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    does drinking warm water help you lose weight


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get does drinking warm water help you lose weight from EN Bilgi.

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    Losing kilos is tough but many believe that warm water can help with it. Here’s a nutritionist’s final verdict on drinking hot water for weight loss.

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    Yes, you can lose weight by drinking hot water. Here’s how

    Published on: 2 December 2020, 13:31 pm IST

    Losing kilos is tough but many believe that warm water can help with it. Here’s a nutritionist’s final verdict on drinking hot water for weight loss.

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    Can hot water be the key to getting back in shape? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    Staying hydrated is the ideal way to keep your body weight in check. Turns out, heating the water before you consume it can actually improve your metabolism as well! You read that right. You’re a couple of glasses of warm water away from losing weight.

    So, how exactly does warm water do the magic trick and how much of it should you consume? Nutritionist, Manisha Chopra is here to spill the beans for you.

    You need 6 to 8 glasses of warm water to help you lose weight

    Warm water boosts your body’s metabolism. Hence, drinking warm water right in the morning is advised by many.. “When we drink warm water, our body switches its temperature and activates the metabolism. This helps lose weight. Warm water also breaks down body fat into molecules, making it easy for the digestive system to burn it. What’s more,drinking warm water before meals helps in managing our calorie intake because it makes our stomach full,” suggested Ms Chopra.

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    Ms Chopra recommends that you drink at least six to eight glasses of warm water daily. It is the amount you need in order to keep the body, hair, and skin hydrated.

    “If you want to enhance the impact of warm water, add some lemon and honey to it. This can expedite your metabolic rate, resulting in rapid weight loss,” she suggests.

    Chug down that glass of water if you want to lose those inches. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    Not just weight loss, warm water has 4 other solid health benefits:

    1. Drinking warm water can help in relieving constipation

    Warm water helps in relieving and preventing constipation. Warm water helps in softening the stool and makes it easier to pass. Now, we all know that a healthy gut and improved bowel movement means complete removal of toxins from our body!

    2. It can help in curing throat congestion

    Drinking warm water reduces the mucous that is formed during cough and cold. It also helps in curing runny nose, sore throat and chest congestion. You can add a little bit of honey to enhance the soothing effect.

    3. Warm water helps the body get rid of toxins

    If you are into eating junk food, you must keep warm water handy. When hot water gets into the system, it automatically cleanses it from within. This process helps us in getting rid of the toxins from our body.

    4. Drinking hot water keeps the skin clear

    Drinking hot water leaves us sweating which clears the pores of the skin and prevents acne and other skin-related problems.

    Also, watch:

    In the end remember…

    “Warm water gives best results when consumed at the beginning of the day on an empty stomach. Drinking warm water after every meal emulsifies fats which also aids digestion. So, start your day and end your meals with a cup of hot water to stay in shape forever,” said Ms Chopra.

    Now, nothing can be as simple as this when it comes to weight loss. So, heat up that water before you drink it!

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    Does drinking hot water help with weight loss?

    If you are thinking of trying a new regime to lose weight or simply want to have a healthier lifestyle...

    Does drinking hot water help with weight loss?

    If you are thinking of trying a new regime to lose weight or simply want to have a healthier lifestyle, take a look into the hot water diet that’s really getting some strong reviews?

    Drinking hot water boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight in a healthy manner. Basically, hot water helps break down the fat molecules in your diet faster, which leads to weight loss.

    The water should not be too hot that it burns your mouth but it should be warm maintaining the optimum temperature that can be tolerated by your body.

    When you are just starting to incorporate hot water into your diet, it can dry up your mouth and you may feel irritable while consuming that glass of hot water. But with consistent consumption, you will find your taste buds and throat get accustomed to it.

    As well as being very cost-effective, the hot water diet also brings some interesting health benefits as compared to other diets.

    Why drinking hot water is healthy

    Health-conscious people are adding warm or hot water to their daily consumption not just to stay hydrated. There is an ancient science known as Ayurveda that has long since advocated drinking hot water as an integral part of the human diet, and it seems to be making a comeback in the wellbeing world!

    It has been proven that hot or warm water actually stimulates the peristalsis and the gastrointestinal tract in a positive way. This starts to raise your metabolism and helps to flush out those harmful toxins that love to settle in our bodies overnight and through the day. Obviously, water also hydrates our bodies and hot water can help us to feel less hungry as a bonus.

    How hot is hot?

    The hot water diet is where you drink half a cup of hot water right after waking up and another cup of hot water before consuming a meal. You have to ensure that the temperature of the water does not exceed 50-degree Celsius and that it is not too hot for your mouth. The temperature is important in order to have the desired effect.

    Do not drink too many glasses of hot water. Keep a target of between 3 and 5 cups during the entire day.

    When life deals you lemons, put them in your hot drinks! Hot water on its own is great for the digestive system, but you may wish to play around with the flavour options a little. By adding some lemon or lime to the equation, you are not only making the whole concoction a little more pleasant to taste, but you are also upping the nutritional value somewhat. Herbal teas are another great option if you are looking to mix up flavours.

    You could also add sliced cucumber, mint leaves or grated ginger. Just add them to a glass of water in the night itself so that the juices get infused into the water. Heat up the infused water in the morning and drink it for better results.

    Here are a few extra reasons to come and join the hot water diet brigade:

    Drinking hot water can ease those nasty winter cold symptoms

    Heartburn sufferers have noticed that drinking hot water reduces/relieves this condition

    It helps improve digestion and constipation

    The hot water diet has also been known to improve dry skin conditions

    If you add lemon to your morning cup of hot water, it can boost your immune system thanks to the Vitamin C. Find out more about how drinking water and lemon can be good for your health.

    Convenient instant hot taps

    Heating up your water can be done in a variety of ways, but using an instant boiling KettleTap is the most effective and quickest way in our opinion. Not only do you get your boiling water at the touch of a button you also save valuable energy! Allow the water to cool to 50 degrees Celsius and take around ten minutes to drink the contents. If you can start the day off with a cup of hot water and take another about an hour before you eat your meals, you should see the benefits after a few weeks.

    Upgrade your kitchen at home and in the workplace to the latest kitchen-must have. Save time, money and energy costs with a KettleTap. Ditch the kettle, why wait to make your hot water cups!

    Fast and efficient, hot taps have the ability to handle the office footfall. KettleTaps give you boiling water instantly; cup after cup delivering over 130 cups of tea per hour without waiting time. Of course, we also offer taps more suited in price and performance to the domestic environment.

    A convenient and easy way to pour your hot water and realise so many health benefits.

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    Weight loss: Does sipping on hot water really help you lose belly fat?

    About 70 per cent of our body is made up of water and to keep our system working efficiently, every individual must consume 2-3 liters of water daily.

    Weight loss: Does sipping on hot water really help you lose belly fat?

    TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Last updated on -Jul 31, 2020, 22:31 ISTShare fbsharetwsharepinshare

    01/5We will tell you the truth!

    It is not a secret that water is essential for our survival. This is not only because it quenches our thirst, but it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and keeps diseases at bay.

    About 70 per cent of our body is made up of water and to keep our system working efficiently, every individual must consume 2-3 liters of water daily.

    02/5How water for weight loss

    Both cold and hot water have their own set of pros and cons. A glass of cold water helps you to cool down after an intense workout session, while hot water helps to flush out toxins from the body and allows better digestion of food. Besides, it is commonly believed that drinking water (particularly hot water) can help to shed kilos. In this article, we will tell you how true this claim is.

    03/5​What studies suggest

    As per a research, drinking more water can help a person shed kilos. One reason for this might be because water increases feelings of fullness, helps the body to absorb nutrients, and flush out toxic waste.

    As per another study published in 2003, drinking hot water could increase the process of weight loss. The study further elaborated that drinking 500 ml of water before mealtime can increase metabolism by 30 per cent.

    04/5Hot water and weight loss

    Drinking hot or lukewarm water daily in the morning or throughout the day can assist in weight loss process in three ways.

    Boosting metabolism: Drinking hot water alters your body temperature. To compensate for the warm temperature of the water, our body lowers down the internal temperature and activates the metabolism.

    Breaks down fat: When trying to shed it is crucial to be careful about fat intake. Hot water breaks down fat in the body and mobilises them to molecules, making it easier for your digestive system to burn them.

    Curbs appetite: Warm water helps to curb appetite. Gulping down a glass of warm water 30 minutes before having your meal can help to manage your calories intake.


    05/5Other benefits of drinking hot water

    Improves digestion: Water acts as a lubricating agent that helps to maintain the smooth flow of the digestion process. It even dissolves food particles that our stomach finds hard to digest.Calm your nervous system: Hot water can also calm your nervous system. When your nervous system is calm you will feel fewer pains and aches. Moreover, it will help you stay calm and composed throughout the day.Helps relieve constipation: Hot water contracts your intestine, this reduces the clogging in the intestine, making it easier for the bowel to pass.Flushes out toxins: Drinking water raises a person’s body temperature, which can make them sweat. Sweating removes toxins from the pores.



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