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    Are Aesha Scott, Jack Stirrup Still Together? Update on Friendship

    Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup had a whirlwind romance in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4.

    September 15, 2020, 2:39 PM ET


    Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup's Relationship Has Taken Another Shocking Turn

    It's all thanks to another Below Deck Med alum.

    By Laura Rosenfeld DIGITAL SERIES

    Aesha Scott on Jack Stirrup's Grand Proposal: "That's What a Woman Wants"

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    Aesha Scott on Jack Stirrup's Grand Proposal: "That's What a Woman Wants"

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    Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup had a whirlwind romance in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. But unfortunately, their love did not last on land. Aesha and Jack ended things after he got back together with his ex-girlfriend Kelly Hidge upon his return home to the United Kingdom.

    While opening up about the end of her relationship with Jack during her September 14 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: @ Home, Aesha shared that she had a change of heart about her ex before he became a dad for the first time this past spring. "Obviously, I was pissed off at him," Aesha said. "And so I was like, he can come and apologize to me if he wants to."

    Aesha said that she and Jack got a little help from their mutual friend and fellow Below Deck Med Season 4 crew member, Travis Michalzik. "And then it was actually Travis [who] set up a conversation between us where [Jack] could apologize, and I just decided to leave it there and put it in the past," Aesha explained. "Because at the end of the day, we actually did have a really good friendship, and I don't want to hold onto anything negative, so I just let it go."

    Aesha Scott Feels Like the "Luckiest Girl Alive" Following Her Below Deck Med Return

    Jack and Kelly welcomed their first child, son Phoenix Sidney Stirrup, on April 15. And Aesha isn't doing so badly herself in the romance department these days. She went public with her new relationship with boyfriend Scotty Dobbo in July.

    Aesha is currently with her boyfriend in Breckenridge, Colorado where the two take the absolutely most glorious photos together, like the one below posted on Instagram on September 14. "A very special man indeed," Aesha gushed about Scotty in the post.

    Want more Below Deck Med? New episodes air every Monday at 9/8c or catch up on this season through the Bravo app.

    Watch Aesha and the rest of The Wellington crew dive deep into Below Deck Med in the Season 5 After Show, below.


    Aesha Scott Has a Whole New Opinion on Tom Checketts After the Cucumber Incident


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    Below Deck Med’s Jack Stirrup Welcomes His First Child

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    Are Aesha Scott & Jack Stirrup From Below Deck Med Still Together?

    Aesha Scott is back on Below Deck Med, and fans may be wondering if she and Jack Stirrup are still together—and who Aesha is dating now.

    What Happened to Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup From Below Deck Med?

    Aesha is back, but is she still with Jack?



    Aesha Scott is returning to Below Deck Med! (Or to put it in her own words: "Your favorite bush pig is baaaack!") After Captain Sandy fired first stew Hannah and promoted Bugsy on season 5 of the Bravo reality TV, she called on the beloved former cast member to fill the open second stew spot. Now the question is, what kind of drama will Aesha bring aboard? (This is Below Deck Med, after all.)


    Fans might also be wondering if Aesha is still dating season 4 deckhand Jack Stirrup. In case you need a refresher, Aesha and Jack connected early on in season 4. After a dinner date and an elaborate relationship proposal, the pair officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. At the end of the season, they left as a solid couple...or so it seemed.

    Are Aesha and Jack still together?

    We had our hopes up for these two. We really did. But sadly, the couple didn't last long after Below Deck Med finished filming.


    "We split up," Jack said on the season 4 after-show. "To be honest, when I got home, I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation, and it wasn't reality. I thought about it all and called it a day."

    But that didn't quite match up with Aesha's version of events. According to her, Jack said he wanted her to come to London and meet his family—but asked her not to book tickets until after he attended a wedding, claiming he had too many family members staying with him, and there wasn't room for one more.


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    "And then the next thing I know, because I noticed that his then—I didn't realize—suddenly girlfriend again, was watching my Instagram Stories," Aesha said on the after-show. "So I went and looked at her Stories, and I see that she's on the fucking train with him to the wedding and at the wedding with him. And I was just like, 'Holy shit, how can you be this fucking mean to someone?' It was just such a stab in the back."

    When Aesha called him out on it, Jack confessed to seeing the other woman while he and Aesha were still dating. (Aesha's theory is that Jack and his other girlfriend broke up just before Below Deck Med started filming, and got back together once he returned to England.) Needless to say, Aesha broke up with him.

    "He doesn't deal with things like adults should deal with things; he runs away from things," Aesha said. "I think he just gets too caught up in the moment, and he doesn't think about the future and the consequences. And then he probably went home and was like, 'Oh, fuck, that's right. I've got this other girl here.' Like, 'what have I done' kind of thing... If he said like, 'Oh, let's not do anything.' But instead of that, he was just like, 'I'm just gonna run away from it and bury my head and pretend it hasn't happened.'"

    Who is Aesha Scott's current boyfriend?

    Aesha's out with the old and in with the new (boyfriend). According to Bravo, her new boyfriend is an outdoorsy dude named Scotty Dobbo. She's been open about their relationship on Instagram, including a post where she referred to them as a "power couple." She wrote in the caption:

    "This guy though 💕 I’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Yes he is the blatantly more attractive/photogenic/talented at EVERYTHING side of this duo, but I feel like what I bring is a certain mysterious spice, especially when I do things like cry over two-minute noodles for no reason when I’m on my period. So basically a power couple 💪🏼 "

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    Below Deck: Aesha Scott Admits She Doesn't Regret Fling With Jack Stirrup

    Aesha Scott says she doesn't regret her past relationship with Jack Stirrup despite breaking up years ago after Below Deck Med season 4.

    Below Deck: Aesha Scott Admits She Doesn't Regret Fling With Jack Stirrup

    Aesha Scott says she doesn't regret her past relationship with Jack Stirrup despite breaking up years ago after Below Deck Med season 4.


    PUBLISHED MAR 18, 2022

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Aesha Scott says that she has no regrets about her short-lived romance with Jack Stirrup ahead of the premiere of Below Deck Down Under. The second stew and deckhand, respectively, first met while working on the during Below Deck Mediterranean season 4. The duo, who were both considered to be more fun-loving and spontaneous than their co-stars, quickly began to develop feelings for one another. Remaining a strong couple up until the final episode, Jack's quirky plans to woo Aesha were a hit, with viewers impressed by his tenacity. From wanting body paint and a handmade banner to asking Aesha out, to writing multiple poems, it was no surprise when the then-lovebirds eventually moved into each other's bunks.



    Things quickly went left for Aesha and Jack once the Below Deck spin-off ended, however. Soon after filming for season 4 wrapped and Jack went back to his life in the United Kingdom and reconnected with a previous girlfriend, Kelly Hidge. While Jack claimed that he broke things off with Aesha during Bravo's after-show, Aesha said that his story was not quite accurate. According to Aesha, Jack invited the star to visit him in England, yet then went to a wedding with Kelly. Less than a year after filming season 4, in fact, Jack and Kelly welcomed their first child. Their son Pheonix was born in April 2020; it's unclear if Jack and Kelly are still together today.


    Below Deck: Best (& Worst) Couples Featured On The Show

    Despite their break-up after months of sailing around France, Aesha tells Page Six that there are no hard feelings between her and Jack. "It was a fun time and I don't regret it," Aesha says about their short-lived romance. "He made doing [Below Deck Mediterranean season 4] that much more fun and I loved his company. It was a great time." While some Below Deck fans were surprised to see Jack reunite with his ex-girlfriend soon after returning home, the New Zealander reveals that Jack did reach out to apologize for his role in their relationship's demise. In a show of positive maturity, Aesha continues that she found it natural to forgive the 31-year old. "I don't like to hold grudges and kind of keep a negative energy in my space," she explains. "If someone is sorry and I feel like they're genuine, I'm going to forgive them and move on."

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    While Aesha and Jack easily made amends, the star confirms that there isn't much of a friendship between them. Admitting that the pair haven't spoken in about a year and a half, Aesha says that despite the emotional distance, their energy is "definitely not negative." Part of their natural separation comes from their respective relationships, as Aesha has been dating Scotty Dobbo since 2020. Describing her Coloradan boyfriend as "adventurous and fun," the star says that the couple is focused on taking things slow while exploring life's opportunities. "We really want to get married and have some kids. We talk about that all the time and spending our life together," Aesha reveals, but continues, "I don't see the rush to get engaged because at the moment, I'm really just enjoying being like, 'I love my boyfriend!' We've got our whole lives."

    It's a good thing that Aesha and Scotty have gotten used to long-distance dating — in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic — since Aesha has been busy fulfilling the role as chief stew for Below Deck Down Under. Calling her first time in charge of the team "such an amazing experience," fans of the franchise can check out the first three episodes on Peacock starting March 17, with new episodes released every Thursday. As for Jack, the former deckhand is completely focused on his family with no public indications of rejoining Below Deck Mediterranean. Aesha and Jack may be permanently over, but if Below Deck Down Under is anything like its predecessors, there will be more relationships in store for fans to spectate.


    How Below Deck Crew Life Differs From Real-World Yachting Careers

    Below Deck Down Under streams new episodes every Thursday on Peacock.

    Source: Page Six





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