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    ________ are large-scale high-speed centralized computers, used for internal corporate data processing needs.


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get ________ are large-scale high-speed centralized computers, used for internal corporate data processing needs. from EN Bilgi.

    ________ are large

    Answer:The answer is mainframes.Explanation:Mainframes tend to be used by corporations for various purposes, from bulk data processing to transaction

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    ________ are large-scale high-speed centralized computers, used for internal corporate data processing needs.

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    The answer is mainframes.


    Mainframes tend to be used by corporations for various purposes, from bulk data processing to transaction processing. Its size tends to be bigger than other computer devices, and it has strong processing power compared to these devices, with some examples being minicomputers, servers, and personal computers.

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    The correct answer is $1,056.


    According to the scenario, the computation of the given data are as follows:

    If AGI is less than $70,000 than maximum deduction = $2,500

    Then the second Phase is start at $70,000 and ends at $85,000.

    Modified AGI = $74,000

    Interest on loan = $1,440

    So, we can calculate the amounts Lionel can deduct for interest on higher-education loans by using following formula:

    Deduction for Interest = Total interest paid - Amount disallowed

    Where, Amount disallowed = ($74,000 - $70,000) ÷ ($85,000 - $70,000) × $1,440

    = ($4,000) ÷ ($15,000) × $1,440

    = $384

    So, by putting the value, we get

    Deduction for Interest = $1,440 - $384= $1,056

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    Tom is responsible for ordering hardware for a custom home his company is building. The contractor installing the hardware is sc

    Verdich [7] Answer: Total slack Explanation:

    Total slack is defines as the time that tasks are delayed which will eventually affect the finishing date of a project.

    Total slack can be either positive or negative. Positive slack is when delay in tasks do not affect project finish date, and negative slack are delays that affect project finish date.

    Total slack is calculated as difference between smaller value of late finish and early finish.

    Tom shares 4 days of his slack with the contractor.

    So he has 10- 4 = 6 days slack

    The total slack is 6 + 4= 10 days

    In this scenario the difference between late start and early start is 9 - 5= 4 days

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    Flyaway Travel Company reported net income for 2021 in the amount of $101,000. During 2021, Flyaway declared and paid $3,225 in

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    Answer:The basic EPS for Flyaway in 2021 is $1.4648 per shareExplanation:

    The basic earnings per share or basic EPS is the amount of earnings that are allocable to the common stockholders expressed in terms of per share earnings. The basic EPS is calculated by dividing the Net Income after adjusting for preferred stock dividends by the amount of weighted average number of common share outstanding during the Year. Thus, the formula for Basic EPS is,

    Basic EPS = (Net Income - Preferred stock dividends) / Weighted average number of common shares outstanding

    Weighted average number of common share outstanding during the year for Flyaway is = 51000 + 21000 * 9/12  =  66750 shares

    Basic EPS = (101000 - 3225) / 66750

    Basic EPS = $1.4647 per share

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    What is the most common offline way to collect employee feedback

    makkiz [27]

    Answer:Employee Meetings

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    During the accounting period, Cash was debited for $4,000, $3,000, and $1,000. Cash was also credited for $3,000, $500, and $100

    Yakvenalex [24]

    Answer:balance:      14,400 debitExplanation:

    We can solve this by doing the Cash T-accounts:

    We write the debits under debit colum and credits under credit column

    Then we calculate the total for each column and detemrinate the balance.


    Debit     Credit  

    beginning   10,000   3,000

    4,000      500 3,000      100


    totals           18,000   3,600

    balance:      14,400

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    MIS CH. 6 Flashcards

    Start studying MIS CH. 6. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

    MIS CH. 6

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    elastic leasing of pooled computer resources over the internet

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    the cloud

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    large scale high speed centralized computers, used for internal corporate data processing

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    Terms in this set (33)

    elastic leasing of pooled computer resources over the internet

    the cloud

    large scale high speed centralized computers, used for internal corporate data processing


    Means that the computing resources leased can be increased or decreased dynamically in a short span of time and that organizations pay for just the resources they use


    Cloud resources are ________ because many different organizations use the same physical hardware.


    Characteristic of cloud-based hosting

    no obsolescence

    Disadvantages of cloud based hosting

    involves high dependency on vendor, loss of control over data location

    In cloud computing, resources are said to be pooled because organizations

    share the same physical hardware through virtualization

    Compared to in-house hosting, cloud-based hosting ________.

    minimizes the risk of investing in technology that will soon become obsolete

    Benefit from in house hosting

    in depth visibility of security and disaster preparedness

    A category of cloud hosting where vendors provide hosted computers with an operating system, runtime environment, and middleware like a Web server or DBMS ex. Microsoft Azure


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    What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need to Know

    Cloud computing is a term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. Learn everything you need to know about cloud computing.

    Tech Accelerator

    What is public cloud? Everything you need to know

    Home Cloud infrastructure design and management Cloud Computing cloud computing


    cloud computing

    Wesley Chai, Technical Writer

    Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Editor

    What is cloud computing?

    Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. These services are divided into three main categories or types of cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

    A cloud can be private or public. A public cloud sells services to anyone on the internet. A private cloud is a proprietary network or a data center that supplies hosted services to a limited number of people, with certain access and permissions settings. Private or public, the goal of cloud computing is to provide easy, scalable access to computing resources and IT services.

    Cloud infrastructure involves the hardware and software components required for proper implementation of a cloud computing model. Cloud computing can also be thought of as utility computing or on-demand computing.

    The name cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that's often used to represent the internet in flowcharts and diagrams.

    How does cloud computing work?

    Cloud computing works by enabling client devices to access data and cloud applications over the internet from remote physical servers, databases and computers.


    What is public cloud? Everything you need to know

    Which also includes:

    5 types of cloud skills that IT professionals should know

    8 key characteristics of cloud computing

    10 FAQs about cloud computing

    An internet network connection links the front end, which includes the accessing client device, browser, network and cloud software applications, with the back end, which consists of databases, servers and computers. The back end functions as a repository, storing data that is accessed by the front end.

    Communications between the front and back ends are managed by a central server. The central server relies on protocols to facilitate the exchange of data. The central server uses both software and middleware to manage connectivity between different client devices and cloud servers. Typically, there is a dedicated server for each individual application or workload.

    Cloud computing relies heavily on virtualization and automation technologies. Virtualization enables the easy abstraction and provisioning of services and underlying cloud systems into logical entities that users can request and utilize. Automation and accompanying orchestration capabilities provide users with a high degree of self-service to provision resources, connect services and deploy workloads without direct intervention from the cloud provider's IT staff.

    Types of cloud computing services

    Cloud computing can be separated into three general service delivery categories or forms of cloud computing:

    IaaS. IaaS providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), supply a virtual server instance and storage, as well as application programming interfaces (APIs) that let users migrate workloads to a virtual machine (VM). Users have an allocated storage capacity and can start, stop, access and configure the VM and storage as desired. IaaS providers offer small, medium, large, extra-large, and memory- or compute-optimized instances, in addition to enabling customization of instances, for various workload needs. The IaaS cloud model is closest to a remote data center for business users.PaaS. In the PaaS model, cloud providers host development tools on their infrastructures. Users access these tools over the internet using APIs, web portals or gateway software. PaaS is used for general software development, and many PaaS providers host the software after it's developed. Common PaaS products include Salesforce's Lightning Platform, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Google App Engine.SaaS. SaaS is a distribution model that delivers software applications over the internet; these applications are often called web services. Users can access SaaS applications and services from any location using a computer or mobile device that has internet access. In the SaaS model, users gain access to application software and databases. One common example of a SaaS application is Microsoft 365 for productivity and email services.

    Three cloud service categories

    Cloud computing deployment models

    Private cloud services are delivered from a business's data center to internal users. With a private cloud, an organization builds and maintains its own underlying cloud infrastructure. This model offers the versatility and convenience of the cloud, while preserving the management, control and security common to local data centers. Internal users might or might not be billed for services through IT chargeback. Common private cloud technologies and vendors include VMware and OpenStack.

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