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    can you set off fireworks in an apartment complex


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    Do You Allow Fireworks At Your Rental Property?

    Fireworks are synonymous with our celebration of Independence Day. But injuries, fires and home insurance claims are also a part of this tradition. If a


    Posted by Dulcey S | Jul 1, 2014 | Education, Off Topic | 0

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    Fireworks are synonymous with our celebration of Independence Day. But injuries, fires and home insurance claims are also a part of this tradition. If a fire is caused by illegal fireworks your family sets off, your home owners insurance policy may not cover it. However, if the fire is started by someone who is not a family member, a tenant for example, you are covered whether the firework was legal or not according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

    Even if you have the right landlord insurance coverage, allowing your tenants to set off fireworks on your property entails explosive risks. Fireworks are designed to shoot hot sparks in every direction and can reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

    In 2011, 17,800 fires were started by fireworks nationwide, resulting in 40 injuries and $32 million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

    In that same year, doctors treated 9,600 fireworks-related injuries in hospital emergency rooms. Of those injured, 26% were under the age of 15 and 68% were men. Sparklers and novelties accounted for 34% of firework-related injuries, the association reported.

    Five states ban all use of fireworks by consumers, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. The rest have varying restrictions on the types of fireworks that can be used.

    Even if your state allows consumer fireworks it may be a good idea to check in with tenants and remind them to follow all of the directions on the fireworks’ packaging.

    Supervise children and adolescents.

    Keep water and fire extinguishers nearby.

    Don’t store fireworks in bulk (in case they explode before you want them to), and set them off one at a time.

    Buy fireworks only from a licensed store or stand — not from the seller’s home or car. Never use homemade fireworks

    Light fireworks in a clear area that’s free of flammable materials like dried leaves or grass.

    I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!

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    Which Fireworks Are Legal Where?

    Want to know exactly which types of fireworks are legal — and illegal — in your state? Here’s a handy guide.

    Fireworks Laws State by State – What Kind of Bang Can You Get For Your Buck?

    Apartment Living

    Maria Salova

    Fourth of July and the sweet promise of fireworks are right around the corner. It can be tricky to know exactly which fireworks are and are not legal in your state, so here’s a guide you can use. Remember that laws can also vary by county and city, and be sure to exercise caution when dealing with fireworks of any kind! Make sure you’re on the street or sidewalk, far away from your apartment and your neighbors’ — renter’s insurance usually doesn’t cover fireworks. (It does cover more than you think, though. Learn all about renter’s insurance here.

    Definitions:Fireworks: Everything we think of as “regular fireworks.” This includes:

    Chasers Cones Salutes Roman candles Rockets

    Novelty: Devices that contain a small amount of pyrotechnic and/or explosive composition but does not fall under the category of consumer fireworks. These devices produce limited visible or audible effects. This includes:

    Poppers Sparklers Snappers Trick noisemakers

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    Who Decides the Law?

    The state fire marshal sets the regulations for what types are and aren’t legal.

    How Do I Know If It’s Legal?

    When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is: If retailers sell it in your state, it’s probably legal in your state. If you want to be absolutely sure, please check your state laws online.

    States That Ban All Consumer Fireworks:

    New Jersey Delaware Massachusetts

    States That Only Allow Novelty Fireworks (Sparklers, Snakes, Poppers):

    Illinois Iowa Ohio Vermont

    States That Allow Novelty Fireworks and Ground Fireworks (Cones and Volcanoes):

    Alabama Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Florida Hawaii Idaho Maine Maryland Minnesota Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New York North Carolina Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Utah Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin

    States That Allow Novelty Fireworks, Ground Fireworks and Aerial Fireworks (Bottle Rockets and Roman Candles):

    Louisiana Mississippi South Carolina

    States That Allow Novelty Fireworks, Ground Fireworks, Aerial Fireworks, and Bombs and Shells (M-80s and Cherry Bombs):

    Arkansas Alaska Georgia Indiana Kansas Kentucky Michigan

    Missouri (except ground salutes that exceed DOT limits)

    New Mexico (except stick-type rockets having a tube with less than a ¼” inside diameter)

    North Dakota

    South Dakota (except any fireworks made wholly or in part of dynamite, nitroglycerin or giant powder)

    Tennessee (except certain ground salutes)

    Texas Wyoming

    Little-Known Facts:

    In California, you cannot have fireworks that resemble food.

    In Florida, fireworks are only legal if labeled and sold as “pest control.”

    Ohio requires those who purchase fireworks to promise to take them out of the state after a set period of time.

    In South Dakota, agricultural workers may set off fireworks to protect sunflower crops from birds and other pests.

    On Hawaii’s Big Island, it is illegal to set off fireworks within 1,000 feet of a “hospital, convalescent home, zoo or animal hospital.”

    In 1731, Rhode Island officials outlawed using fireworks for “mischievous ends” due to too many pranks.

    Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!Disclaimer: DO NOT rely on this information as being accurate or as legal advice, and please DO handle those fireworks carefully.Sources:

















    Posted: June 24, 2015

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    Best Practices For Lighting Fireworks In Your Apartment During Quarantine

    With summer in full swing, the temptation to flock to the beaches, the pools, and the many fireworks displays is rising. This year, however, it is crucial that we remain in quarantine until this…

    Best Practices For Lighting Fireworks In Your Apartment During Quarantine

    Best Practices For Lighting Fireworks In Your Apartment During Quarantine Stay in. Save lives. Light fireworks in your apartment.

    By Ian Goldstein and Ryan Ciecwisz

    (From Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels)

    With summer in full swing, the temptation to flock to the beaches, the pools, and the many fireworks displays is rising. This year, however, it is crucial that we remain in quarantine until this pandemic ends.

    But you need to light fireworks.

    We get it. Here’s what we recommend: Stay In. Save Lives. Do your part by setting off your fireworks in your apartment.

    Buy the Fireworks from a Reputable Source, Like My Uncle Who Sells Homemade Fireworks On The Side

    Safety should be your number one priority when setting off fireworks in your apartment. You can trust a recently laid-off guy like my uncle who makes fireworks in his brother-in-law’s garage, as opposed to some faceless corporation. Also, my uncle cleans all the gunpowder, particle by particle, with a Clorox wipe before selling the fireworks, so don’t worry about getting coronavirus from him.

    Board Up the Windows Tightly Enough That the Police Can’t See From The Street That You’re Shooting Fireworks in Your Apartment (But Not So Tightly That You Can’t Make a Fast Exit If Something Goes Wrong)

    The key here is finding the perfect balance. Even though it’s your God-given right as an American, if a police officer sees you’re shooting fireworks in your apartment, they’re going to try to put a stop to it. That’s why you need to prevent them from seeing. At the same time, there is a 90–95% chance you’ll start a fire and burn everything to the ground. Don’t let this deter you; as long as you have practiced tearing down the plywood you’ve used to barricade your windows, there’s nothing to worry about.

    Dress For The Occasion

    We recommend rush delivering a pair of American flag overalls to sport underneath your homemade NASCAR outfit (pending sponsorship). It’s a perfect complement to your fireworks display and if the police come knocking before you can escape in time, well, they’ll be talking to a professional race car driver and will recognize your immunity to being arrested and leave.

    Protect Your Eyes And Ears

    Protection is no joke. So make sure to protect your eyes and ears during the process by having firearms nearby.

    Disregard Your Skeptical Neighbors

    Fool your neighbors by continuously shouting, “Wow, this fireworks movie is amazing!” (A fireworks movie is any movie that includes scenes with fireworks in it or someone yelling.) If they’re not properly deceived and come banging on your door, don’t worry. They’re just excited and want in on the fun. But you’re going to have to let them down easy. Tell them, “Maybe next year we can celebrate together, but it’s too dangerous this year to be so close together because of coronavirus. Safety is key.” They’ll be disappointed, but will understand.

    Get Your Slurping Lips Ready to Suck Out the Ash From Little Crevices That You Forgot to Cover with Plastic

    You idiot, how could you forget to cover up the router with plastic? It’s filled with little holes and ports. Unfortunately, the only way to get the ash out of it is by bending over, pressing your lips against the router, and slurping out some ash. On the plus side, isolation is lonely and this allows you to practice kissing. Who knows? The router might even end up being your boyfriend/girlfriend for the duration of quarantine.

    Order The Right Audio Equipment

    Of course, you’ll be broadcasting this out to the world. Make sure your microphone comes with a dual-layered wind pop screen with a flexible 360° gooseneck clip stabilizing arm so you can simultaneously set off your roman candles while taking a bite out of your cheeseburger while narrating the entire experience on the first of episode of your new podcast, Quarantine Fireworks: The Podcast.

    When Finished, Immediately Head To Your Nearest Reopened Applebees And Brag To The Wait Staff About Your Fireworks Display

    What good is an indoor fireworks display if you can’t tell people about it? Take your uncle and router out, order the pepper-crusted sirloin and once you’re finished bragging, ask if they know of anyone looking for a new roommate.

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