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    aita for going home after i got told to sleep on the floor


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get aita for going home after i got told to sleep on the floor from EN Bilgi.

    Colin Aita

    Colin Aita, a licensed real estate professional selling luxury homes in the South Bay. Aita prioritizes sophisticating property real estate.

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    Lic #: 01936603 REALTOR®

    Office: 310.545.0707

    Direct: 310.722.9986

    [email protected]

    Facebook Linkedin Instagram

    I was born in Tarzana (San Fernando Valley), but my family moved to Northern CA (Fairfax) when I was one. I was raised in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County) from about age 8 through high school. I had a GREAT childhood with room to run and was heavily involved in sports throughout. And while I love where I was raised, I couldn’t wait to get back to LA in 2001. A few potentially interesting facts of my life: I played shortstop at USF (U of San Francisco) as well as 3 years of Independent Minor League ball. I lived, tended bar at a Rugby Leagues Club and played baseball in Australia for 3 months. I’ve coached both of my children’s sports teams including soccer and baseball, and absolutely love it! I parked my car and sprinted after my (now) wife the first time I saw her in Westwood…I HAD to meet her! I know there are so many cliches out there about trust, honesty, integrity, etc, but I truly do strive to reach the highest bar for each of those. I know they have to be earned, and I’m happy to do so. I know the home selling/buying process can be extremely daunting, even for the most seasoned owner. My job is to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. I am the one who sees all the ‘stuff’ on the back-end and makes sure you don’t. Being a Realtor® is officially a job, but it is extremely rewarding to me. There is nothing I like more than handing clients the keys to their new house, or shaking hands with sellers (and/or getting and giving a huge hug) when escrow closes. I’m looking forward to doing that with you, and always ‘Treating You Like Family’!


    LIST: $395,000

    3601 W Hidden Lane #220 Rolling Hills Estates

    LIST: $4,250,000

    1247 6th Street Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $3,650,000

    401 17th Street Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $3,645,000

    1247 6th Street Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $2,699,000

    1417 18Th Street Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $2,499,000

    1740 Voorhees Avenue Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $1,999,000

    1317 Gates Avenue Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $1,650,000

    1336 2nd Street Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $1,499,000

    6 Pomegranate Street Ladera Ranch

    LIST: $1,459,000

    2406 Mathews Avenue #B Redondo Beach

    LIST: $1,149,000

    1202 Tennyson Street #6 Manhattan Beach

    LIST: $849,000

    3803 Magnolia Avenue Long Beach

    LIST: $849,000

    1230 Horn Avenue #305 West Hollywood

    LIST: $425,000

    3601 W Hidden Lane #220 Rolling Hills Estates

    LIST: $395,000

    3601 W Hidden Lane #220 Rolling Hills Estates

    LIST: $4,250,000

    1247 6th Street Manhattan Beach


    We originally met Colin at an open house we attended while just casually looking for a new home. We were in no particular rush to buy, but met with Colin to lay out our wish list for our next house. He was very patient and helpful, sending us listings he thought we might be interested in without  being pushy. After several months, we ultimately we found a house we really liked that ended up being a fairly tough negotiation to say the least. I am entirely convinced that Colin's persistence on our behalf during the whole process is why we got the house, for what we feel is a good and fair price. Colin is extremely responsive (be it day, night, or on the weekend), enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with! Can't wait to move into our new home!


    Colin's a great agent. Worked really hard, answered every question, was always available to help, and took the time to understand exactly what we wanted in a new house. He went above and beyond every time we needed a hand. Couldn't be happier with the experience.

    Kevin H

    Colin did a phenomenal job for me as a first time buyer in the South Bay Area. His expertise, guidance and counsel was invaluable throughout the transaction, including navigating a complicated sales process. He only had my best interests in mind throughout, raising issues as he saw them, even if it meant I might walk away from the transaction. I didn't know Colin beforehand but he was referred to me and I couldn't recommend him enough to anyone looking for a well-credentialed, honest, and experienced realtor.

    Donal L

    Colin was amazing! We were looking to find a buildable lot in Manhattan Beach, but also considering other options. Colin knows the local market well and was able to bring us lots of options, including off market properties. I was really impressed by his knowledge of the area, properties coming onto the market, and most of all his integrity. He went above and beyond what normal agents would do to make sure we found our perfect property. Colin is also super friendly and awesome to work with, thanks Colin!

    Steve S

    We cannot thank Colin enough for helping us find our new home in Sherman Oaks. We are undeniably grateful for his enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism. He was always available to answer any questions we had and kept us fully informed during the entire process. It was invaluable having him as our realtor. Thank you, Colin!

    Mia H

    Colin went way beyond my expectations on selecting a realtor in an area that he used to live in. He was very thorough in his research and was so responsive and knowledgeable in answering all of the many questions I asked of him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone who is interested in purchasing a home.

    Source : www.strandhill.com

    AITA for going home after I got told to sleep on the floor? : AmItheAsshole

    21.9k votes, 3.0k comments. I'll preface this by saying that my husband (33) has a friend "Carl" (33) who he considers to be one of his closest …


    AITA for going home after I got told to sleep on the floor?

    Posted by u/measures2013 14 hours ago 2 3

    AITA for going home after I got told to sleep on the floor?

    I'll preface this by saying that my husband (33) has a friend "Carl" (33) who he considers to be one of his closest friends. My husband sometimes calls Carl his "nicotine" because of how much he misses him and wants to spend time with him, they do everything together, they're even co workers working the same job.

    Unfortunately, Carlos's wife passed away from cancer 3 months ago which caused him to distance himself. My husband felt devastated for him, he recently started spending more time with him and brought him meals and new clothes.

    We planned a 3 day vacation to another state. I made a hotel reservation for 2. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had invited Carl to come with us, this made me upset because it spolied the entire vacation (not trying to be dramatic) I only found out when he went to pick him up. I sucked it up after my husband explained that Carl is a recent widower who's been wallowing in grief for so long and needed this vacation. The problem is money is tight and since Carl hasn't worked eversince his wife passed he couldn't pay for his own room and we didn't have a budget for it.

    My husband said we should just share one room and I again sucked it since he said we'd be out all day on the beach anyway. First night, I was in bed when my husband and Carl got back, I got woken up by my husband telling me to get out of bed and sleep on thd mattress he put for me on the floor and he and Carl would take the bed. I asked if he was serious and he asked what else is he supposed to do, he said Carl was a guest we can't let him sleep on the floor and at the same time I can't share a bed with Carl while he (my husband) sleep on the floor. I told him I didn't sign up for this but he told me to suck it and tried to pull "Carl is a widower" card. I told Carl to get out then got up and got dressed to go home. My husband started yelling me calling me irrational but I wasn't having it. I left the hotel and traveled back home. Carl didn't say anything when he saw me leave except that I was making this non-issue an issue.

    They got back and my husband refused to even talk about but still said I ruined this for Carl and us and acted abhorrently and disgustingly. I admit Carl is struggling and I mightve ruined this for him but I didn't even know he was coming.

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    Vote level 1 Thediciplematt · 14 hr. ago Craptain [165] NTA

    Uh.. no shade here. I think your husband might be into men, specifically Carl.

    I’m not going to throw my wife to the curb for a friend. Compassion and empathy are one thing but this is just plain insanity.

    Might want to get some therapy or have some hard convos.

    49.7k level 2 Francie1966 · 14 hr. ago

    Might want to get a divorce lawyer.


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    level 2


    · 13 hr. ago 3 2

    When I got into family law a bit over a decade ago, I was shocked by how many gay men were in marriages with women who had no idea. Young women. Women who were sexually experienced. One of my colleagues turned representing women divorcing men who had been hiding/unwilling to come to terms with their sexuality into a cottage industry. Women are so used to sacrificing good sex for companionship and financial stability that they're strapping themselves into these horrible situations. And I have absolutely no problem with the companion marriages where, like, one half of the couple is gay and the other wants a family and stability and sex isn't important and everyone carries on with their lives. But the key is that everyone is fully aware and consenting to the arrangement. NTA.


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    level 2 Buffy_Geek · 13 hr. ago

    I agree, idk how Carl feels but the husband suggesting they share a bed & upping he closeness just after his wife has died is dodgy as hell.


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    level 2 heatherlj88 · 13 hr. ago

    I would point blank be asking my husband if he’s into Carl. At no time is it appropriate to invite someone on a couples vacay without even discussing it with your partner, and then, wake that partner up and tell them to sleep on the floor. What the fuck.

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