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    best hospital for head and neck cancer treatment


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    get best hospital for head and neck cancer treatment from EN Bilgi.

    Head & Neck Oncology Cost in Istanbul & Best Hospitals for Head & Neck Oncology in Istanbul

    About Head & Neck Oncology

    Head and Neck oncology is very broad term. This basically refers to the treatment of various types cancers in  and around neck and head region. This also includes various types of treatments and techniques being used for treating the cancers.

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    Average Head & Neck Oncology Cost

    India Starting from $2800

    Why choose hospitals in Istanbul?

    Istanbul is one of the most developed cities in Turkey that has an advanced healthcare infrastructure. Every year, numerous patients from abroad, from the USA, the Middle East, and Europe, travel to Istanbul for a medical procedure. 

    The fame is primarily attributed to the high-tech facilities at the top hospitals in Istanbul, renowned doctors, affordable cost of treatment, and warm hospitality. There are many JCI accredited hospitals in Istanbul and several are linked to University and research centers. Patients can be assured of the high quality of clinical care and superior standards of patient services.

    In addition to the world-class hospitals, Istanbul has a variety of options for accommodation, ranging from budget-friendly guest houses to luxury resorts. Many medical travelers plan their treatment in Turkey to combine holiday and local sight-seeing.

    Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich cultural and historical background. There are many tourist attractions, both natural and cultural to see around Istanbul.

    What kinds of treatments and medical services are offered by Istanbul hospitals?

    The top hospitals in Istanbul offer a wide spectrum of healthcare services to patients across all major specialties, ranging from simple non-invasive procedures to complex surgeries.

    The integrated system at hospitals allows holistic and complete care of the patient with the best possible treatment plan. A multidisciplinary team of doctors is involved in the diagnosis as well as management of the medical condition.

    The medical tourists mostly prefer to travel to Istanbul for medical procedures related to:Cosmetic & Aesthetic surgery: This includes rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, facelift, and many others

    Gynecology and IVF treatment

    Hair Transplant: FUE and FUT techniques

    Dermatological treatments for acne, dermatitis, fungal infection, skin cancer, eczema, herpes, warts, or cold sores

    Dental tourism in Turkey includes treatment with dental implants, tooth crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and dental surgeries

    Cardiology & heart care, including conventional open-heart surgery such as cardiac bypass, valve replacement; advanced procedures such as TAVI/TAVR; pediatric cardiology with ASD/VSD closure, PDA, TOF, and more

    Laser eye operations

    Cochlear implant

    Bone marrow transplant

    Orthopedic treatments and surgeries

    Cancer care with surgical, medical, and radiation oncology

    Are the best hospital in Istanbul good enough for international patients?

    The top hospitals in Istanbul are nationally and internationally accredited centers that are reputed worldwide for their standard of care. These hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and instruments to improve the success rate and post-operative experience of the patient.

    They have a dedicated department for international patient services to ensure proper care and comfort of the patients traveling from other countries.

    The hospitals offer a wide range of services including:

    Teleconsultation with the experts

    Cost estimate

    Airport pickup and drop off

    Language translators

    Multiple payment options

    Aid in visa processing

    Personalized assistance after arrival

    Accommodation arrangements

    Local sightseeing

    To book an appointment at the best hospital in Turkey Istanbul, share your query with us at [email protected].

    Which are the top 10 hospitals in Istanbul?

    Here is the list of the top 10 hospitals in Istanbul:

    Medicana Hospital Istanbul

    Anadolu Medical Center Hospital

    Medicana Camlica Hospital

    Medical Park International Hospital, Istanbul

    Medipol University Hospital

    Liv Hospitals Ulus, Istanbul

    Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital

    Istinye University Hospital Liv Hospital Bahçeşehir

    Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

    Bayindir Healthcare Group

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    VM Medical Park Florya Hospital

    Istanbul, Turkey - 0 / 5 - (0 Reviews)

    VM Medical Park Florya Hospital is a highly reputed medical facility and University hospital in Istanbul. It is an establishment of Turkey largest group of hospitals, MLP Care Group (JCI), together with Liv Hospital and VM Medical Park Istanbul Aydin University VM Medical Park Florya Hospital is one of the top-quality and most preferred foundation universities in the Turkey. The facility offers clinical service in Florya, Istanbul, across various branches of medicine and surgery, ranging from Cardiology, General Surgery and Neurosurgery to Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and many more. It is amongst the most modern university hospitals in Istanbul, with a capacity of 300 in-patients beds, 92 outpatient clinics,13 operating theatres.

    Source : www.lyfboat.com

    Throat Cancer

    Find in-depth information about cancer of the throat and how Memorial Sloan Kettering’s doctors can help.

    Throat Cancer

    More About Throat Cancer


    MSK’s team of experts, including radiation oncologist Nancy Lee, helps people with throat cancer choose the best treatment for their individual needs.

    Throat cancer is a form of head and neck cancer. It usually starts in the throat (pharynx), the voice box (larynx), the vocal cords, or the tonsils.

    The symptoms of throat cancer vary based on the location of the tumor. They can include ear pain, neck pain, or a sore throat.

    Throat Cancer Doctors, Surgeons & Experts

    Our team of surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and other specialists provides personalized care for people with throat cancer.

    Learn more

    Causes of Throat Cancer

    Like mouth cancer, cancer of the throat is often associated with tobacco and alcohol use. But in recent years, infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) has emerged as a major cause of tonsil cancer and other cancers of the oropharynx. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 70 percent of the oropharyngeal cancer diagnosed in the United States is linked to HPV.

    Learn more about throat cancer risk factors.

    Treatments for Throat Cancer

    Throat cancer treatments may include head and neck surgery, radiation therapy, drug therapy, or a combination of these. Which approach is right for you depends on many factors. These include the size and location of the tumor, whether the tumor is linked to HPV infection, and your own personal preferences.

    Memorial Sloan Kettering is a leading center for the treatment of throat cancer. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks us as a top hospital in the nation for head and neck care.

    Quick Facts about Throat Cancer

    Throat cancer operations are best performed by doctors who are board certified in head and neck surgery. At MSK, the primary goal of throat cancer surgery is to cure the cancer while preserving your appearance and the functions of your throat.

    Radiation therapy is another important aspect of throat cancer care. Often radiation and chemotherapy are given in combination. This is called chemoradiation. They boost the effectiveness of treatment and achieve better outcomes when used together. MSK’s radiation oncologists have special training in caring for people with cancers of the throat.

    Knowing the HPV status of a throat tumor is very important. Many times people with HPV-positive throat cancer can receive less-intensive treatment. MSK’s throat cancer specialists are pioneering new treatment approaches that can lead to better long-term outcomes. Learn more about treatment for HPV-positive throat cancer.

    People with advanced throat cancer may benefit from cutting-edge therapies, such as immunotherapy or targeted therapy. These are often offered through clinical trials. MSK runs one of the largest head and neck cancer clinical trial programs in the United States.

    Side effects of throat cancer and its treatment can include problems with swallowing and speech. Having experts in rehabilitation, speech pathology, and more is an essential part of MSK’s holistic approach to throat cancer care. Learn more about our speech and swallowing experts.

    Tobacco and alcohol use are major risk factors for throat cancer. MSK offers a tobacco cessation program that has helped thousands of people quit.

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    Larry’s Story

    Jose’s Story about Laryngeal Cancer

    Q & A: MSK Leads the Way in Treating Head and Neck Cancers

    Source : www.mskcc.org

    Best Hospitals Ratings – The Oral Cancer Foundation

    Best Hospitals Ratings

    Using original survey data and secondary analyses of data from the American Hospital Association and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, this is an index of hospital quality updated on an annual basis. This index has three components designed to represent three key aspects of care-structure, process, and outcome. More than 900 hospitals are listed in Cancer. All are experienced in treating difficult cases—a hospital is listed only if at least 417 inpatients who needed a high level of expertise in this specialty were treated there, or if surveyed specialists recommended the hospital for such patients. The top 50 hospitals are ranked by score. Those below the top 50 are listed alphabetically.

    Best Hospitals

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