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    best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain


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    get best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain from EN Bilgi.

    8 of the best mattresses for side sleepers 2022

    Some mattresses may improve back pain by supporting alignment and reducing pressure on the shoulders, back, and hips. See some options for side sleepers here.

    Best mattresses for back pain in side sleepers 2022

    Medically reviewed by Gregory Minnis, DPT, Physical Therapy — Written by Jessica Caporuscio, Pharm.D. — Updated on March 15, 2022

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    The right mattress for a side sleeper with back pain may depend on the type and location of the pain.

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    Best mattress for side sleepers to relieve hip and shoulder pressure: Helix Midnight MattressBest cooling mattress for side sleepers with back pain: Serta iComfort CF 4000 (with cooling and comort upgrade)Best mattress for side and back sleepers with back pain: Winkbeds GravityLuxBest latex mattress for side sleepers with back pain: Birch Natural Mattress

    Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

    How does side sleeping affect sleep?

    People usually sleep on their sides, fronts, backs, or a combination of all three. There are both benefits and disadvantages to side sleeping, and the following sections outline these in more detail.

    Benefits of side sleeping

    Individuals may find that sleeping on their sides reduces snoring. Some research

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    suggests that people, especially those with obesity or excess weight, are more likely to snore while sleeping on their backs than in any other position.

    Additionally, pregnant individuals may find it more comfortable to sleep on their sides. Sleeping on the side can also reduce the risk of stillbirth. The National Health Service (NHS) states that sleeping on the back after 28 weeks can double the risk of stillbirth and that sleeping on the side is the safest position during pregnancy.

    Disadvantages of side sleeping

    One of the disadvantages of side sleeping is that it can lead to sleep wrinkles. One 2016 literature review suggests that sleeping on the side or front can lead to compression and stress to the face, which may increase the appearance of wrinkles. The researchers note that sleeping on the back may reduce compression and stress to the face.

    Also, some older research

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    suggests that side sleeping may worsen shoulder pain. The author suggests that shoulder pain may be due to people spending longer periods of time sleeping on their sides. There is also increased pressure on the hips while sleeping on the side, and this can worsen discomfort in that area without proper support.

    What types of mattresses are best for side sleepers?

    Generally, mattresses that support spinal alignment relieve pressure on the back and joints and may alleviate back pain for some people. There isn’t any conclusive research around mattress firmness and side sleeping. However, weight may play a role in the level of support you need in a mattress. If you’re under 130 pounds, you can get away with a softer mattress, and if you’re over 230 pounds, you may require a firmer mattress.

    During sleep, the main force affecting the back is gravity. Because of this, sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or hard or that does not support the alignment of the spine may put pressure on the joints. This can cause or worsen back pain and affect overall sleep quality for some people.

    A person should purchase a mattress that keeps their spine in a neutral position and contour around pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders. Additionally, people should feel comfortable in every sleeping position.

    People often believe that firm mattresses are good for back pain, but an older study from 2003

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    challenges this belief. The authors write that participants who slept on medium-firm mattresses experienced less pain and disability.

    Another older study from 2008

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    suggests that people who sleep on waterbeds or memory foam mattresses may have improved sleep and back symptoms compared with those who sleep on hard mattresses. However, the authors note that the differences between all three mattress types seem to be small.

    A more recent 2014 review

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    of all research on mattress firmness and back pain to date found that there is not enough conclusive evidence to make a definitive guideline around the best mattress firmness for back pain. So, it comes down to what makes you feel most supported and the spine neutral.

    How to choose a mattress

    Before purchasing a mattress, people may wish to consider the following factors:

    Firmness: Medium-firm mattresses are usually suitable for all sleeping positions. However, the sensation of firmness is subjective, and a person should choose a mattress that best supports their body.Materials: Memory foam mattresses may provide extra pressure relief, while hybrid mattresses may offer cooler sleep.

    Source : www.medicalnewstoday.com

    Best Mattresses For Back Pain (July 2022)

    For those who suffer from back pain, proper spine support is most important during sleep. Our best mattress for back pain guide can help.

    Sleep Advisor » Best Mattress » Best Mattress For Lower & Upper Back Pain – 2022 Reviews

    Best Mattress For Lower & Upper Back Pain – 2022 Reviews

    Last Updated On June 27, 2022

    Written by Jill Zwarensteyn

    Transparency Disclosure – We may receive a referral fee for products purchased through the links on our site... Read More.

    Purchasing a top-quality mattress for back pain is essential for your health and well-being, but with so many options available, it can be a challenge to know which product will provide you with the best relief while you sleep.

    In recent years, more consumers have been able to purchase mattresses directly from companies online. Cutting out the middle-man, like retail stores, creates an opportunity to save costs and make higher-quality products affordable and accessible to more people.

    10 Best Mattresses for Back Pain

    Winkbed – Editor’s Pick

    Helix – Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers with Back Pain

    DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid – Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain

    Nectar – Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain

    Saatva – Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

    Nolah – Best Cooling Mattress for Back Pain

    Leesa – Best Soft Mattress for Back Pain

    Casper – Best Mattress for Back Sleepers with Back Pain

    Bear Hybrid – Best Mattress for the Money

    Layla – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain

    Which category best suit your needs?

    We want to help you find the best product for your needs.

    Click on your preferred option below and it'll lead you to our picks for a selected category.

    Editor’s Pick BEST for

    Combination Sleepers

    BEST HYBRID for Back Pain BEST for Stomach Sleepers BEST MEMORY FOAM for Back Pain

    Persistent back pain can wreak havoc on a person’s life, and that includes affecting sleep. Investing in a quality mattress, however, could help ease your back pain and allow you to rest better.

    We've narrowed down what we believe to be the best mattresses to help with back pain and feel confident you'll find something that gives you the level of support you're looking for.

    Shopping Recommendation:

    Are you confident that a mattress for back pain is the perfect option for you? If so, continue exploring this page!

    If you're unsure or want to learn about more great mattress options available then we recommend you check out our highest-rated bed picks. It is a great starting place for most mattress shoppers because it includes a diverse list of mattress picks based on various preferences, styles, and needs. It also includes links to an additional 60+ best mattress pages from Sleep Advisor (example: best mattress for stomach sleepers).

    Our Top 10 Mattresses for Back Pain Reviewed

    Editor’s Pick



    Foam and innerspring hybrid mattress

    Great for side, stomach, and back sleepers

    Softer, luxury firm, firm, and plus options

    120-Night Trial Lifetime Warranty


    The WinkBed is a luxury mattress engineered specifically for restorative sleep to help you wake up rested and refreshed. The hybrid design merges the best features of foam and innerspring beds into one dynamic mattress. Experience the plush comforting rest of foam combined with the deep support of coils.

    Why is it special?

    The specialty Euro-pillow top surface is made to provide advanced pressure point relief for all sleep positions. WinkBed’s coil unit incorporates multiple support zones, designed to push back when met with additional pressure. The lumbar support pad offers an extra layer of support for your lower back to target pain at its source.

    The WinkBed is handcrafted-to-order, using innovative and eco-friendly, American-sourced materials. With extra features like a cooling Tencel cover, Sleepcalm™ motion isolation, and a durability system to prevent sagging, this mattress has it all.

    Need more information? Check out our review for Winkbeds.

    Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers with Back Pain

    Helix Dusk

    HIGHLIGHTS: Hybrid Mattress

    Best for Back, Stomach, and Combination Sleepers

    Firmness Level: 5-6/10

    100-Night Trial 10-Year Warranty


    The Helix Dusk is a hybrid mattress that should work well for combination sleepers with back pain. Back pain can prevent you from falling asleep or wake you up in the middle of the night, so you need a mattress that eases the pain for a more comfortable sleep.

    The Helix Dusk is good for stomach and back sleepers, but side sleepers may prefer a softer bed. Combo sleepers who sometimes sleep on their side shouldn’t struggle with pressure build-up. The mattress has two foam layers on top of hundreds of individual coils to hug the body while providing sufficient support to keep the spine aligned.

    Why did it make our list:

    Helix Dusk has a reinforced perimeter for improved edge support, allowing sleepers to spread out and use the entire surface of the bed.

    Source : www.sleepadvisor.org

    Best Mattress For Back Pain (July 2022)

    Looking for the best mattress for back pain? Our roundup will help, no matter if you want a foam, hybrid, or innerspring bed.

    Best Mattress for Back Pain

    by Logan Block | Updated: June 14, 2022

    Expert Verified By: Dr. Keith Poorbaugh

    If you struggle with upper or lower back pain, finding the right mattress can be a challenge. Sleepers come in all shapes and sizes, and beds that promise deep pressure relief often don’t deliver. That’s why, when putting together my list of the best mattresses for back pain, I made sure I chose a wide variety. These beds run the gamut from affordable to luxurious, from firm to soft, and are sure to give you plenty of options to mull over while you make your decision.

    The Best Mattresses for Back Pain

    Editor’s Pick – WinkBed

    Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers with Back Pain – Helix Dusk

    Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain – Nectar

    Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain – DreamCloud

    Best Cooling Mattress for Back Pain – Nolah Evolution

    Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain – Layla

    Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – Saatva

    Best Mattress for Shoulder and Back Pain – Leesa Legend

    Best Cheap Mattress for Back Pain – Brooklyn Bedding Signature

    Best Mattress for Back Sleepers with Back Pain – Casper

    Disclaimer: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t take the place of advice or treatment from your physician or medical professional. This review is meant to be an informative guide for those looking to maintain healthy posture while they sleep. User experiences and needs will vary. If you experience lasting pain, soreness, or discomfort while sleeping, it’s always a good idea to seek out a healthcare professional in person.

    Our Methodology

    We’ve reviewed more than 220 products in our mattress lab, running each one through tests such as pressure-mapping and measuring motion transfer with a seismometer. From there, we give every bed an overall score based on materials, comfort, support, cooling, and edge support. We also factor in brand performance with categories such as value and warranty.

    Any mattress that’s going to combat back pain will need to have a substantial amount of support, so we aimed to pick beds that scored high in that category. Out of the 10 products included here, eight of them scored a 4 out of 5 or higher on support, with WinkBeds, Saatva, and DreamCloud all scoring a perfect 5. Click here to learn more about our methodology.

    Of course, for a topic like back pain, we don’t want to rely solely on our own opinions and tests. I also chatted with physical therapist and Sleepopolis Expert Network member Dr. Keith Poorbaugh to get his tips for catching quality Zzz’s while dealing with chronic back pain and to learn what kinds of mattresses can aid in this process the most. You can find our conversation (as well as some additional research) at the end of this guide.

    Editor’s Pick – WinkBed

    Editor's Pick

    WinkBed Mattress

    The WinkBed is a hybrid mattress that comes in three firmness levels, so most sleepers should find a model that suits their needs. It could also be a good fit for couples, thanks to reinforced edge support.

    Sleepopolis Score 4.6/5

    Read WinkBed Mattress Review


    Get $300 off any mattress size

    Fourth of July Sale!




    Multiple firmness options

    Trial Period

    120 nights


    Lifetime warranty

    Shipping Method

    Free shipping

    Price Range


    We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

    Hot Sleepers

    If you often overheat while you sleep, this mattress should help you stay cool.

    Back Pain

    This bed is perfect for anyone suffering from back pain.

    Back Sleeping

    Ideal for lightweight and average weight back sleepers.

    Stomach Sleeping

    Ideal for average weight stomach sleepers.


    Financing options are available for this mattress.


    Average Customer Rating


    Watch Our Video Review

    Those who want one of the best online mattresses and a firm, bouncy bed should consider the WinkBed. This hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress features a sturdy feel that’s great for anyone on the hunt for a firm mattress. Plus, it has zoned support to help promote healthy spinal alignment. Basically, the mattress is firmer around the hips (to ensure they stay elevated and aligned with the spine) and softer around the shoulders (to allow for some body-contouring and pressure relief).


    The WinkBed comes in three different firmness levels: Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm. The Firm model should be the most adept at preventing back pain.

    The brand also makes a Plus version specifically designed to support heavier sleepers.

    Back and stomach sleepers alike should be very comfortable on the WinkBed.


    Hybrid beds tend to not isolate motion as well as all-foam mattresses, and the WinkBed is no different. It’s something to keep in mind if you share the bed with someone and one or both of you wake up easily.

    Could the WinkBed ease your back pain? Learn more in our full WinkBeds mattress review. Not sure if this is the one for you? Check out our other top picks for best firm mattresses.

    Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers with Back Pain – Helix Dusk

    Source : sleepopolis.com

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