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    alicia often shows short, engaging videos to her fifth-grade science students. she has more success using rhythmone instead of google to find appropriate videos. which of the following most likely explains why?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get alicia often shows short, engaging videos to her fifth-grade science students. she has more success using rhythmone instead of google to find appropriate videos. which of the following most likely explains why? from EN Bilgi.

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    A digital citizen is familiar with how to use technology to become an educated and productive member of the digital world. T or F?

    Why do companies use online collaborative productivity software?

    to allow employees to share, edit, and comment on documents

    Which of the following is an example of an embedded computer? a) adaptive cruise control system b) apple II c) smartphone d) RFID tags

    a) adaptive cruise control system

    A smart refrigerator can use _____ to detect when you are running low on milk, and then send a reminder to you on a wireless network.


    What technology is being used when you are sent an email saying you can track your package?

    Angeline is deaf. To adhere with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) how can technology help her compete in a hearing world?

    Captioning software can be used to transcribe what is being said.

    The local community college wants to increase its online offerings. To do so, the college will most likely need to purchase a(n) ______.

    learning management system (LMS

    What technology can collect information to make decisions, reach conclusions, and combine information in new ways?

    Artificial intelligence

    How is a microprocessor different from an integrated circuit?

    Microprocessors are faster, smaller and less expensive than integrated circuits.

    Which option lists the computer components in order from oldest to newest?

    vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors, personal computers

    Which of the following is the science that combines technology and engineering?


    How are the ways AI learns similar to how you learn?

    Both use past experiences to predict likely outcomes and responses.

    Margot and Tomas have heard how beautiful the Swiss Alps are, but they are afraid to fly. What technology could they use to see and experience the Alps without flying there?

    Virtual Reality

    In the 1980s movie, Wargames, the computer was taught to play chess, checkers, tic tac toe, and other strategy games. How would you describe the developers’ goal in teaching the computer these games?

    Which of the following is a technology designed for use in manufacturing?

    M2M - machine to machine communications

    How will technology help people with disabilities become more transportation independent?

    Automated vehicles increase independent transportation options for people with disabilities.

    Your school has just been awarded a technology grant. Each grade level team has been asked to submit a proposal for how they would could use the money. Your team puts forward an idea where students can submit work online and work collaboratively with on projects. What type of classroom have you described?

    Intelligent classroom

    Sofie has strong people skills, listens well, and communicates effectively. Which technology career may be a good fit for her?

    Technology sales

    Taran wants to work in the technology field but is unsure of which career to pursue. He has been told he has strong people skills; he is good at figuring out what is wrong with computers and fixing them; and he is patient and helpful when others do not know how to use computers. As his college advisor, which technology careers would you suggest he explore?

    Help desk support

    Which technology device could be used to view a patient’s internal organs?

    Ingestible camera

    Which company was the first to develop a computer meant for personal use? IBM, Dell, Apple or Intel?


    _____ is an environment where processors are embedded in objects that communicate with one another via the Internet or wireless networks.

    The Internet of Things

    You are on vacation and want to see where all the restaurants and trendy shops are in relation to your hotel. You remember there is an app on your phone that will use your location and show you that information. What is the app using?

    Augmented reality

    _____ is the gap between those who have access to technology and its resources and information, especially on the Internet, and those who do not.

    The digital divide

    How would you describe an intelligent workplace?

    It uses technology to enable workers to connect and communicate.

    If you want to use evidence found on computers, networks, and other devices to help solve crimes, then which of the following careers is a match for you?

    Digital forensics

    Your Uber driver just showed up to pick you up and when you open the car door, you notice that the human is in the passenger seat and no one is sitting in the driver’s seat. You realize this is a self-driving car. You are pretty excited to experience this new technology, but also have reservations. Based on what you have researched, which of the following might be one of your reservations?

    Self-driving cars contribute to accidents caused by distracted driving.

    Rajesh is considering whether to use a web app to collaborate with a group of friends on a project. What is one reason he should avoid using a web app for the project?

    One friend has an unreliable, slow Internet connection.

    Mateo is designing a technical diagram that many textbook publishers can use, and he wants to make sure he retains the rights to the diagram before selling it. At what stage does a copyright for his creative work come into effect?

    As soon as the image exists in physical form. Copyright starts to exist as soon as the work of an artist takes physical form.

    Alicia often shows short, engaging videos to her fifth-grade science students. She has more success using RhythmOne instead of Google to find appropriate videos. Which of the following most likely explains why?

    Unlike Google, RhythmOne uses speech recognition to match the audio part of the video with the search term.

    A friend of Muna’s suggested a website that she can use to download music. How should she check if the website is secure?

    "https" as the protocol in the URL

    Which of the following indicates a website is NOT secure?

    The URL of the website begins with http.

    Which of the following is NOT a factor search engines consider when ranking search results?

    Design quality of the webpage

    Which of the statements about B2B e-commerce is correct?

    Examples of B2B services are advertising, technical support, and training.

    Rogelio wants to buy appliances for his newly leased apartment. He looks for information on PriceGrabber, a comparison shopping website. Which of the following advantages do sites such as this offer?

    Price comparisons from different vendors

    Darren is hoping to get search results that begin with the words “art history.” Which of the following search terms will help him?

    The asterisk symbol is a wild card to denote any number of characters beyond the letters “art.” Hence, Darren should use the search term art*.

    Where can you find the information about using an image that you obtained in a search result?

    A usage rights filter helps users to understand if an image can be used, shared, or modified.

    Google is an example of which type of website?

    Google is a general-purpose search site that helps one locate web information when that person is not seeking a specific website.

    In a web app, where is data usually stored?

    When you use a web app, the data is stored in the web app’s server or in the cloud.

    Which of the following is assigned to each webpage to identify its location on the Internet?

    uniform resource locator (URL)

    Which of the following does a secure website use to safeguard transmitted information?

    A secure website uses “Encryption,” a method that codes data as it is transmitted over a network, so it is readable only after decryption.

    When accessed, an e-commerce website that sells carpentry tools displays a lock icon somewhere in the window of the browser. The address bar in the Chrome browser would identify this website as “insecure.” T or F?

    False. A lock icon displayed somewhere in the browser window is a feature of secure websites.

    Andy is writing an article and wants to verify a few facts. Which of the following websites is designed to provide answers to factual questions?

    Wolfram Alpha answers factual questions directly without listing webpages that might contain the answer.

    Which of the following top-level domains is generally used by Internet service providers?

    .net TLD is used by network providers, ISPs, and other Internet administrative organizations.

    Joe wants to use an engaging image as a hook in his presentation, but he’s afraid of violating any copyright laws. What should he do?

    Search for an image on Creative Commons

    Ronald maintains a website that focuses on travel-related information. He gathers adventure posts from various travel blogs and shares them to his site. What type of a website does Ronald maintain?

    Content aggregator sites gather, organize, and then distribute web content.

    What are “hits” that search engines list on the first page?

    Most relevant results

    Search engines use software that combs the web to find webpages and add new data about them to the database. What is this software called?


    Bentley is the head of a software development team and needs to use a web app for project management. Which of the following web apps best suits his needs?


    – or –

    Chapter 1, 2,3,4 Flashcards by Jaqueline Pereira Santos

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    Module 2 Concepts Exam Flashcards

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    Write a program that keeps track of a speakers’ bureau. The program should use a structure to store the following data about a speaker: Name Telephone Number Speaking Topic Fee Required The program should use an array of at least 10 structures. It should let the user enter data into the array, change the contents of any element, and display all the data stored in the array. The program should have a menu-driven user interface. Input Validation: When the data for a new speaker is entered, be sure the user enters data for all the fields. No negative amounts should be entered for a speaker’s fee.

    Modify the SearchableVector class template presented in this chapter so that it performs a binary search instead of a linear search. Test the template in a driver program.

    Which of the following is a count-controlled loop? a. for b. foreach c. while d. do-while

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