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    accidentally paid 300 times his salary reddit


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get accidentally paid 300 times his salary reddit from EN Bilgi.

    An HR mix

    The company has filed a complaint, but so far there have been no arrests.


    Chilean man who was accidentally paid 330 times his salary resigns, then vanishes


    June 28, 2022 2:28 PM UTC

    Pay Day Ahead Road Sign.


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    It’s always nice to see a little extra in your paycheck, but one employee at a Chilean company got the pay bump of a lifetime last month.

    The unnamed worker at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), which makes cold cuts, normally received a paycheck of roughly 500,000 Chilean pesos (about $555) direct-deposited to his account. In the most recent pay period on May 30, though, a screwup in the company’s HR department resulted in him getting a check for $165,398,851 (a whopping $183,593), reports Diario Financiero, a Santiago-based newspaper.


    He took the matter to a manager to report the overpayment, which is when the HR error was discovered. The company then told him to go to his bank to initiate the return of the money. He promised to go there the next day. And that’s exactly what he did.

    What he didn’t do, however, was return the money. And after three days of calls and WhatsApp messages, the company got a message from a lawyer representing the worker, offering his resignation.

    Since then, no one at the company has heard from the worker.

    The company has filed a complaint charging the worker with misappropriation of funds, in hopes of recovering some of the lost money, but so far there have been no arrests.

    While a windfall like that would be huge in any country, it’s especially notable in Chile, where the average worker takes home roughly $1,000 U.S. per month, according to Take-Profit.org.

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    May 5, 2022 BY AMAN KIDWAI

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    Worker mistakenly paid 330 times salary, quits and runs with $180k : worldnews

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    Posted by u/NewTitus 1 day ago

    Worker mistakenly paid 330 times salary, quits and runs with $180k

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    level 1 el-em-en-o · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

    I’m rooting for him. I hope he lives a long life and this is attributed to “Grandpa’s crazy imagination” when he tells the story to his grandkids.

    Edit: forgot a word 133 level 2 gaukonigshofen · 1 day ago

    yeah it would be nice to get away. Best chance might be lower south of the border. of course even then always looking over the shoulder


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    level 1 Alreaddy_reddit · 1 day ago

    $180k / 330 = $545.45 in case you were wondering

    203 level 2 jchodes · 1 day ago

    ~28 years worth of pay in a lump? I’d run with that. For context if I got 330x monthly pay that would be nearly 1.5 million. I’d run with that.

    32 level 2 Translationerr0r · 1 day ago

    In Chile for full completeness, average monthly wage is $2000 (as far as I can find)


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    level 2 cantiskipthisstep12 · 1 day ago

    What a travesty that wage is.


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    level 1 Darznieks · 1 day ago

    How does this work legally, if he doesnt want to give the money back what happens?

    38 level 2 VanEagles17 · 1 day ago

    Who knows what the laws are in Chile, but in Canada/US if you knowingly take money that is mistakenly deposited into your account it is theft.


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    level 2 MouthTypo · 1 day ago

    Well, the resignation letter came via his attorney so you gotta figure he’s getting legal advice on the matter.

    3 level 2 userdeath · 22 hr. ago

    It will be handled illegally.

    1 level 1 4formsofMATTer · 1 day ago Lucky them 11 level 1 Remote-Math4184 · 1 day ago

    He got his CEOs check by mistake!

    54 level 2 shastadakota · 1 day ago

    That would be about right.

    11 level 1 wishihad20past4 · 1 day ago

    Its about time a worker get what he deserves amen ill pray for him or her

    190 level 2 InadequateUsername · 1 day ago

    The guy even got himself a lawyer, didn't post on r/legaladvice 🙏

    27 level 1 psuedonymously · 1 day ago

    My favorite part of this is that he formally resigned before ghosting with their money.

    7 level 2 GoodAndHardWorking · 1 day ago

    Smart way to tie up a loose end if you're trying to get away with it

    2 level 1 thewallstaff · 1 day ago

    I hope they get away. Billionaires get away with stealing and not paying taxes 24/7.

    126 level 2 maxToTheJ · 1 day ago

    Employers get away with wage theft and the police never do anything about and nobody seems assigned to it. When stuff like this happens there is always someone assigned to it.

    8 level 2 LurkerNinetyFive · 1 day ago

    They probably won’t.

    24 level 1 HandHoldingClub · 1 day ago

    I have a feeling he won't run very far.

    I once had like $50k show up in my checking that wasn't supposed to be there. My friend told me to cash it and close the account ASAP and I was like no lmao. They are obviously going to be able to trace it to me. And he was like "it's not illegal!" - like I would trust him on that because he most definitely isn't a lawyer or banker!

    They ended up pulling the money anyway so I have a feeling any of that money I used would still be mine because they'd pull out the $50k. Or when I went to close my account they would notice. OR if I did successfully close it they would still come after me for the money one way or another.

    14 level 2 Cheeky_Star · 1 day ago

    You have to pay it back. Even if they didn’t pull it. And if your spend it it’s worst as the company can make the court force you to pay it back. On the bright side, it becomes a risk free loan.. My company mistakenly paid an ex-warehouse worker 30k. He reached out to ask about it and That was it .. never heard from her again. That’s the miracle she was praying for I guess.

    4 level 2 Eccentricc · 1 day ago

    Dump it into crypto and say your boat sank with your laptop. Tf they going to do then? Beat it out of you?


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    level 1 SlowlyICouldDie · 1 day ago

    What I find interesting about the story is that he hired a lawyer to hand in his resignation. So he clearly received legal advice and determined that he might have a right to keep the money.

    Source : www.reddit.com

    Worker disappears after he was accidentally paid more than 300 times his salary

    The worker initially alerted his manager of the massive overpayment.

    Worker disappears after he was accidentally paid more than 300 times his salary

    By Landon MionPublished July 3, 2022 9:03AM

    Money FOX News Facebook Twitter Print Email

    A worker in Chile submitted his resignation and could not be found after his job accidentally paid him about 330 times his salary because of a payroll error, according to reports.

    The worker, a dispatch assistant at cold meats manufacturer Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, received a paycheck of 165,398,851 Chilean pesos, or $180,418, for the month of May. He was only supposed to be paid about 500,000 Chilean pesos, or $545.

    The worker initially alerted his manager of the massive overpayment, according to local media outlet Diario Financiero.

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    The manager would then report the issue to human resources, who asked the worker to go to his bank and return the extra money.

    HAI AN, CHINA - JUNE 16: An employee deals with U.S. one-hundred dollar banknotes at a bank on June 16, 2022 in Hai an, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province of China. (Photo by Xu Jinbai/VCG via Getty Images)


    He agreed to go to the bank the next day, but kept the money and ignored communications from his employer over the next few days.


    The man then offered his resignation through a letter sent to the company by his attorney. The worker has not been heard from since, Diario Financiero reported.

    (Photo by Marijan Murat/picture alliance via Getty Images)


    Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos has filed a complaint against the worker, alleging he was misappropriating funds, but no arrests have been made so far.

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