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    buffalo shooting live stream footage reddit


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get buffalo shooting live stream footage reddit from EN Bilgi.

    Twitch deletes shooter’s live

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    Twitch deletes shooter’s live-stream video of Buffalo mass shooting

    Social Media Posted by u/Cascading_Neurons 6 hours ago

    Twitch deletes shooter’s live-stream video of Buffalo mass shooting

    Social Media

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    level 1 jackalsclaw · 5 hr. ago

    Just to be clear: Twitch deletes blockes public access to shooter’s live-stream video of Buffalo mass shooting

    Police are going to want a copy as evidence obviously, so they will keep a copy. Also might keep a copy for 7 years in case they get sued or something.

    202 level 2 d33psix · 5 hr. ago

    Right was gonna ask this specifically haha.

    29 level 2 ImPattMan · 4 hr. ago

    No statute of limitation on murder. But anything Twitch might be directly culpable of probably does I'd guess.

    Either way, I'm sure that's going in a vault, and won't ever be deleted.


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    level 2 S-P-R-H · 4 hr. ago

    I'm sure someone saved the video before it was taken down, and it now floats on backpages and across the dark web. At some point in the future there is a strong possibility the video will resurface.

    2 level 2 thorndqueen · 4 hr. ago

    can someone FOIA to get that information?


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    level 1 PabstyLoudmouth · 5 hr. ago

    Well I would hope so.

    46 level 2


    · 5 hr. ago

    yeah. kind of a no brainer

    26 level 1 ThisTimeAmIRight · 5 hr. ago

    Well that's decent of them.

    19 level 1 Bluedock2 · 5 hr. ago

    I mean once something goes up these days, kind of hard to erase it's hard to believe some clips aren't out there.

    Unfortunate events for the souls who lost their lives. Stay sane out there guys.

    15 level 2 beartato327 · 4 hr. ago

    Under that new Texas law wouldn't this be illegal for twitch to do?


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    level 2

    Comment removed by moderator

    · 4 hr. ago level 2

    Comment removed by moderator

    · 4 hr. ago level 1 xbftw · 4 hr. ago

    Thankfully the stream was taken down less than 2 minutes after the violence started.

    6 level 1 Benoit_In_Heaven · 5 hr. ago

    Well, they just broke Texas law.

    44 level 2 HotpieTargaryen · 5 hr. ago

    I don’t know how they are going to enforce that law. At some point Texas may just lose access to internet content providers like Russia.


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    level 2 R_Meyer1 · 4 hr. ago

    The Texas governor has broken many laws.


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    level 1 DatsunDom · 4 hr. ago

    I would argue that it should be viewed. In today's world of disinformation, I could easily see this argued as not racially motivated. That apology given to a white man at the end of the video is inarguable evidence.

    5 level 1 Wowbagger_Ultrajax · 5 hr. ago

    It’s interesting that Twitch said he’s only indefinitely suspended. Like he might possibly get that account back eventually once the mass murder thing blows over.

    21 level 2 Ares1935 · 5 hr. ago

    indefinitely generally means permanently.

    temporarily suspended would suggest reactivation


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    level 2 LinusLad · 5 hr. ago

    Twitch doesn’t give out permanent bans, only indefinite suspensions. Means he can appeal the ban but it’ll get rejected.

    22 level 2 Perle1234 · 5 hr. ago

    I doubt it. I think that means there is no end to the suspension. Buuuut I am not infrequently wrong.

    5 level 2 BellEpoch · 5 hr. ago

    Dudes gonna be back before Doc.

    9 level 2 9-11GaveMe5G · 4 hr. ago

    Like others said, it's just their terminology

    1 level 1 fizz0o_2pointoh · 5 hr. ago

    Twitch also felt they should mention that he "has been permanently suspended from the platform."

    2 level 1

    Comment removed by moderator

    · 4 hr. ago level 1 Jjayguy23 · 5 hr. ago Fix it Jesus. 2 level 1

    Comment removed by moderator

    · 5 hr. ago level 1 ParadiseValleyFiend · 4 hr. ago

    That's probably a good thing. Not that spreading awareness would be bad but there are plenty of insane right wingers who would be watching it and taking inspiration.

    -1 level 2 Fuxurmother91 · 4 hr. ago level 1

    Comment removed by moderator

    · 5 hr. ago level 1 Disig · 5 hr. ago level 1 N4cer26 · 4 hr. ago

    This is so heart breaking. It was a racially motivated attack unfortunately. Why, just why? I’m glad they took this guy alive, that way he will rot in prison for the rest of his life and have “fun” with all of the inmates.

    Source : www.reddit.com

    The Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect posted an apparent manifesto repeatedly citing 'Great Replacement' theory

    A manifesto claiming to be written by the suspect in a mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that killed 10 laid out specific plans to attack Black people and

    U.S. NEWS

    The Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect posted an apparent manifesto repeatedly citing 'Great Replacement' theory

    The manifesto includes dozens of pages of antisemitic and racist memes, repeatedly citing the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory frequently pushed by white supremacists.

    May 15, 2022, 3:41 AM UTC

    By Ben Collins

    A manifesto claiming to be written by the suspect in a mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that killed 10 laid out specific plans to attack Black people and repeatedly cited the “Great Replacement" Theory, the false idea that a cabal is attempting to replace white Americans with non-white people through immigration, interracial marriage and eventually violence.

    The manifesto, which claims to be written by 18-year-old Payton Gendron, included a shared birth date and biographical details with the suspect in custody. The PDF was originally posted to Google Docs at 8:55 p.m. Thursday, two days before the shooting, according to file data accessed by NBC News.

    Gendron, of Conklin, New York, was arraigned Saturday evening in Buffalo City Court on one count of murder in the first degree, the Erie County District Attorney’s Office said.

    He was remanded without bail and a felony hearing was scheduled for Thursday morning, according to the office.

    The manifesto, which was not modified since it was posted on Thursday, includes elaborate details of a planned shooting. The document claims the suspect chose Buffalo because it was the city with the highest number of Black people in his vicinity.

    Eleven of the 13 people shot at the Tops Friendly Market are Black, police said.

    A senior law enforcement official told NBC News that authorities were working to verify the document’s authenticity.

    “We are aware of the manifesto allegedly written by the suspect and we’re working to definitively confirm that he is the author,” the law enforcement official said.

    The manifesto includes dozens of pages antisemitic and racist memes, repeatedly citing the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory frequently pushed by white supremacists, which falsely alleges white people are being “replaced” in America as part of an elaborate Jewish conspiracy theory. Other memes use tropes and discredited data to denigrate the intelligence of non-white people.

    Breaking news emails

    Be the first to know about breaking news and other NBC News reports.

    In the manifesto, Gendron claims that he was radicalized on 4chan while he was “bored” at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

    The document also claims “critical race theory,” a recent right-wing talking point that has come to generally encompass teaching about race in school, is part of a Jewish plot, and a reason to justify mass killings of Jews.



    Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial memes could have ‘a chilling effect’ on victims of domestic abuse, expert says

    In the manifesto, Gendron repeatedly cites Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist mass shooter who killed 51 people and injured 40 others in a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque in 2019. Like Gendron, Tarrant livestreamed his attack. Tarrant told investigators he was also a frequent visitor to 4chan.

    The theory has been cited by several mass shooters since 2018, including Robert Bowers who is charged with killing 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2018, Patrick Crusius who allegedly killed 23 people in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart and John Earnest killed one and injured three others at a Poway, California, synagogue in 2019.

    “Great Replacement" theory has recently received support from traditional power centers of the American right. According to an AP-NORC poll released this week, 1 in 3 U.S. adults believe there is an ongoing effort “to replace U.S.-born Americans with immigrants for electoral gains.”

    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has repeatedly pushed “replacement” rhetoric on his show. “I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest for the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World,” Carlson said in April of 2021.

    Gendron’s attack was livestreamed. Some users of the website 4chan discussed the attack, and at least one archived the video in real-time, releasing photos of dead civilians inside the supermarket over the course of Saturday afternoon.

    One video clip from the livestream permeated on extremist sites in the hours after the attack, featuring Gendron’s last two minutes driving to the supermarket, and cutting off as he exits the vehicle outside of the supermarket.

    In the document, the suspect said he planned to post his manifesto and links to his livestream to 4chan, an 8chan knockoff website, and servers he frequented on the chat service Discord, in part to see if his livestream was working.

    Ben Collins

    Ben Collins covers disinformation, extremism and the internet for NBC News.

    Michael Kosnar contributed.


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    Source : www.nbcnews.com

    Twitch: Video of Buffalo Shooting Livestreamed by Gunman Was Deleted – The Hollywood Reporter

    After the Buffalo shooting that left 10 people dead, Twitch said it has a "zero-tolerance policy against violence of any kind."

    Twitch Says It’s Deleted Livestreamed Video of Mass Shooting Posted by Gunman

    After the Buffalo shooting that left 10 people dead, the livestream service said it has a "zero-tolerance policy against violence of any kind."

    MAY 14, 2022 6:19PM

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    Buffalo Police on scene at a Tops Friendly Market on May 14, 2022 in Buffalo, New York. JOHN NORMILE/GETTY IMAGES

    Livestream service Twitch has deleted video posted by an 18-year-old who authorities say opened fire with a rifle Saturday at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 people and wounding three others.

    A representative for Twitch told The Hollywood Reporter that the company removed the livestream less than two minutes after the shooting began at the Tops Friendly Market.

    “We are devastated to hear about the shooting that took place this afternoon in Buffalo, New York,” read a statement from Twitch. “Our hearts go out to the community impacted by this tragedy. Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy against violence of any kind and works swiftly to respond to all incidents. The user has been indefinitely suspended from our service, and we are taking all appropriate action, including monitoring for any accounts rebroadcasting this content.”

    Twitch’s team continues to use both proactive detection and human review to monitor the platform for any restreams, in addition to coordinating with law enforcement as needed. The company has yet to find any video-on-demand footage from the shooting.

    The white 18-year-old male suspect, who was heavily armed, eventually surrendered and was later identified as Payton Gendron, a resident of Conklin, New York, an area 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, according to law enforcement officials.

    Eleven of the victims were Black and two were white, per police, with Erie County Sheriff John Garcia referring to the incident as a “racially motivated hate crime.”

    Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told the media that the incident is “the worst nightmare that any community can face, and we are hurting and we are seething right now.”

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