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    banking services for food and beverage companies


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    get banking services for food and beverage companies from EN Bilgi.

    Food and Beverage Industry

    Find industry solutions tailored to the food and beverage industry. HSBC can provide strategic financial solutions at all levels of domestic and international growth.

    Food and Beverage Industry

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    Learn how our customized services and solutions can help support the needs of your growing business.

    Our Presence


    Years of experience within the industry


    Clients in the US


    Dedicated bankers in the US

    A letter from our Food & Beverage Sector Head

    On behalf of HSBC Bank and our colleagues worldwide, we’d like to express our appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work and dedication to those employed through the food and beverage industry during the pandemic, who managed to meet the needs of the consumers despite setbacks. The challenges these companies faced led to certain changes, processes, use of data and new technology that should help mitigate supply change disruptions in the future.

    HSBC’s knowledge and understanding of the food and beverage industry positions the Bank well and allows us to help our clients achieve their operating goals and growth aspirations during both challenging and less challenging environments.

    So here’s to the men and women that work inside the farm gate to those that process, manufacture, and deliver the food and beverages throughout the world. Were it not for their devotion, the consumer would not have been able to enjoy a balanced, nutritional diet.

    All the best, John Church

    Changing Consumer Trends

    ESG Focus

    Climate change is at the forefront of consumer’s minds. As a result food and beverage companies are focusing on sourcing from suppliers that employ regenerative practices and focus on sustainability within their production methods. Plant-based protein and healthier-for-you food alternatives have become increasingly popular with many consumers.

    Global Growth Strategy

    Food and Beverage companies are in a continuous state of growth geographically and through new product innovation. M&A activity and investments in start-up companies which develop and produce new, innovative products has increased since the beginning of 2021. While disruption in supply chain channels caused by the pandemic led to logistic challenges and a desire to source more products locally, companies remain interested in sourcing internationally and building a presence in highly populated countries with an improving socioeconomic environment.

    Sales Channel Diversification

    The Covid-19 pandemic led to a change in the way in which consumers shop for groceries. Digital/e-commerce delivery platforms and curbside pickup gained tremendous momentum in the past 18 months, and it appears the elevated use of these platforms is here to stay.


    The sky’s the limit – how vertical and indoor farming can supplement the food supply chain

    Learn about the future of indoor vertical farming and what HSBC is doing to support businesses reach their sustainability goals.

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    Plant-based protein – past, present and future

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    From inside the farm gate to the plate: innovations in regenerative agriculture

    Learn how regenerative agriculture is leading us to a more sustainable future

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    How drones and robots could help feed the world

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    Through the provision of standard and structured credit facilities, M&A advisory services, capital markets products and treasury management services, HSBC can help Food & Beverage clients manage their growth no matter the circumstances.

    The F&B Industry with Fever-Tree

    Delve into insights from the F&B industry with Fever-tree CEO Charles Gibb and Wyatt Crowell, CEO HSBC Commercial Bank. Though we predict slow recovery for hospitality - there's also good news to share within the space.

    Source : www.business.us.hsbc.com

    Food and Beverage Industry Expertise

    Get comprehensive financial solutions on the latest trends in food and beverages with Webster's industry-centric model and cultivate a long-term relationship. Call or click today to learn more!

    Food and beverage

    Being able to anticipate the latest trends and tastes is paramount to staying successful in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Our relationship managers come to the table with extensive knowledge and a history of cultivating long-term relationships.

    From farm to fork

    Body (Limited)

    We provide comprehensive financial solutions to all types of Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses. Our industry-centric model enables us to tailor financing products and services for every client need. We seek to build trust with our partners by providing certainty of execution and ongoing capital support for growth.

    Client success stories

    Wachussett Brewing

    The F&B industry is facing challenges today, and many companies are stepping up their game to address the challenge. See how Wachussett Brewing and other companies today are developing solutions to move forward.


    BJ Beltram

    When foodservice equipment distributor BJ Beltram, Inc, needed to refinance existing debt, they turned to Webster. We customized an $18MM senior secured credit facility to free up working captial and get them on their way.

    HPC Food Service

    Family-owned HPD Food Service, a full-service grocery and sundry distributor since 1908, looked for assistance with reducing debt and increasing working capital. Webster worked with them and provided a $19MM senior secured revolving credit facility.

    More client success stories

    Areas of expertise

    Distribution Manufacturing

    Niche/specialty markets

    Food services equipment

    Real estate

    Comprehensive solutions

    Webster Web-Link®

    Our mobile solution has over 75 robust functions that support your receivable, payable and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. Secure and sophisticated, Web-Link provides functionality for all financial activity.


    Liquidity management

    Our liquidity management solutions will streamline your deposits and receivables systems so you gain more control over your working capital. We'll help you maximize your cash flow and short-term cash position.


    Risk management

    Our fraud protection solutions help manage internal and external financial risks.  In addition, we offer a variety of proven interest rate protection and foreign exchange risk management strategies.


    Let's enable your success.

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    Investment Banking for Food & Beverage

    Baker Tilly Capital provides specialized advisory services to the food, beverage and agriculture industries to help organizations grow or exit their business.

    Investment Banking for

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    Brakebush Brothers’ hometown expansion creates over 70 jobs in Wisconsin


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    Shifting challenges unique to the food industry


    Source : www.bakertilly.com

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