asian, Black, Latino, and Indian; on the other hand, patients of color should be avoiding all light and laser treatments because they can cause permanent darkening of their skin.

    How Are The Results of a SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel Maintained?

    Depending on the needs of the patient and their skin type, a doctor could recommend a wide range of post care complexion regimens. Almost all will benefit from antioxidants after the peel has taken place. These vitamins (such as Vitamin C & E) neutralize the free radicals that we are exposed to as a result of UV rays and pollution. Skin oils that are rich in antioxidants provide a protective buffer between your skin and the elements. Those who use antioxidants on their face for extended periods do not burn as easily and no longer experience brown spots due to sun exposure.

    What Must Be Done prior to a SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel?

    Certain supplements and medications must be stopped if they cause excessive bleeding. A number of common painkilling medications fall under this umbrella, including Advil, Aspirin, Aleve Ibuprofen and any other medications among the NSAID family. These medications must be avoided for 5 days before the chemical peel. When it comes to supplements, garlic, fish oil, gingko, Vitamin E and Ginseng cause added bruising and bleeding. Patients should stop taking them at least 5 days before the peel. Those who have been prescribed blood thinners by their doctor for the treatment or prevention of a stroke, heart attack, heart valves, or any another medical condition SHOULD NOT stop their medication without having a discussion with the prescribing doctor. Patients with a past history of cold sores will need an antiviral prescription so that they have the proper medication, post peel. It is in your best interests to avoid intense wind, sun and cold exposure for at least one week after the procedure. Be sure to plan the chemical peel during a period of time when you can avoid the elements for 1-2 weeks.

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    Chemical Peels Santa Barbara

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