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    Cover of the first volume, featuring Dark Schneider (right) and Tia Noto Yoko (center)

    BASTARD!! -暗黒の破壊神- () Genre Dark fantasy[1] Post-apocalyptic[2]

    Sword and sorcery[3][4]


    Written by Kazushi Hagiwara

    Published by Shueisha

    English publisher NA Viz Media Imprint Jump Comics Magazine Demographic ,

    Original run March 14, 1988 – present[a]

    Volumes 27 (List of volumes)

    Original video animation

    Directed by Katsuhito Akiyama

    Produced by Tetsuo Daitoku Toru Miura

    Written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi

    Music by Kohei Tanaka

    Studio AIC Licensed by NA

    Pioneer Entertainment

    Released August 25, 1992 – June 25, 1993

    Runtime 30 minutes (each)

    Episodes 6 (List of episodes)

    Original net animation

    Directed by Takaharu Ozaki

    Written by Yōsuke Kuroda

    Music by Yasuharu Takanashi

    Studio Liden Films Licensed by Netflix

    Released June 30, 2022 – present

    Episodes 24 (List of episodes)

    (Japanese: BASTARD!! -暗黒の破壊神-, Hepburn: , lit. "Bastard!! The Dark God of Destruction") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kazushi Hagiwara. It began its serialization in Shueisha's in 1988, and has continued irregularly in since 2000, with its latest chapter released in 2010. Twenty-seven collected volumes have been released as of 2012. The manga was formerly licensed for English release in North America by Viz Media; only the first nineteen volumes were released.

    Hagiwara is an enthusiastic fan of heavy metal music and ,[5] using ideas from both of these in the story. Many characters and places in the story, for instance, are named after members of Hagiwara's favorite bands.

    The manga was adapted into a six-episode original video animation (OVA) series by AIC, released from 1992 to 1993. The OVA was released in North America by Pioneer in 1998. An original net animation (ONA) adaptation by Liden Films premiered worldwide on Netflix in June 2022.

    is one of Shueisha's best-selling manga series of all time, with over 30 million copies in circulation.


    1 Overview 2 Characters 3 Media 3.1 Manga 3.1.1 Volume list

    3.2 Original video animation

    3.3 Original net animation

    3.4 Video games 4 Reception 5 Notes 6 References 7 Further reading 8 External links


    In , the Kingdom of Metallicana is attacked by the Four Lords of Havoc. This prompts the high priest to ask his daughter to awaken Dark Schneider, a wizard and former leader of the Riders, from within the body of 14-year-old Luche Renren.

    's history is about sorcery, revenge, and other power struggles in a –like world. It is a dystopian world, where people need magic to survive against wild beasts, and evil monsters. There are four kingdoms, each one the protector of one of the four seals that keep the God of Destruction in stasis.

    While the first half of the manga follows most a theme similar to scenarios, it later also focuses on aspects such as beliefs, morals and religions.


    Dark Schneider (ダーク・シュナイダー, , aka Darsch, D・S)/Lushe Renren (ルーシェ・レンレン, , aka Lucien, Lushe)

    Voiced by: Kazuki Yao (Dark Schneider, OVA), Yuriko Fuchizaki (Lushe, OVA), Kishō Taniyama[6] (Dark Schneider, ONA), Kanae Itō[7] (Lushe, ONA) (Japanese); Daran Norris (Dark Schneider) and Brianne Siddall (Lushe) (English)

    Dark Schneider (noted to be named after Udo Dirkschneider) is the most powerful wizard in the series. Fifteen years prior to the story's beginning, he had an army of thousands of wizards and warriors, led by his adjutants "The Riders of Havoc" (consisting of Arshes Nei, Abigail, Gara, and Kall-Su.) He was defeated by Lars Ul Metallicana, the prince of the kingdom Metallicana. He escaped death however by using his dark arts to reincarnate himself into the form of a young child, Lushe Renren. Geo Soto Noto, the head priest of Metallicana then sealed Dark Schneider's spirit so it would not resurface in the young boy. After all-out war erupted to break the seals of Anthrax, the high-priest ordered that Dark Schneider be unleashed into the world once again to conquer it. Dark Schneider's main goal is to take over the world and "have all the women in the world". The early part of the story is mainly based on him getting his crew back, known as the "Riders of Havoc" or the "Four Heavenly Kings", as well as achieving the power he once had so he can begin his goal of world conquest yet again.

    After losing his battle against Anthrax (also called Anthrasax), who reveals himself to be an angel, Dark Schneider is cast into the depths of the upper levels of Hell and encounters Satan. Satan tells him that he is a major part of the end times prophecy, and will lead demons and mankind to war against God and his army. He also reveals that he is, in fact, Dark Schneider's "father", and thus deems Dark Schneider the "Anti-Christ" mentioned throughout The Bible. Dark Schneider, however, refuses to align himself with Hell and then is thrust into battle with the High Commander of Hell, Porno Diano. Four years later, he returns to Earth and fights alongside the Seraphim against the devil Konron (Conlon). His body is destroyed by Konron's Trelldor Spinning Fist attack, but his head survives.

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    Bastard!! (1988) / Characters

    A page for describing Characters: Bastard!! (1988). Here are the characters of this Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy saga. Dark Schneider and the Four Divine Kings …


    Characters / Bastard!! (1988)

    The cast of Bastard!! as seen on the 2022 ONA

    Here are the characters of this Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy saga.


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    Dark Schneider and the Four Divine Kings

    Dark Schneider

    "Thunder Empress" Arshes Nei

    "Ninja Master" Gara Advertisement:

    "Frost Wizard" Kall-Su

    “Prophet of the Underworld” Abigail

    Arshes Nei's Three Sorcerer Generals

    Sean Ari Kai Harn Advertisement: Di-amon

    The Kingdom of Meta-llicana/Meta-Ricana

    Tia Noto Yoko Luche/Lucien Renlen

    Princess Sheila Tuel Meta-llicana


    The Dark God of Destruction

    Anthrasax Advertisement:





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    BB Senshi Sangokuden

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    BASTARD!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- (ONA)

    Have you seen this? want to / seen some / seen all

    [ adapted from Bastard!! (manga) ]

    Alternative title:


    Bastard!! - L'oscuro dio distruttore (Italian)

    Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin (Japanese)

    BASTARD!! ―暗黒の破壊神― (Japanese)

    Themes: isekai

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    Plot Summary: Modern civilization and the world was destroyed by the God of Destruction, Anthrasax, in 7 days, and then is sealed. Hundreds of years later, the sorcerer Dark Schneider leads a group in an attempt to control the world. Dark Schneider, in the end, is sealed in the body of a young baby, Rushe Ren Ren. 15 years later, his group, minus Scheider, attempts the same mission by unsealing Anthrasax so they can redo the world. To save the Kingdom of Metallicana, a girl named Yoko releases Dark Schneider from her friend Rushe. Now, Dark Schneider fights his former comrades, but not for good; he fights to protect Yoko, and to have some destructive fun. (from manga)Number of episodes: 24Vintage: 2022-06-30 (episodes 1-13 streaming on Netflix worldwide)Opening Theme:

    "Bloody Power Fame" by coldrain

    Ending Theme:

    "Blessless" by Tielle

    Official website:

    Official Website


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    Japanese staff Japanese companies

    Director: Takaharu OzakiSeries Composition: Yousuke KurodaMusic: Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)Original creator: Kazushi HagiwaraCharacter Design: Sayaka OnoArt Director: Kazuhiro Inoue (Kusanagi)Sound Director: Yasunori EbinaDirector of Photography: Junpei TakatsuColor design: Aiko ShinoharaCreature Design: Raita SunagaEditing: Mai Hasegawa (editz)Effect Design: Tatsuo YamadaKey Animation:

    Hideo Amemiya (ep 12)

    Kazuhiko Abe (ep 3)

    Kyoko Sugiyama (ep 4)

    Mamiko Nakanishi (eps 1, 7-9, 13)

    Shinichi Iimura (ep 8)

    Shinichi Takahashi (eps 2, 4, 8)

    Takaaki Wada (eps 2, 7, 13)

    Special Effects: Ayumi ArahataSpecial Effects Supervisor: Kumiko TaniguchiTheme Song Performance:

    coldrain (OP1) Tielle (ED1)

    2nd Key Animation:

    A-Real (eps 4, 7) Actas (ep 12)

    Studio Angle (eps 1-2, 9-10)

    Anime R (ep 2)

    animocaramel (eps 1-3)

    Anitus Kōbe (eps 1-2)

    Art Base Bam (ep 4)

    Atelier Coco (eps 2, 5-7, 9)

    Bandai Namco Pictures Osaka Studio (ep 9)

    Be Loop (7 episodes

    eps 1, 4-5, 7, 9, 12-13

    ) BONES (ep 13)

    diomedéa (eps 1-2, 4, 7-8)

    FAI (7 episodes

    eps 1-2, 4-5, 10, 12-13

    ) Felix Film (ep 13) GAINAX Kyoto (ep 1) Gallop (ep 4)

    Giga Production (eps 4, 6, 13)

    Grain (ep 4)

    Hadashi Pro (6 episodes

    eps 1, 4-5, 9, 12-13

    ) J.C. Staff (ep 13)

    Jūmonji (eps 1, 3, 12)

    Kyushu Animation (eps 1-2)

    LIDEN FILMS Kyoto Studio (eps 6-8)

    LIDEN FILMS Osaka Studio (eps 1, 6-8, 10)

    LIDEN FILMS Tokyo Studio (eps 1-10, 12-13)

    Line Farm (8 episodes

    eps 1-2, 4-5, 7, 9, 12-13


    Nakamura Production (eps 1-10, 12-13)

    PRA (5 episodes eps 2-3, 5, 7, 13 )

    Production GoodBook (eps 12-13)

    project No.9 (ep 4) Reboot (6 episodes eps 1-3, 5, 8, 10 )

    Rising Force (eps 1, 7)

    Sakura Create (eps 1, 13)

    SHAFT (ep 10)

    SILVER LINK. (ep 12)

    Snow Light Staff (eps 12-13)

    Studio Boomerang (ep 1)

    Studio CL (eps 12-13)

    Studio Comet (ep 9) Studio Elle (ep 10)

    Studio Giants (eps 2, 5, 9)

    Studio Giga (eps 1, 8, 10)

    Studio Gimlet (eps 1, 3, 13)

    Studio Hibari (7 episodes

    eps 3-5, 7-8, 10, 12


    Studio Neun (eps 3, 9, 12-13)

    Studio Toybox (eps 1, 9)

    Wao World (ep 13)

    WHITE FOX Izukōgen Studio (eps 1-2)

    White Line (eps 1-2)

    Wish (7 episodes

    eps 2-3, 5, 8-10, 12


    WONWOO animation (eps 6, 11)

    Yostar Pictures (eps 4, 7, 9)

    ZEXCS (ep 10)

    3DCGI: Felix FilmAnimation Direction: WONWOO animation (eps 6, 11)Animation Production: LIDEN FILMSArt Setting: Barnstorm Design LaboBackground Art: KusanagiBackground Art Cooperation: Nam Hai (eps 1-13)Cel Inspection: LIDEN FILMS Tokyo Studio (Assist.; eps 7, 11)

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