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    are jeff wittek and david dobrik still friends


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    Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek says he's done being friends with David Dobrik

    In a recent live stream, YouTuber Jeff Wittek revealed that he's "done" with David Dobrik after undergoing yet another eye surgery.


    Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek says he’s done being friends with David Dobrik

    Published: 22/Feb/2022 0:48

    Updated: 22/Feb/2022 0:57

    by Connor McCrory

    YouTube: Jeff Wittek / VIEWS


    Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek has finally had it with David Dobrik, telling fans that their friendship is finally over.

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    The Vlog Squad have become known for their outlandish pranks and risky stunts, but OG member Jeff Wittek has finally had it with Dobrik after the 2020 crane incident that almost cost Wittek his life.

    In June 2020, the group put an excavator in a lake. Dobrik sat in the driver’s seat, spinning his friends around on the crane attached to a rope.

    Things quickly went south after Wittek took his turn, spinning around at great speeds and causing him to collide with the excavator, permanently damaging his left eye.


    Instagram: Jeff Wittek

    Podcast host Jeff Wittek suffered a severe eye injury after a stunt with the Vlog Squad went wrong.

    Fast-forward almost a year and a half and nine surgeries later, Wittek is starting to realize that Dobrik is a “fake friend.”

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    A post shared by Def Noodles (@defnoodles)

    In a recent live stream (uploaded to Instagram by Def Noodles), Wittek was asked by a fan if David had messaged him to check up after the surgery. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    “Nope. Nope. Not a text or nothing,” Wittek revealed. “Not surprised, you know. It is what it is… I’m done being fake friends with that motherf**ker.”

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    Wittek’s latest comments come shortly after the 32-year-old barber unfollowed Dobrik on Instagram.


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    A post shared by Def Noodles (@defnoodles)

    Fans are now calling on Wittek to sue Dobrik for life-long injuries.

    “Lmfao no sh*t, it’s not too late to sue him for the lifelong injuries,” one fan commented.

    “I really hope Jeff gets justice, tbh,” another user said.

    Wittek is set to co-host the “Roast Of Bryce Hall‘ on February 25th, with fellow Vlog Squad members Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan and Jason Nash.

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    YouTuber Jeff Wittek No Longer Speaks to Former Friend David Dobrik

    On his Jeff FM podcast, Jeff Wittek opened up about his fallout with David Dobrik after the excavator incident and revealed where the pair currently stand today


    YouTuber Jeff Wittek Reveals He No Longer Speaks to David Dobrik: 'I'm Done Being Fake Friends'

    "I've been protecting this guy for so long and there's so much to the story than just him not texting me for a week after I had such a drastic surgery where I could've been blind," Jeff Wittek said

    By Dory Jackson

    February 28, 2022 04:31 PM

    FB Tweet

    YouTuber Jeff Wittek is speaking out against his former friend and collaborator David Dobrik, revealing that he has cut the social media star out of his life.

    Wittek, 32, sustained injuries to his face and skull in June 2020 after being swung on a rope tied to an excavator. Dobrik had been operating the construction equipment at the time, and footage from the moment was later posted on YouTube in April 2021. (The clip has since been deleted.)

    In a recent Patreon live stream, Wittek was asked if Dobrik, 25, had checked in on him after his most recent corrective eye surgery, to which he claimed "not a text or nothing" has come in.

    "Not surprised, you know? It is what it is," Wittek continued. "But I'm done being fake friends with that motherf—"

    On Friday's episode of his Jeff FM podcast, Wittek addressed the matter again after the comments on the "private" Patreon session leaked. After calling Dobrik a "slimy f—," Wittek said he wanted to "get through some points" about what allegedly went down between the former friends in the wake of the crane incident.

    "I've been protecting this guy for so long and there's so much to the story than just him not texting me for a week after I had such a drastic surgery where I could've been blind," Wittek said on his podcast.


    "I woke up from surgery. A day goes by, no text for him. Another day goes by, no text. I look at his Instagram because it's the first one that always f—ing pops up because the algorithm or whatever. It's just him like, 'Oh, I'm so happy with my life right now. My vlogs and everything,' just promoting his vlog," he continued. "I was just like, you got time to do this but you can't text me and be like, 'Hey, did you go blind or not from my actions?' I just want to f—ing tell the truth, finally. I gave this motherf— so many chances. Even now, a week later, I still haven't heard a peep."

    Because Wittek felt like Dobrik messed him up "mentally and physically," he said he is "not holding back anymore."

    "I'm kind of pissed off that, you know, even in the documentary we made, we sugarcoated it," he explained, referencing his Don't Try This at Home documentary, which debuted last year. "There was so much more that I could have said but I tried to protect this guy for so long. It takes time to see people's true colors."

    At one point, Wittek outlined his main issues with Dobrik, including how the YouTube sensation allegedly "blamed" him for the excavator incident.

    "He is a scumbag friend, a fake friend, now that the documentary is over doesn't give a f—, doesn't text me, doesn't check-in," he claimed. "The other reason, him saying now, flipping the script, saying, 'Oh, it was f—ing Jeff's idea. He's crazy.' Complete bulls—."

    Additionally, Wittek recalled how Dobrik allegedly offered to cover his medical bills. But Wittek claimed Dobrik "didn't pay a f—ing bill" and he now has "an infraction" on his credit.

    "For those who think I'm trolling or I'm f—ing crazy on Instagram, honestly I could give a f— because it's the best I've felt in a while getting all this s— off my chest," he said. "It feels good to cut bad people out of your life and it took a while to see it."

    PEOPLE has reached out to Dobrik's team for comment.

    RELATED VIDEO: Despite Being a YouTube Star, David Dobrik Reveals He's Very Nervous During Live Performances

    Dobrik previously addressed his role in Wittek's injuries, saying he didn't "know the correct way to go about any of it."

    "It's a little awkward for both of us. It's not something you can just sit down with a person once and be like, 'Okay cool, it's over,'" he said during last year's Don't Try This At Home documentary. "All I want to do is figure out ways to help — but I don't want to make it worse."

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    Dobrik is also set to address the controversy in Casey Neistat's upcoming documentary, titled Under the Influence, premiering at SXSW in March.

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    David Dobrik Sued for $10 Million by Ex-Vlog Squad Member Jeff Wittek After Stunt Injury

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    Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik: Why Did Their Friendship End?

    YouTuber David Dobrik has responded after Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek spent the past weeks hurling insults at him online.


    How David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek's friendship disintegrated over the accident Wittek said nearly killed him

    Charissa Cheong Mar 9, 2022, 3:18 PM

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    Wittek is a former member of Dobrik's Vlog Squad. Jeff Wittek via YouTube

    Jeff Wittek said he is "done" being friends with David Dobrik, calling him a "scumbag."

    Wittek sustained serious injuries after a 2020 incident with an excavator Dobrik was controlling.

    Now Dobrik said the accident was a result of a "combined decision."

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    Jeff Wittek gained a huge social media following when he started appearing in David Dobrik's vlogs in 2018, but over the past few days, he has publicly cut ties with the YouTube star.

    Dobrik, who has 18 million YouTube subscribers, rose to fame by posting videos with his group of friends, known as the Vlog Squad. He came under public scrutiny in March 2021 after Insider published an investigation into allegations that another former Vlog Squad member — Dominykas Zeglaitis, known online as Durte Dom — sexually assaulted a woman who appeared in a video. Dobrik addressed the allegations in an apology video on March 16. In April 2021, Zeglaitis said that as far as he was concerned, the encounter was consensual.

    Over the course of 2020, Vlog Squad member Wittek gradually stopped appearing in Dobrik's vlogs, and many videos that featured Wittek have now been deleted.

    In the past weeks, Wittek, who was 3 million YouTube subscribers, has called Dobrik a "fake friend" and suggested he no longer wants to be associated with the vlogger.

    After much speculation, Wittek revealed the reason for his comments, saying he believed Dobrik was planning to release a documentary that blamed Wittek for an accident that occurred in June 2020 while Wittek swung from an excavator controlled by Dobrik. Wittek has previously said the stunt nearly killed him and left him with permanent injuries.

    Dobrik has now addressed Wittek's comments in a podcast episode, saying he was "sorry" about the accident, but that it was a "combined" decision between him and Wittek to do the excavator stunt, so he shouldn't be the only one who accepts blame.

    Here's a timeline of how the end of friendship appeared to unravel.

    A conversation with Dobrik from Wittek's documentary. Jeff Wittek via YouTube

    Wittek appeared to unfollow Dobrik on Instagram on February 21

    On February 21, social media news account DefNoodles shared a post on Instagram saying Wittek had unfollowed Dobrik on Instagram for reasons that were unknown at the time.

    Commenters speculated this was related to Wittek's injury, which happened in June 2020 when the Vlog Squad took turns swinging from an excavator they put in a lake. As Dobrik controlled the crane and Wittek swung from it, Wittek crashed into the excavator and his left eye was permanently damaged.

    In an April 2021 episode of his documentary series, "Don't try this at home," Wittek explained his side of the story for the first time, saying he started to "resent" Dobrik and it made him "not want to go online."

    Later that day, Wittek said he's 'done' being friends with Dobrik 

    Later that same day, Wittek appeared in an Instagram livestream in which he spoke about the excavator incident, saying that his friendship with Dobrik was finally over.

    Wittek swinging from the excavator which Dobrik was controlling. Jeff Wittek via YouTube

    Wittek explained that he had to have another surgery on his injured eye, but Dobrik didn't contact him when he was discharged, "not a text or nothing," and added, "I'm done being fake friends with that motherfucker."

    In a video from April 2021 where the two spoke face to face about the incident, Dobrik said the whole thing was an "accident" and he "obviously didn't do it on purpose."

    Wittek has continued to mock and insult Dobrik online and said he was pulling out of a YouTuber event because of Dobrik

    Following the livestream, Wittek has continued to make critical remarks about Dobrik on social media, particularly taking swings at his appearance.

    On February 18, Vlog Squad member Jason Nash posted a teaser for "The Roast of Bryce Hall," a live comedy event he had hosted on February 2 which featured a number of influencers performing sets themed around insulting TikTok star Bryce Hall. Both Wittek and Dobrik featured in the teaser.

    On February 23, Wittek tweeted that he asked to have his set removed, writing, "I'm no longer a part of the roast of Bryce hall. My entire set will be cut due to censorship, and David Dobrik being involved. I refuse to be a part of anything that scumbag is involved in from here on out."

    In a second tweet, Wittek said producers told him to remove "half" his jokes, saying, "This is all because that coward was there and he can't take jokes."

    On February 25, Wittek said Dobrik blames him for the excavator accident in an upcoming documentary

    Source : www.insider.com

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