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    better call saul season 6 episode 6 release date


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    Better Call Saul (season 6)

    (season 6)

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    Promotional poster Starring Bob Odenkirk Jonathan Banks Rhea Seehorn Patrick Fabian Michael Mando Tony Dalton Giancarlo Esposito

    Country of origin United States

    No. of episodes 5 Release

    Original network AMC

    Original release April 18, 2022 –

    present Season chronology ← Previous Season 5 List of episodes

    The sixth and final season of the AMC television series premiered on April 18, 2022, in the United States, and will consist of 13 episodes split into two parts. The second half of the season will premiere on July 11, 2022. The season is also streamed on AMC+ in the U.S. and Canada and on Netflix internationally.

    is a spin-off prequel of created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman), Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut), Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler), Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin), Michael Mando (Nacho Varga), Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca), and Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring) reprise their roles from previous seasons. The season mainly takes place in 2004, four years before the events of .


    1 Cast and characters

    1.1 Main 1.2 Recurring 1.3 Guests 2 Production 2.1 Development 2.2 Writing 2.3 Casting 2.4 Filming

    2.4.1 COVID-19 delays

    2.4.2 Odenkirk's on-set collapse

    2.4.3 Averted IATSE strike

    3 Episodes 4 Broadcast 5 Reception

    5.1 Critical response

    5.2 Ratings 6 Related media 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 7 References 8 External links

    Cast and characters[edit]

    Main article: List of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul characters

    Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman), Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut), and Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler)

    Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin) and Michael Mando (Nacho Varga)

    Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca) and Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring)


    Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman, a criminal defense attorney practicing under the name Saul Goodman, and Kim Wexler's husband. In the present, he manages a Cinnabon store in Omaha under the alias Gene Takavic.[1]

    Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut, a fixer in Gus Fring's criminal enterprise.[2]

    Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, a lawyer and Jimmy's wife and confidante.[3]

    Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin, managing partner of the Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill law firm.[4]

    Michael Mando as Nacho Varga, a lieutenant in the Salamanca organization who oversees daily operations in Albuquerque.[5]

    Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca, acting head of the Salamanca family, drug dealers and enforcers for Don Eladio's Juárez Cartel.[4]

    Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring, an Albuquerque narcotics distributor for the Juárez Cartel who uses his fried chicken chain Los Pollos Hermanos as a front.[4]


    Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca, a once brutal drug dealer and cartel enforcer who suffered a stroke and is unable to walk or speak.[6]

    Daniel and Luis Moncada as Leonel and Marco Salamanca, twin hitmen for the Juárez Cartel.[6]

    Ed Begley Jr. as Clifford Main, founding partner of Davis & Main Attorneys at Law.[6]

    Ray Campbell as Tyrus Kitt, one of Gus's henchmen.[6]

    Javier Grajeda as Juan Bolsa, a Juarez drug cartel underboss.

    Jeremiah Bitsui as Victor, one of Gus's henchmen.

    Jessie Ennis as Erin Brill, a lawyer at Davis & Main.

    Tina Parker as Francesca Liddy, Saul's secretary.


    Julie Ann Emery as Betsy Kettleman and Jeremy Shamos as Craig Kettleman, a married couple whom Jimmy, and later Kim represented during an embezzlement case, and who attempted to extort Jimmy. Since Craig's release from prison they have operated a shady tax preparation service.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    Here's Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 6 Release Date

    Wondering about Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 6 Release Date? Better Call Saul is a spin-off to the popular American crime drama television series Breaking Bad. The sixth and final season of the show, with 13 episodes, began on April 18, 2022. Here's everything you need to know about…

    When Is ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Episode 6 Releasing? Read Details Below


    Updated On May 10, 2022

    Source : www.shethepeople.tv

    Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6 preview, release date and where to watch online

    This article contains predictions for Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6. Better Call Saul season 6 is fun, with plenty more to come. With Howard

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    Next Time On… Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6

    May 10, 2022 Daniel Hart 0

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    This article contains predictions for Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6.

    Better Call Saul season 6 is fun, with plenty more to come. With Howard figuring out what Jimmy and Kim are doing to him and Lalo still laying low, episode 5 was an enjoyable chapter. This is where we are up to after episode 5:

    Episode 5 of season 6 opens with Kim restless in bed — she gets out of bed and puts a chair against the front door. Mike has clearly spooked her due to the surveillance to look for Lalo. Jimmy wakes up and joins Kim on the couch — he “thanks god” that Lalo is dead.

    Gus inspects one of his fried chicken restaurants and serves one of the customers. But suddenly, Gus zones out; his paranoid nature gets the better of him as he scopes outside.

    Howard leads a class action suit with Cliff Maine with his usual showmanship. After a meeting, Cliff confronts Howard about the time he saw him throw a prostitute out on the street. Howard is in disbelief but then links a timeline of recent events with Cliff. Howard then learns Cliff recently met Kim, and something dawns on him — this is all Jimmy.

    Jimmy has an appointment with a potential client named Mr. Ward. However, when he meets the man, it’s Howard. Howard tells Jimmy he’s tired of being enemies and offers him a boxing match in the ring. He makes it known that he knows Jimmy and Kim have plotted against him. Howard laughs it off, but then he decides to put some gloves on.

    The men spar it out, throwing big hits on each other, but Jimmy is defeated. Howard tells Jimmy that he wants this to be the end, but he’s not confident that it will be. After the spar session, Howard talks to a private investigator — he’s got someone spying on Jimmy. When Jimmy gets home, Kim tells him, “you know what’s coming next.”

    Mike shows Gus the progress of his underground meth laboratory.

    Finally, we see Lalo enjoying a high-end bar and calling himself Ben. He introduces himself to a woman named Margarethe, who turns out to be Werner’s wife, the man who worked on Gus’s laboratory. The woman talks about the death of her husband and that his work was top secret — she calls him a hero.

    When Margarethe leaves her house for work the next day, Lalo breaks in. He searches in the study room, but then Margarethe returns home — she forgot her phone. Suspecting someone is in her house, Margarethe silently walks upstairs. Lalo notices an ornament with a measurement tool encased that used to belong to Werner. When Margarethe enters the study room, Lalo is already gone.

    Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6 release date

    The next episode will premiere on AMC on May 16, 2022.

    Where to watch online

    Viewers can catch Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6 on AMC on the date mentioned above. Viewers worldwide can expect episode 6 to be available on Netflix on May 17.

    Predictions and questions

    How will Gus sniff out Lalo? Or will there be a violent confrontation?

    Will Lalo find the lab that Gus is building? We predict he will, but Gus will have a plan when he does.

    Howard now has a private investigator on Jimmy. Will this lead to Howard getting caught up in Lalo in the long term? Howard’s downfall may come from an unexpected storyline.

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