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    everyone who dies in stranger things season 4


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get everyone who dies in stranger things season 4 from EN Bilgi.

    Who dies in Stranger Things 4?

    Is it Steve, Hopper, Max, or Eddie? Which character doesn’t make it and what happens to them? Stranger Things season 4 part 2 is out on Netflix now.


    Who dies in Stranger Things 4?

    The Upside Down comes for us all

    By Petrana [email protected]_rana Jul 1, 2022, 3:15pm EDT 0 Comments

    Image: Netflix

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    no secret that someone in Stranger Things 4 dies. Many fans waited with bated breath — would it be fan-favorite Steve? Or would Hopper actually die-die this time? Would the power of Kate Bush be enough to save Max from Vecna’s clutches?

    Well, we know the answer now, and before you read on, make sure that you’re totally OK with reading some big ol’ spoilers.

    [Ed. note: This post contains major spoilers for Stranger Things season 4 volume 2]

    Image: Netflix

    It is metal-rocker and Dungeon Master Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) who perishes in this season of Stranger Things. Long live Eddie Munson and his glorious hair!

    Much like Barb Holland and Bob Newby before him, Eddie follows the trend of being introduced this season just to die. And much like Billy last season, he also witnesses the first grisly death, which torments him the rest of the episodes, ultimately leading to his untimely demise. As leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie was prime suspect number one in the murders and spent his final days hiding away from the angry mob of basketball jocks. But despite his edgy exterior, Eddie was a fun-loving and pretty nice guy who took in the outcast kids as his own and apparently ran a pretty sick Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

    He was roguishly charming, even though he was a bit off-putting. But he genuinely cared about his gang of misfit kids and showed kindness to Chrissy when she wanted to buy some drugs. As Dustin says later on in the final episode, Eddie never got mad and always stayed true to himself. Eddie thought that this year would be his year — the year everything changed and he finally graduated. But he didn’t make it up to the stage to accept a diploma.

    Image: Netflix


    In the depths of the Upside Down, Eddie and Dustin team up to distract some of the creepy bat monsters. Eddie plays a sick guitar solo, and they end up hunkering down in the Upside Down version of his trailer. While Dustin is able to make an escape, Eddie decides to buy them all more time and heads back to fight off some monsters. The battle grows more intense, and there is a moment when Eddie decides to just run off — but then he remembers how, when Chrissy died, he didn’t do anything and just ran away.

    So, Eddie turns back around and makes a last stand, fighting off enough bat monsters so that the rest of the Hawkins gang can pull off their grand heist. When they finally defeat Vecna, Dustin runs back to find Eddie. He tries to get Eddie up so they can go to a hospital, but Eddie says he just needs a second to rest, which basically means he’s about to die. With his dying breaths, Eddie makes Dustin promise him that he’ll take care of “those little sheep” for him because he’s actually gonna graduate. And then he tells Dustin he loves him and dies.

    Photo: Tina Rowden/Netflix

    While Eddie dies a hero, only our lead characters know anything about it. The rest of the town simply thinks he’s missing in the ruckus of the “earthquake,” and he’s still wanted for the murders. Dustin does manage to find Eddie’s uncle and gives him Eddie’s guitar pick necklace, explaining as best as he can that Eddie died protecting the town, even though the town hated him. Eddie’s death is already really sad, but the fact that most of Hawkins still thinks he’s a bloodthirsty cult leader makes it all the more devastating.


    Probably not! The key difference is that Max’s death was largely done by Vecna’s mind control, and Eleven was able to kinda reverse that and bring Max back to life. She is, however, still deep in a coma, so there’s no word on whether she’ll wake up (she probably will, though). Meanwhile, Eddie was repeatedly slashed and stabbed by those bat thingies and definitely died of physical wounds. Stranger things have happened on Stranger Things, but it does seem like Eddie is indeed deadie.

    Source : www.polygon.com

    Who Died on Season 4 of 'Stranger Things'?

    After the explosive finale of 'Stranger Things' Season 4, Volume 2, we should take stock of the fates of the Netflix series' heroes and villains.

    OK, So Who Actually Died in the Stranger Things Season 4 Finale?

    Who lives, who dies, and who is left somewhere in between?

    By Brady Langmann Jul 1, 2022

    The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

    Refresh the page to resume playback.

    This story contains spoilers for Season Four, Volume Two of Stranger Things.

    As all great blockbuster stories tend to do nowadays, Stranger Things likes to play fast and loose with its fatalities. Case in point: Season Four, Volume Two, out now, which sees Eleven punt Vecna to oblivion, and Max Mayfield undergo Vecna's death ritual. And yet? Both are very much alive... if not well.


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    'Stranger Things' Season 5: Everything We Know

    Following the finale of such an epic run of episodes, the perfect avoid-the-heat-and-binge-TV-instead option, we found it fitting (necessary, even) to run through every character who died(ish) this season, assigning Esquire's official Death Likelihood Rating™ to each one. Here we go.

    Dr. Martin Brenner/Papa

    Death Likelihood Rating: 9.3

    Considering that Brenner never seems to go the hell away from the series, we can't give him a full 10. But his death certainly felt final, didn't it? As he tries to get Eleven away from the feds, they shoot him quite a few times in the back. Looking like he's about to lose consciousness, Brenner asks Eleven for some sort of consolation. She... doesn't give it. Cold! But very much deserved.

    Max Mayfield

    Death Likelihood Rating: 3.5

    Max is the trickiest one to grade of the entire list. The Stranger Things doctors confirmed that Max died. Her heart stopped for a full minute. As we know, though, Eleven managed to bring her back, because she can do that now, obviously. Considering that Sadie Sink ran herself up that hill into making Max a fan-favorite hero, we're sure that she'll wake up from that coma. Now, how to get Max awake again will certainly make for a major plot point in Season Five. She may even end up like Victor Creel, who was rendered permanently blind after his battle with Henry/Vecna/One. Let's just hope Max is OK.

    Eddie Munson

    Death Likelihood Rating: 7.2

    You're going to make us write about Eddie, aren't you? Damn. Eddie Munson's act of self-sacrifice is a crushing loss on the level of Barb and Bob. Which is also why we refuse to believe that the man is gone for good—especially so soon after he learned to stand his ground and become a hero. Once again, Eleven has god powers! One more thing. “You’re gonna have to look after those little sheep for me, okay?” C'mon. Rip my heart out already.

    Dr. Sam Owens

    Death Likelihood Rating: 4.6

    Last time we saw Dr. Owens⁠—who acts as a slight foil to Dr. Brenner, kinda-sorta helping Eleven along the way⁠—he was cowering in a makeshift jail cell. Unless the CIA truly went batshit on the poor guy, he'll be just fine. There has to be one resident alum from the Hawkins Lab administration hanging around the office after Dr. Brenner's death.

    Jason Carver

    Death Likelihood Rating: 10.0

    See ya!


    Death Likelihood Rating: 0.01

    Considering that the actor behind Vecna, Jamie Campbell Bower, already confirmed that Vecna will show up in Season Five, we can rule out the monster dying from any injuries suffered in the battle with Eleven. Stranger Things needed an endgame villain, after all. Plus someone from the Upside Down to keep torturing poor Will.

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    ‘Stranger Things’ 4’s Most and Least Devastating Deaths

    Hawkins, Indiana, is a deadly place to live, and ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 racked up character deaths. None of the original company members died, but plenty of others do. Which of the deaths were most devastating?

    tearing you asunder July 1, 2022

    Stranger Things 4’s Most and Least Devastating Deaths

    By Roxana [email protected]_hadadi

    Relax, she’s not dead. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

    Spoilers follow for the final two episodes of Stranger Things’s fourth season, which debuted on Netflix on July 1. 

    Hawkins, Indiana, is a deadly place to live, and Stranger Things season four goes full Buffy the Vampire Slayer in practically destroying the town by the end of new episodes “Chapter Eight: Papa” and “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback.” Baddie Vecna, newly revealed to be behind all the ongoing weirdness in Hawkins, does so much damage by opening his gates to the Upside Down that Hawkins looks as if it was hit by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, and acid rain. Buffy hell god Glorificus would be so proud!

    But in a very spread-apart season, Vecna’s destruction isn’t limited to just Hawkins — he’s putting bodies on the floor all over America. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp joked about the series needing “to kill people off” in May, before season four premiered, so fans have been ready for some loss. Let’s get this out of the way: None of the original company members, their siblings, their parents, or their new friends from seasons two and three who were already alive and established going into season four died. For the most part, the major Stranger Things names were safe.

    But which of the deaths that did go down during this season’s nine episodes hit the hardest? Let’s do some morbid ranking from most to least devastating.

    1. Eddie Munson NETFLIX/via GIPHY

    Oh, Eddie. Admittedly, I did not see this character’s appeal at first! In a season that felt like the Duffer brothers amping up their ’80s mimicry to untenable levels, Eddie seemed to be little more than a mishmash of character clichés from that time. But probably midway through Vol. 1, it became clear that Eddie was essentially a good version of the forever-irritating Billy — harder-edged than Steve but really just a metalhead misfit trying to hang out with his Hellfire friends instead of being hunted down as a devil worshipper and murderer. The moment in “The Piggyback” when he decides to atone for his (understandable) cowardice earlier in the season by sacrificing himself to save Dustin and their other friends is lovely and heartbreaking. I’m glad he got the Metallica homage moment with that “Master of Puppets” performance, and kudos to Joseph Quinn for the palpable regret he brought to his line delivery of “I just ran, and I left her there.” R.I.P., buddy.


    Max Mayfield (maybe!)


    Max would have been No. 1 if she stayed dead, but Stranger Things provided us with a technicality we have to honor. It’s a little odd that Will gives Mike such a big speech in “The Piggyback” about him being the heart of the group when that role really belonged to Sadie Sink’s Max this season as she grappled with losing her stepbrother, Billy, her best girlfriend, Eleven, and her mother and pushed herself away from Lucas and the company. Max’s realization that she did want to live — did want to keep running up that hill, if you will — was up there with Eddie’s sacrifice, and though her coma is worrying, it feels like a sign Max will eventually wake up. Remember how Game of Thrones pretended for ten months that Jon Snow was dead when he very obviously was going to return? The loss of Max hurts right now, but hopefully it isn’t permanent.


    Dr. Sam Owens (also a maybe!)


    Is this another technicality? Maybe, because we don’t exactly see Dr. Owens die at the bottom of that abandoned laboratory. But with everyone connected to the lab dead, and with Lieutenant Colonel Jack Sullivan leaving Owens handcuffed at the bottom of that underground facility, I’m going to assume some kind of awful Ex Machina future awaits our guy. That’s too bad since Paul Reiser is a legend and his Dr. Owens was a great counterpoint to Papa: He genuinely cared about Eleven and felt anguish and guilt over separating her from her friends and forcing her to take part in the Nina experiments. If he dies, it’s because he was trying to give Eleven back her freedom and free will, and that’s meaningful and admirable.

    4. Chrissy Cunningham

    Chrissy was Vecna’s first victim this season, and though her arc is contained in premiere episode “The Hellfire Club,” it’s still pretty compelling and sets the tone for the “youth cut down in their prime” atmosphere of this fourth season. Her friendship with Eddie was quietly charming, and the trauma she was living with was agonizing. Actress Grace Van Dien did a lot with a little.

    5. Fred Benson

    Like Chrissy, we didn’t really know much about Fred beyond the fact that he wanted to be a journalist and Vecna preyed on his fears before killing him. Pretty crappy of 001, IMHO!

    6. Patrick McKinney

    We knew even less about Patrick than we did about Fred: He was seemingly a goodish guy because of his older-brother mentorship role for Lucas on the basketball team, but he also got swept up in Jason’s peer pressure, and his death didn’t reveal any of his personality or past, as Chrissy’s and Fred’s did. Still, sad!

    Source : www.vulture.com

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